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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Akkeh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SoZhY(SoZhY)Adult (m)4,3849558
WabPkcbbl 6 wabpkHatchling (f)3,9108294
4DHINcbbl 6 4dhinHatchling (f)4,0028202
bpah0cbbl 2 bpahoHatchling (f)3,5167833
tROIgcbbl 2 trolgHatchling (f)3,5267972
sLAxN(sLAxN)Hatchling (f)3,0897283
bQUF7(bQUF7)Dead Egg111
xldPB(xldPB)Dead Egg000
PkR7Y(PkR7Y)Hatchling (f)2,9076401
7JKKy(7JKKy)Adult (f)6,9479177
RHIUOhey supHatchling (F)4,4543895
oUQC2find me on the forumsHatchling (F)7,6857733
P3Qpomy un is akronaHatchling (F)4,7605443
CNnOUk baiHatchling (F)2,4307864
Iee30(Iee30)Egg (F)
btZQABitcoin BlockchainAdult (f)4,7759402
54rO- Berserker -Hatchling (f, F)91446417
vPBNhcbbl 2 dhhgfdAdult (f)3,8478462
a4U6Mcbbl 2-a4U6MAdult (f)6,0878432
t4WjCCBBL 2 t4wjcAdult (f)5,0061,0422
1jAGhcbbl 2 1jhahAdult (f)2,2606152
hry6Ccbbl 2 hryAdult (f)3,1306696
rVn0Dcbbl 2 rvnodAdult (f)2,2276090
KzYkOwhy cruel world whyHatchling (F)1,8827964
D94Osomeone sat on meHatchling (F)6651431
qgRdtcbbl 4 qgrdtAdult (f)5,6268527
KQ2qehorizon 4 kq2Adult (f)2,7977132
wKVA2horizon 4 wkaviAdult (m)5,8599551
ga2zYwhatcha doinHatchling (f, F)2,5598714
LmktWhorizon 5 lmktwAdult (f)3,5368475
FVemdcbbl 5 fvemdAdult (f)2,7936834
4vCWPcbbl 5 4vcAdult (f)5,3837995
oJpOghorizon 5 okjpogAdult (f)1,8583701
mzGvncbbl 5 mzgvnAdult (f)3,8158602
t9xrzcbbl 5 t9xrzAdult (f)3,5718073
yZcIDcbbl 5 yzsidAdult (f)4,9977983
mbaRthorizon 5 mbartAdult (m)4,7087813
JS5OUhorizon 5 - jssouAdult (m)3,0733351
Spt1awill you stop whiningHatchling (f, F)1,6777282
aSi8Xcbbl 6 - asi8xAdult (f)5,4621,1002
V65svcbbl 6 v65Adult (f)2,1946515
mK8Cjsad face i ruined itAdult (f)2,3137691
HByhscbbl 9 - hbyhsAdult (f)3,8119463
7iu37(7iu37)Adult (f)7,4231,3872
3Zt1U(3Zt1U)Adult (f)3,6628302
6Ryddhorizon 6ryddAdult (m)3,4187682
Qgr8d(Qgr8d)Adult (f)3,0077411
Pt8mm(Pt8mm)Adult (f)5,6969790
ndcsj(ndcsj)Adult (m)5,1156952
KGcEo(KGcEo)Adult (f)6,8621,0330
gAaUx(gAaUx)Adult (f)7,5281,0381
5MWeG(5MWeG)Adult (f)6,9786850
m31pE(m31pE)Adult (f)4,6079813
fdd7V(fdd7V)Adult (f)4,4829490
8CUT1horizon 8cutieAdult (m)5,0216911
Zv7Op(Zv7Op)Adult (f)4,4579181
62DWU(62DWU)Adult (m)3,2165982
1h8kG(1h8kG)Adult (m)3,8159192
6o2YV(6o2YV)Adult (m)5,7208774
