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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Aine_Amber,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bH3ABEternal Statuette 28Hatchling (F)1,8654451
EBzXNEbenazi of the Burning HidesAdult (m)6,2526340
B6YhQByho of the Burning HidesAdult (m)6,0956300
jACNSAcnis of the Burning HidesAdult (f)4,4228571
B7h19Behnine of the Burning HidesAdult (m)3,7746311
h4faSHafas DainHatchling (m, F)4,03191913
qYksVLadon of the Blind CavernsAdult (f)3,2116981
KICEoKiceo of the Blind CavernsAdult (m)5,4119152
VCGprVican of the Blind CavernsAdult (f)3,5156381
9JcmXJacme of the Blind CavernsAdult (f)4,9409740
YWNdcNadia of the Celestial FiresAdult (f)5,8171,1171
j0wLqWolian of the Celestial FiresAdult (m)6,6136220
kplzqKaplan of the Celestial FiresAdult (f)3,7087210
wmHjaWimha of the Celestial FiresAdult (m)5,1269040
fJGwPCeleanorrHatchling (m, F)2,8017080
igML8Igmala of the Four CardinalsAdult (f)5,6078040
uHdpGHadep of the Four CardinalsAdult (m)5,4727620
Xdsh0Diash of the Four CardinalsAdult (m)4,7581,0670
OimxkOimax of the Four CardinalsAdult (f)6,3281,1271
0xqM1OctavianiaHatchling (f, F)5,5207730
Thb3QEternal Statuette 30Hatchling (F)1,9394800
NrRW1Nursalth of the Diamond HillsAdult (f)8,1686510
mXrhfMaxrofh of the Diamond HillsAdult (m)7,8175982
hIWcpIwappe of the Diamond HillsAdult (f)5,1675893
oEzS5Ezzo of the Diamond HillsAdult (m)5,2219271
lmBOXIrliHatchling (f, F)4,8916371
W2LEyEternal Statuette 123Hatchling (F)1,1612603
5xqsyAsina of the ShwarzeileAdult (f)4,1125630
oUK6MOukama of the ShwarzeileAdult (f)4,3205620
vwPMGPome of the ShwarzeileAdult (m)7,2086550
FteIETeie of the ShwarzeileAdult (m)5,3086330
ptwzXWinamassHatchling (f, F)3,4568130
09fwBFiwah of the Mauve TradersAdult (f)4,5906930
iNZJsInzi of the Mauve TradersAdult (f)4,5256850
IxeJuIxelu of the Mauve TradersAdult (m)4,6116890
7YoTGYogah of the Mauve TradersAdult (m)4,6146910
4PlfAEternal Statuette 45Hatchling (F)1,9294860
SbCvaSibikva of the Fern TradersAdult (f)5,8406800
G7DlZGadiz of the Fern TradersAdult (m)5,9466821
rtxYVYve of the Fern TradersAdult (f)5,9276800
gxCGoCoga of the Fern TradersAdult (m)5,8836790
zzY2gZassa of the Firefly LanternsAdult (f)2,9938132
9qi1WPola of the Firefly LanternsAdult (f)3,1618650
JgRjqJaga of the Firefly LanternsAdult (m)2,9488264
7mtJRMataja of the Firefly LanternsAdult (m)3,1328401
Td8vpRadiva MaoHatchling (f, F)2,6976131
GlSu3Gisus MaoHatchling (m, F)2,7047690
nWIN7Eternal Statuette 150Hatchling (F)2,3795212
hz2woEternal Statuette 151Hatchling (F)1,4014120
WgEQuWeola of the Arcane InscriptionsAdult (f)4,3336330
kuYjQKuyo of the Arcane InscriptionsAdult (m)4,3156311
hWe3HWeha of the Arcane InscriptionsAdult (f)4,3706280
brOB4Brobb of the Arcane InscriptionsAdult (m)4,3476310
FRGr6FerigolahHatchling (f, F)4,0026160
SW4ZgLyvianekHatchling (m, F)2,9816510
LmVVgEternal Statuette 124Hatchling (F)2,0656271
kvq3iClavicus of the Divine FeathersAdult (m)4,7636470
lMWSbLucius of the Divine FeathersAdult (m)6,8546640
iVb11Velia of the Divine FeathersAdult (f)7,1106610
yCSiTCassandra of the Divine FeathersAdult (f)5,3336340
ja3zwJazewarHatchling (m, F)2,9516581
wutiYEternal Statuette 46Hatchling (F)2,8844543
Xu1lyXully of the Living StonesAdult (m)6,2145980
2tatnStaten of the Living StonesAdult (m)5,8715440
7ucc3Seucc of the Living StonesAdult (f)6,3196620
zYQGCZoca of the Living StonesAdult (f)5,8815590
