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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Alecia_Rosen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YPcjtGemini's Twin Sister CBAdult (f)2,0416551
vW8P2Gemini's Twin Brother CBAdult (m)2,1047501
NKQGT(NKQGT)Adult (f)1,4366813
pZTtC(pZTtC)Adult (m)1,9037382
iKPWV(iKPWV)Adult (f)2,6556172
6qlKK(6qlKK)Adult (f)1,9567103
w9FFL(w9FFL)Adult (f)1,5256811
aUBpb(aUBpb)Adult (m)3,6157890
Opqp5(Opqp5)Adult (m)3,5776391
MhYWF(MhYWF)Adult (m)4,6878010
2JvF5(2JvF5)Adult (m)4,6548132
w1AGL(w1AGL)Adult (m)4,6648110
OZaLj(OZaLj)Adult (f)4,5138200
GK60m(GK60m)Adult (m)3,2426861
FfUSP(FfUSP)Adult (m)3,0365541
dpSLK(dpSLK)Adult (f)3,3945762
FYCuq(FYCuq)Adult (m)3,5885623
h1oWN2013 SpitfiresAdult (f)1,8726471
LVDIERomeo Black Loversdeath CBAdult (m)2,5447502
ri949Juliet Black Loversdeath CBAdult (f)2,7498032
staJPCreeping Shadow 3Adult (m)8,0131,61511
mlAZMLurking Black Death 2Adult (f)1,3784742
H96UQAlecia's CB'sAdult (m)2,0736754
sWZtNBlackened Silver Knight StairAdult (f)6,6911,3005
Un5QaLove's Dark Fate 2gAdult (f)2,7806507
vBeh1Firey Golden Dark Love 4Adult (m)1,8916272
fuHl5Pureblood Evil 2Adult (f)5,4988254
pWB4ALove's Black Night 2Adult (m)3,2989113
TIKXWMetallic Dark SoulAdult (m)1,3254614
07Tq4Daskis Black Loversdeath 2Adult (m)1,3656441
B5tVbCheckered Silver Darkness 3Adult (f)2,6729604
dLnEECB Shadowed DeathAdult (f)3,5267451
01PJICB Shaded DeathAdult (m)1,3906501
FMZNG(FMZNG)Adult (m)1,6037381
TbwmdCB Talaska BlackdeathAdult (m)8534662
0aOyzCB Ovanya BlackdeathAdult (f)1,2835132
kJUD2(kJUD2)Adult (m)1,4096061
naY2P(naY2P)Adult (m)1,5016301
nL3EUBlackened Death 2Adult (m)1,4737254
acL0A(acL0A)Adult (f)1,5147182
TDZQrPure Blackness of the Soul CBAdult (m)1,3216671
IixMf(IixMf)Adult (m)2,1405983
GRpzd(GRpzd)Adult (m)2,2651,0164
CVNGU(CVNGU)Adult (m)3,0696511
zQWU7Shadowed Death 2Adult (f)1,9717540
gLmYX(gLmYX)Adult (m)4,6913350
OaIbe(OaIbe)Adult (m)1,8896930
HTseMEverlasting Black Loversdeath 2Adult (f)2,0877180
1xsMrOnexia Loversdeath 2Adult (f)4,0889185
LfcM6(LfcM6)Adult (f)3,9789162
MQYHU(MQYHU)Adult (m)4,8611,2391
TXx7C(TXx7C)Adult (f)3,3876071
sUviE(sUviE)Adult (m)3,7125991
6MXT1(6MXT1)Adult (f)3,1765293
cgId0Eclipsus Death 2Adult (m)3,1415121
4nSc7Nevanya Blackdeath 2Adult (f)3,3085261
94E9ADarkened Death 2Adult (m)4,3216920
HDXM4(HDXM4)Adult (f)4,4777130
Cb9oj(Cb9oj)Adult (m)4,4807241
wX8Re(wX8Re)Adult (m)3,8495782
6fpq0(6fpq0)Adult (f)2,9455283
ePNql(ePNql)Adult (m)4,0708871
