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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Alakai101,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gD6A0Fangs of SoraAdult (f)3,7386974
JnTUhFlames of AnmechtAdult (f)3,9096852
kk18bOcean's MistsAdult (f)1,5126514
6EMqLEmerald GleiderAdult (m)2,7968325
dpTiYSeeker of UtopiaAdult (m)1,9717726
dBJbnSea GrazerAdult (m)3,0545972
abwif(abwif)Adult (f)2,9338902
5Powr(5Powr)Adult (f)3,2929503
eBFSv(eBFSv)Adult (m)2,7929086
njMYB(njMYB)Adult (m)3,4359731
sQGYq(sQGYq)Adult (f)4,0509863
81Ghy(81Ghy)Adult (m)5,3611,2403
n6qls(n6qls)Adult (f)3,9641,2031
Ka21p(Ka21p)Adult (m)1,9996391
3Pdu5(3Pdu5)Adult (f)2,1926632
1tidi(1tidi)Adult (f)1,9275880
O14BZ(O14BZ)Adult (m)1,9925830
S9AsQ(S9AsQ)Adult (f)3,5368153
zhmSJ(zhmSJ)Adult (f)3,4378176
fZxUb(fZxUb)Adult (m)3,6098294
oIP3r(oIP3r)Adult (f)8,8511,4128
eGyST(eGyST)Adult (m)7,9921,1984
A5j54(A5j54)Adult (m)8,4251,3317
6vWvb(6vWvb)Adult (f)8,4141,3316
DLWGk(DLWGk)Adult (f)7,6661,2853
hT6lv(hT6lv)Adult (f)4,1787744
pGqok(pGqok)Adult (m)4,0627173
hqOip(hqOip)Adult (m)3,2397462
wnZo0(wnZo0)Adult (m)4,8489882
9deVP(9deVP)Adult (f)4,4049283
GQ9xU(GQ9xU)Adult (f)3,4365872
qftNj(qftNj)Adult (f)3,5656152
iIq2O(iIq2O)Adult (m)2,8096092
7G4N9(7G4N9)Adult (f)2,6516052
zlTvt(zlTvt)Adult (f)2,4406142
ZLC3A(ZLC3A)Adult (m)1,9227491
IXxTU(IXxTU)Adult (m)1,9575303
s1kOS(s1kOS)Adult (f)2,5856581
4MIyW(4MIyW)Adult (f)3,3965951
UdcUu(UdcUu)Adult (m)3,3757741
71xG7(71xG7)Adult (f)7,3331,2774
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