3lig1Eternal Statuette 47Hatchling (F)2,6735740
3JJQgJolg of the Twin BladesAdult (m)6,0407181
VCqGLVicus of the Twin BladesAdult (m)5,7147230
3Pa4lPaola of the Twin BladesAdult (f)6,6096162
A0jLHAolah of the Twin BladesAdult (f)5,1376780
dQiaCTyrargeHatchling (m, F)2,9906071
0fFIJFiji UvaHatchling (f, F)4,1988310
Gt0ziEternal Statuette 48Hatchling (F)2,4014200
3XwCGXawicagg of the Fathomless PoolsAdult (m)7,1055963
iUGQnUgon of the Fathomless PoolsAdult (m)5,6427620
S1n9ySonya of the Fathomless PoolsAdult (f)6,1596441
a9yELAyela of the Fathomless PoolsAdult (f)5,4645981
SHzgoShizgoHatchling (m, F)4,2745482
gWX9XEternal Statuette 49Hatchling (F)1,8954930
yTEjcEternal Statuette 125Hatchling (F)1,3102784
4vjYJValaz of the Titan ScalesAdult (m)5,8277210
aANuzAanuz of the Titan ScalesAdult (m)5,3406322
4NfvFNafivaat of the Titan ScalesAdult (f)7,4336173
Ug5drUgdaraat of the Titan ScalesAdult (f)5,1646281
U5lo4OcypasisHatchling (m, F)4,5847921
xPN6hXupana of the Dusk StonesAdult (f)6,4546000
gj6RdGord of the Dusk StonesAdult (f)8,3166283
Od7aZOdwaz of the Dusk StonesAdult (m)5,8691,0121
7fVGGVigui of the Dusk StonesAdult (m)3,9298000
Sb2b9OraraHatchling (f, F)4,5238220
6ysvoEternal Statuette 126Hatchling (F)2,0405771
R1cYYRyu of the Sunshine StonesAdult (m)5,8295861
cchKyKyu of the Sunshine StonesAdult (m)5,7096740
FDQV6Felda of the Sunshine StonesAdult (f)6,7596590
oUKhjOuki of the Sunshine StonesAdult (f)6,6567320
HZFk4HazifikoHatchling (m, F)4,4315851
we3pvEternal Statuette 50Hatchling (F)2,3595092
1rnocArnoc of the Fragrant SunlightAdult (m)5,4361,0442
2c3oDClodia of the Fragrant SunlightAdult (f)5,8737281
DTmQiDemetra of the Fragrant SunlightAdult (f)5,8217141
rtyXuTialar of the Fragrant SunlightAdult (m)6,1136952
sxbPISebina PilorHatchling (f, F)3,9438458
9jlaiJilai PilorHatchling (m, F)3,6038051
cn96UEternal Statuette 127Hatchling (F)2,6354031
xqc23Aidus of the Fragrant MoonlightAdult (m)4,2846446
Vs5odAniel of the Fragrant MoonlightAdult (m)8,2726024
JkM0cJeana of the Fragrant MoonlightAdult (f)6,3827202
OZxaWOnora of the Fragrant MoonlightAdult (f)6,7747330
dq4t0Duotto NaiHatchling (m, F)2,6247431
AoG5YAogus of the Fragrant StarlightAdult (m)6,4115978
I6PQxIona of the Fragrant StarlightAdult (f)6,2476007
ZXS33Xenia of the Fragrant StarlightAdult (f)4,9647181
orbglOribus of the Fragrant StarlightAdult (m)6,4566030
naj4ONajotteHatchling (m, F)5,5785623
Y0fWdWiadatteHatchling (f, F)4,7085711
lpoDfLeopold of the Fragrant TwilightAdult (m)6,8025782
RsaEDRoxana of the Fragrant TwilightAdult (f)7,4515291
U2IYfYulius of the Fragrant TwilightAdult (m)5,6676780
77VkEVitoria of the Fragrant TwilightAdult (f)5,3516843
75lTPEternal Statuette 51Hatchling (F)2,7673560
NhXtENihxt of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)6,0515210
LE4ckLeack of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)2,7256611
3ScmiSocmi of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)5,9745321
749dh(749dh)Adult (f)3,2846920
Fc9SV(Fc9SV)Adult (f)2,8156630
XiVCwXimo of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)4,3947811
Xxs3AXaxas of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)2,9737232
jkP9sJapikos of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)6,1406463
EitO4Eito of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)2,8077920
eEiTOEito II of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)3,8008450