TPUsi(TPUsi)Adult (m)5,5738672
PZgVS(PZgVS)Adult (m)4,3829622
nhn64(nhn64)Adult (f)1,8895871
n4XaZ(n4XaZ)Adult (f)3,0215592
YzzuU(YzzuU)Adult (f)5,7727960
RwYyyhorizon rwyyyAdult (f)7,1261,0770
4nu1khorizon 4nuikAdult (f)3,0088061
XvXTG(XvXTG)Adult (f)2,8916681
9lkqCantarean lakaqAdult (f)3,2007241
YNy3H(YNy3H)Adult (f)3,8185941
PebCm(PebCm)Adult (f)3,5048841
uwadH(uwadH)Adult (m)3,2777432
1gRzxcandelabra greatAdult (m)4,6529471
O46J3(O46J3)Adult (f)5,5306751
OncMJ(OncMJ)Adult (m)3,7348981
Pmghk(Pmghk)Adult (m)2,6117291
yikFA(yikFA)Adult (f)2,3226770
1tCfdCarmine 1tfcdAdult (f)3,6759665
nXiiZ(nXiiZ)Adult (m)2,6388501
DT7wlcarmine wyvern dtwAdult (m)2,6387992
vUIXZthat one with the pink neckAdult (m)2,2947271
A7R8m(A7R8m)Adult (m)6,1617244
HRgaJ(HRgaJ)Adult (m)6,0401,1001
PlmK3(PlmK3)Adult (f)7,7491,1222
LbhFI(LbhFI)Adult (m)5,5878743
bqhtl(bqhtl)Adult (f)8,3429782
0tiadFlamingo 0tiad - CBAdult (m)4,5186971
OIPl1OpliAdult (m)4,5188265
82uDvcb 82udvAdult (m)4,4019921
BLbGGBlubgbgbbAdult (m)2,2497030
SQfWB(SQfWB)Adult (m)2,3228462
37OchElockAdult (m)2,2937661
QUw4ERedfin QuwaeAdult (m)3,4848080
4jpuvZOMBIE 4jpuvAdult (f)3,3747861
iBvbMZombie iBvbM - CBAdult (f)4,0239782
B0QuOZombie boouoAdult (m)3,1629721
GP89XZombie GP89XAdult (m)2,6266108
pEvKS(pEvKS)Adult (f)3,2107031
Uzfo3(Uzfo3)Adult (m)3,3698832
dBZnQ(dBZnQ)Adult (m)3,3458751
NDdlQ(NDdlQ)Adult (f)3,4889022
pIoIB(pIoIB)Adult (f)3,4068826
0lnDW(0lnDW)Adult (f)3,3278772
PrTc4PreticatedAdult (m)1,6445821
4hStb(4hStb)Adult (f)2,1446474
a2nf6(a2nf6)Adult (f)1,7216203
31TpX(31TpX)Adult (m)3,4768612
EPGw6(EPGw6)Adult (m)3,3478591
klZUK(klZUK)Adult (f)3,4409101
wb2REThalassa BerylAdult (f)3,1955716
5I6rX(5I6rX)Adult (m)5,5957335
BlpxG(BlpxG)Adult (m)2,9137352
DwJXD(DwJXD)Adult (m)2,9057432
JwXtbhooktalon jwxtbAdult (m)2,5786633
xINoq(xINoq)Adult (m)5,4819143
n4GPg(n4GPg)Adult (m)4,6789441
GrnrW(GrnrW)Adult (m)4,7029502
yE3rN(yE3rN)Adult (m)3,9647260
emeOg(emeOg)Adult (m)4,1927492
fliJUChronos fliJUAdult (f)3,0067271
YiwJG(YiwJG)Adult (f)4,6929413
k8Alx(k8Alx)Adult (f)4,7389502
ISso3(ISso3)Adult (f)3,7586991
Ib363(Ib363)Adult (f)4,1187493
N0G7vParadoxisAdult (f)4,4528431
ejaQYNightingale SparkAdult (f)2,2267475
ItSt2Istaia BetaAdult (f)6,3781,0194
8hJsaAstrid PrimeAdult (f)2,6707735
7Adll(7Adll)Adult (f)2,8426587