8HZBC(8HZBC)Adult (f)4,0419242
uJuwU(uJuwU)Adult (f)4,2198491
JBxw9(JBxw9)Adult (f)4,1968171
eWX21(eWX21)Adult (f)4,2738551
mbIOJ(mbIOJ)Adult (f)4,2348601
T05eF(T05eF)Adult (m)4,3868581
exlcs(exlcs)Adult (m)4,2918681
hmR8T(hmR8T)Adult (m)4,2778351
tw7bm(tw7bm)Adult (f)6,0739331
YCOFz(YCOFz)Adult (f)5,9119511
2bc2cTarnished White Gold DorkfaceAdult (f)1,4454557
TlLRr(TlLRr)Adult (m)5,9329750
kWPHOLady Celest NightstormHatchling (f, F)2,0556424
vP2t9Darkened Gold Promices 3Hatchling (f, F)2,2228386
ciTeDPure Cassidy AsheraHatchling (f, F)2,95781710
vAZiALord Vasia NightstormHatchling (m, F)1,1895813
qkuLh(qkuLh)Adult (f)2,8146531
5lSv8(5lSv8)Adult (f)3,5695661
4Shhg(4Shhg)Adult (m)2,0997130
M9dQ9(M9dQ9)Adult (f)2,0487340
4lJdL(4lJdL)Adult (m)3,4265542
hZ7r7CB Twinned BloodlustAdult (f)3,4601,2075
oo8ZL(oo8ZL)Adult (f)1,5357830
KdGIR(KdGIR)Adult (f)1,6488151
9DH75CB Twinned CarnageAdult (m)1,5548070
hDOj0(hDOj0)Adult (f)1,5137711
4GOGf(4GOGf)Adult (f)4,2306561
4B9Sw(4B9Sw)Adult (f)4,3316471
wHo1q(wHo1q)Adult (m)4,0745261
zZXAf(zZXAf)Adult (m)3,3608451
WcGGdThunderous Tide 2Adult (m)3,7209323
MqGiEWayward Ocean 3Adult (f)2,0336335
KFcKD(KFcKD)Adult (m)2,6096591
4PQCQ(4PQCQ)Adult (m)1,9496603
ieeIT(ieeIT)Adult (m)4,7607140
pDeXu(pDeXu)Adult (m)2,0996578
SMKPG(SMKPG)Adult (m)2,0356314
cRt4b(cRt4b)Adult (f)2,0606334
kmy2H(kmy2H)Adult (f)1,2856273
bkUsg(bkUsg)Adult (f)1,6366692
SX7G5At the Sorrows of the Soul CBAdult (f)2,4978121
faBkvAs the Acid Rain Falls CBAdult (f)4,8659191
26v07Brimmed Angel so Sweet CBAdult (f)4,4086786
lm8cTEyes Brimming with Tears CBAdult (m)2,7248043
5tp2gLoxxin Brimzz 2Adult (m)3,5918923
r4lfiFalling Bloodrain Tears 2Adult (m)2,6318100
nmZSx(nmZSx)Adult (m)3,3156072
yWRgE(yWRgE)Adult (m)4,2346180
AD6c0(AD6c0)Adult (m)3,3205252
yGT8N(yGT8N)Adult (f)3,9347200
xDoPo(xDoPo)Adult (m)3,4976244
XHnsm(XHnsm)Adult (m)5,4521,2610
e9cIn(e9cIn)Adult (m)4,9691,2391
kksri(kksri)Adult (f)2,8526032
0CDWt(0CDWt)Adult (f)2,7296201
ugPERCinimint Candy Cane StairAdult (m)1,6816764
9k5DfCrimson Holly 2Adult (m)1,7708032
510CdSnow White Angel 2Adult (f)1,8327071
qnsjtSnow White Angelic 2Adult (f)1,7447012
42AP1Crisp White Ribbons 3Adult (f)1,6136463
00v63Dark Chocolate Ribbons 2Adult (f)1,6416403
llpHPWinter's Lurking Magic 2Adult (m)1,7817363
36344A Partridge in a Pear Tree 2Adult (m)1,7877155
gVs0HWrappings of Cheer CBAdult (m)1,6147070
qOI4kWrappings of Love CBAdult (m)1,6736920
xCqVI(xCqVI)Adult (f)2,8316221
wEzqK(wEzqK)Adult (f)2,7346270
9dTDF(9dTDF)Adult (m)2,8196233
