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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “AlRoChan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    ICmA(ICmA)Hatchling (F)1,22115744
    0119(0119)Hatchling (F)1,20615627
    AU2T(AU2T)Hatchling (F)1,17815522
    0aGr(0aGr)Hatchling (F)6123427
    EMU7(EMU7)Hatchling (F)1,22619211
    vhcu(vhcu)Hatchling (F)1,00216413
    EZeV(EZeV)Hatchling (m, F)1,0854855
    QVsk(QVsk)Hatchling (F)1,4942496
    ce9Z(ce9Z)Hatchling (F)2,1532135
    YjYB(YjYB)Adult (f)2,53031725
    F1Tg(F1Tg)Adult (m)2,31432219
    J8HW(J8HW)Adult (f)2,72634618
    vL1X(vL1X)Adult (m)2,69628623
    0l5a(0l5a)Adult (f)2,55727417
    oZWn(oZWn)Adult (f)2,29331918
    wSk7(wSk7)Adult (m)3,00929618
    JVgC(JVgC)Adult (f)2,52339626
    B8Pl(B8Pl)Adult (f)2,46128414
    2OlG(2OlG)Adult (f)1,54233513
    G2MC(G2MC)Adult (f)1,59537112
    l0d8(l0d8)Adult (m)1,59737311
    zz5q(zz5q)Adult (m)1,67439211
    yZGq(yZGq)Adult (m)1,8864639
    7jKi(7jKi)Adult (m)1,1214907
    SIXu(SIXu)Adult (f)2,17431212
    Dm90(Dm90)Adult (f)2,41331910
    e3av(e3av)Adult (m)2,3073207
    oVns(oVns)Adult (f)2,52828913
    A2QQ(A2QQ)Adult (m)2,48228412
    uoYI(uoYI)Adult (m)2,53529115
    1O0k(1O0k)Adult (m)1,86528313
    ppBi(ppBi)Adult (f)1,9883018
    7GpM(7GpM)Adult (m)1,9282847
    kXYi(kXYi)Adult (m)1,98330313
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