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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Akari-Hime,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9QZq(9QZq)Adult (f)2,8822198
KPVl(KPVl)Adult (m)3,1592365
bGhk(bGhk)Adult (m)1,8963148
7ODb(7ODb)Adult (f)3,54425818
76jY(76jY)Adult (m)3,10331415
8QbL(8QbL)Adult (m)3,00331114
LRTJ(LRTJ)Adult (f)5,15149220
HQ7B(HQ7B)Adult (m)3,16029723
GLse(GLse)Adult (m)2,87430523
5o0m(5o0m)Adult (m)2,99728325
LqLp(LqLp)Adult (m)2,83926023
86C1(86C1)Adult (m)1,97840424
2ZX1(2ZX1)Adult (m)1,51943825
RtNc(RtNc)Adult (f)2,28029429
jbEE(jbEE)Adult (m)1,71639524
IOyc(IOyc)Adult (f)3,45123926
GXQS(GXQS)Adult (f)4,91056528
UHbk(UHbk)Adult (m)5,36245621
4Xpl(4Xpl)Adult (m)1,57743623
saHY(saHY)Adult (m)2,63334221
6I1I(6I1I)Adult (f)4,62336026
1Due(1Due)Adult (f)4,64349025
COAm(COAm)Adult (m)8,92077130
18PL(18PL)Adult (m)6,06466130
04L6(04L6)Adult (f)7,83881731
DIEF(DIEF)Adult (f)1,28042121
JwR2(JwR2)Adult (m)6,65346932
Zbvk(Zbvk)Adult (f)6,48656126
RkC6(RkC6)Adult (m)3,10231226
R304(R304)Adult (f)1,53342820
J4u5(J4u5)Adult (f)3,40124522
bfat(bfat)Adult (m)2,16234727
sDIZ(sDIZ)Adult (f)3,33134223
65qF(65qF)Adult (m)2,12732115
8UGz(8UGz)Adult (m)7,46584321
R57R(R57R)Adult (f)2,80229617
GR5p(GR5p)Adult (f)2,91329919
0MVT(0MVT)Adult (m)2,83341116
l2LK(l2LK)Adult (f)1,97171922
5iC7(5iC7)Adult (m)2,88031727
ECHS(ECHS)Adult (m)3,70925125
o2Sj(o2Sj)Adult (m)3,47031818
EdXo(EdXo)Adult (m)2,50533221
30CA(30CA)Adult (f)3,44923017
QbJc(QbJc)Adult (f)3,18936525
ekQs(ekQs)Adult (m)4,06927918
qkov(qkov)Adult (m)2,64546632
RNmQ(RNmQ)Adult (f)2,95585715
vN0J(vN0J)Adult (f)5,47247732
Q1RB(Q1RB)Adult (f)2,3954919
q4AS(q4AS)Adult (m)3,64924412
up0c(up0c)Adult (f)7,0061,10724
uUr2(uUr2)Adult (m)6,05150528
BbBL(BbBL)Adult (m)1,54836025
uXCt(uXCt)Adult (m)2,01138923
XjOZ(XjOZ)Adult (f)4,08327921
9uQu(9uQu)Adult (f)3,91230921
U9jR(U9jR)Adult (m)1,88637422
BEam(BEam)Adult (f)3,00429920
rDqk(rDqk)Adult (m)3,51825922
oJ8B(oJ8B)Adult (m)4,46084323
Dgxg(Dgxg)Adult (f)3,42829928
sXKT(sXKT)Adult (m)2,10640426
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