YHKCH(YHKCH)Adult (m)3,5437270
485p0(485p0)Adult (m)3,4567130
lePRS(lePRS)Adult (m)3,6166023
przj0(przj0)Adult (f)2,2968273
6hkKmVena CBAdult (f)5,5345904
XilVHVine Child CBAdult (m)4,2611,0032
Xm812Vines of Doom CBAdult (m)3,9601,0493
oXt8YPure Vine CBAdult (f)4,1811,0942
cHNZJVinak CBAdult (m)4,2311,0992
siBm3Childrens Purevine 2Adult (m)2,0255921
MUNSmPure Vine of Doom 2Adult (f)2,1106232
jnrDhLurker Vine 2Adult (m)2,0996151
SD0BsPureVine 3Adult (m)5,1117691
4mZEDStellar Vine 2Adult (m)5,3888763
cNYJnSpirited Lurking Vine 3Adult (m)5,2858203
NU2vNMessed VineAdult (m)2,9615893
olHJkCB TrapperAdult (f)1,9687303
1CJFECB VilaniAdult (f)1,4966531
ZIUXO(ZIUXO)Adult (m)2,0536664
UfJCF(UfJCF)Adult (f)1,4186821
2fKLeCB VinyardAdult (m)1,3626681
VBMdI(VBMdI)Adult (m)1,5387351
mroDM(mroDM)Adult (f)1,5356531
zllzf(zllzf)Adult (f)1,2396221
YRBT9(YRBT9)Adult (f)2,2826422
4HxM8(4HxM8)Adult (f)2,2785614
StnPI(StnPI)Adult (m)2,0365353
t7W5I(t7W5I)Adult (f)1,7676632
NLQyX(NLQyX)Adult (m)4,0586721
AaUq7(AaUq7)Adult (f)3,2695281
WYxgd(WYxgd)Adult (f)3,2195331
cUAq5(cUAq5)Adult (m)3,5615591
s3t7E(s3t7E)Adult (m)4,4557061
Qex1q(Qex1q)Adult (m)4,5107012
KRTeH(KRTeH)Adult (f)3,6655993
8oYwU(8oYwU)Adult (f)4,0718681
lrCba(lrCba)Adult (f)4,0358852
sHdqFVenus Lurker 2Adult (f)5,2698304
66Mae66Mae Pure 2Adult (m)4,9358014
pdOLG(pdOLG)Adult (f)3,0785241
icTY8(icTY8)Adult (m)3,1825332
tvemr(tvemr)Adult (m)4,3657072
dkC1i(dkC1i)Adult (f)1,4786392
LqYo9(LqYo9)Adult (m)2,1758495
E26lg(E26lg)Adult (f)3,1415551
qkZ9t(qkZ9t)Adult (m)2,2266182
gfe4P(gfe4P)Adult (m)1,4905421
xVyUQ(xVyUQ)Adult (m)2,7961,4141
MOvbX(MOvbX)Adult (f)3,3267161
m5ymW(m5ymW)Adult (m)3,4667100
GrmPoGrmPo Delescis Viosal CBAdult (f)3,0265874
e1Ck3e1Ck3 Naskis Viosal CBAdult (m)3,4239431
daXb1Loving Mix StairAdult (f)2,4568001
NfhlUBloody Violet Marrow 2Adult (f)2,5218271
kK7W0Mixed Dorsal 3Adult (f)4,9506081
kRMIVSeeking Violet 2Adult (f)4,6415782
rTZ1QViolet Deadly Desert 5Adult (m)4,9065551
Xhas5CB Xastia DorsalAdult (f)1,4926581
Z1r7QCB Xalik DorsalAdult (m)1,9416980
G4H0CCB Asteric DaleusAdult (m)2,0545573
PAZ3aBloody Violet Love 2Adult (f)1,4976302
VvL3HCB Vernask DorsalAdult (f)1,6026841
OlLDs(OlLDs)Adult (f)1,3926642
NdnPW(NdnPW)Adult (f)1,5687544
MKJqJ(MKJqJ)Adult (m)4,9971,2151
57znF(57znF)Adult (m)4,4068551
6ISTNCB Bloodied RageAdult (m)1,6267011
jY1PE(jY1PE)Adult (m)5,5501,2975
tUFye(tUFye)Adult (m)4,5596681
LaEW3Electric Shock of Doom CBAdult (m)2,4928271
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