xWQOv(xWQOv)Adult (f)2,1305480
V273E(V273E)Adult (f)3,0547321
4cMhUnadulterated EvilAdult (m)2,5075472
gHCETwilight LightningstrikeAdult (m)3,5457787
R7KB6Vaguely MenacingAdult (m)3,9241,1151
kn7YhKarnevorrAdult (m)3,7269523
CdthYDr VampireAdult (m)5,6546974
hIOLB(hIOLB)Adult (m)3,0068464
bQR44(bQR44)Adult (m)2,8928363
UiWA7UiwaAdult (m)2,8037886
KN4WL(KN4WL)Hatchling (F)3322801
eiq3Wcultural appropriationAdult (m)1,3613371
6TCCSu rong doeAdult (m)1,4934781
hTRy2pictures of catsAdult (m)2,4696533
6ddp1(6ddp1)Adult (m)2,4436531
rCc1xthe ball pitHatchling (m, F)2,2575623
YfdX6(YfdX6)Adult (m)2,4227970
onFh7(onFh7)Adult (m)2,3207782
IYKoYrare pepesAdult (m)1,9666722
wN5OSshoving breadsticks in my purseAdult (m)2,3467013
Ct1wp(Ct1wp)Adult (m)2,7435633
SHfYzhow bout i do anywayAdult (m)2,1266622
fEiUF(fEiUF)Adult (m)3,9718120
Bp26H(Bp26H)Adult (m)4,7421,0243
Spbgg(Spbgg)Adult (m)5,6061,0431
LpX6d(LpX6d)Adult (f)3,9196504
qtrwLQuirtel HooktalonAdult (f)1,6956150
QT28U(QT28U)Adult (f)1,9825832
ujZ7b(ujZ7b)Adult (f)2,1165280
RkMlb(RkMlb)Adult (f)2,7246721
sATe9(sATe9)Adult (f)3,0725232
pyLHC(pyLHC)Adult (f)5,4349291
OA66u(OA66u)Adult (f)1,9594233
tJdbB(tJdbB)Adult (f)5,5959371
sKYlM(sKYlM)Adult (m)3,2487411
pXJf4(pXJf4)Adult (m)3,3317682
0iGcBOranniAdult (m)2,5789222
s4MgqCB SamsonAdult (m)2,4347230
CtV8yCitalyAdult (f)2,2379492
Bjuy3BajayaAdult (f)2,4407911
5icaJcb crimson 5ijacAdult (m)4,0687434
dzx8Y(dzx8Y)Adult (f)4,4507153
cQDfNightglory cQDf - CBAdult (m)5,2719769
S1SBLily Dusk GloomAdult (f)3,4778663
WV4PNightglory WV4P - CBAdult (f)4,6356473
Lfl7TNightglory Lfl7T - CBAdult (m)3,1861,0312
JOHkM2G JOHKMAdult (m)10,3041,3526
OTnyV(OTnyV)Adult (f)4,2388651
U1p1S(U1p1S)Adult (m)4,5921,1550
sNTwT2g shineAdult (m)2,9315993
l4hRUcb STD - l4hruAdult (m)2,4939745
9yA57Speckle-Throated 9ya67Adult (m)2,1287671
6cSioSTD sesioAdult (m)1,4875851
YaHbQ(YaHbQ)Adult (m)2,6494991
Gs8HsNeirosoAdult (m)1,4796271
X7U8XXeruxAdult (m)1,5326561
3CJfb(3CJfb)Adult (m)2,4466959
jt9N2(jt9N2)Adult (m)2,3716892
JPmsk(JPmsk)Adult (m)3,7437251
Nf2Q8(Nf2Q8)Adult (m)3,9257431
llvBC(llvBC)Adult (m)2,8598453
h29qz(h29qz)Adult (m)6,0061,1082
2i1JBPyralspite 2i1jbAdult (f)2,9307511
Hy0q6(Hy0q6)Adult (f)2,9838352
9UoPKSunstone 9UoPK - CBAdult (f)3,5801,29122
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