GdDcCGadicas of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)5,7026002
ZSkvOZask of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)6,5455932
PQuw9Puhi of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)3,7578520
u8j30Ulia of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)7,0625982
w9iB6Wibo of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)5,3438890
fzZINFazzin of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)6,1417200
GQZdT(GQZdT)Adult (f)3,2127772
uw3EwUwwlar of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)6,7467320
tmSylTamsyl of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)2,9986950
75riYFiabio of the Arcane VaultsAdult (m)3,8808181
RDWQZRadiwa of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)6,3717131
QjWkXWokax of the Arcane VaultsAdult (f)2,4805990
JrgVMJariva of the Heart TailsAdult (f)5,9946042
XTpegPeggi of the Heart TailsAdult (f)4,7941,0271
6fpR0Fapira of the Heart TailsAdult (f)6,6266270
hwH3N(hwH3N)Adult (f)3,1766260
IHgYEIhaye of the Heart TailsAdult (f)5,7066011
06KNdKanada of the Heart TailsAdult (f)4,8066350
Vz4vfVazvaf of the Heart TailsAdult (f)4,5138950
USZ0GUsog of the Heart TailsAdult (f)6,8166580
xcIXgAcixa of the Heart TailsAdult (f)3,8817871
ZscjOZuca of the Heart TailsAdult (f)7,8546342
u4NrWUniraw of the Heart TailsAdult (m)6,0986690
vtItfVetitaffe of the Heart TailsAdult (m)6,8366142
2HTKDHatokad of the Heart TailsAdult (m)2,4096230
eIyaCElyac of the Heart TailsAdult (m)4,8697080
mM8ReMorsten of the Heart TailsAdult (m)4,4286580
5MEaBMeabb of the Heart TailsAdult (m)4,9529671
wzMFiMifi of the Heart TailsAdult (m)3,7508150
8huvrHuvr of the Heart TailsAdult (m)7,3906310
qyGCxGysc of the Heart TailsAdult (m)2,9876340
sFzJ9Sofizo of the Heart TailsAdult (m)2,9027720
TjTfY(TjTfY)Adult (m)2,9396826
D5Gt8(D5Gt8)Adult (m)3,5367290
QnYEV(QnYEV)Adult (m)2,8946521
cWXugWaxug of the Hearth FireAdult (f)3,0666990
TeAaLTeal of the Hearth FireAdult (m)3,3596530
IuihyIuhya of the Hearth FireAdult (m)2,6826520
GjxSlGoxal of the Hearth FireAdult (m)2,8097770
2bAHAAhana of the Hearth FireAdult (m)2,8276850
0ecoMEcomm of the Hearth FireAdult (f)2,3986170
1VtLeVitale of the Hearth FireAdult (m)2,5616190
lsanhIsanh of the Hearth FireAdult (f)4,7901,0364
HnEcBHaceb of the Hearth FireAdult (m)7,5201,0550
uKEgKUkegokk of the Hearth FireAdult (f)3,3076695
1H2KPHikopo of the Hearth FireAdult (m)4,3398570
LCiqvCiqva of the Hearth FireAdult (m)4,3088680
f4xJPFox of the Hearth FireAdult (m)3,4377420
6FXfkFoxfake of the Hearth FireAdult (m)2,8046770
XNi99Xani of the Hearth FireAdult (f)3,9608820
AXR2aAxiro of the Hearth FireAdult (f)3,2558050
qcMDiMadia of the Hearth FireAdult (f)2,8036661
ztXe1Texak of the Hearth FireAdult (m)3,8899631
4TjSYTiasio of the Hearth FireAdult (f)4,4437721
fpBlXBelix of the Hearth FireAdult (m)3,4489692
e00WaEiowa of the Hearth FireAdult (f)3,1977761
mp65aMarippaHatchling (m, F)2,3845690
dFnPtDefenapitHatchling (f, F)1,7294553
vJ4BvEternal Statuette 5Hatchling (F)1,4823632
4zCwg(4zCwg)Adult (m)2,8747511
WHNA6(WHNA6)Adult (m)3,2068061
voV6BVova of the Warming NestsAdult (m)6,2596350
dAM8SDams of the Warming NestsAdult (m)5,7167201
GwJI1Gawiji of the Warming NestsAdult (m)5,1268860
g2cPcGoposs of the Warming NestsAdult (m)5,5819090
HOFDxHofadd of the Warming NestsAdult (m)3,7287950
1LKK6Likoy of the Warming NestsAdult (m)4,1571,0671
JHWU8Jihawi of the Warming NestsAdult (m)2,3636360
VuAzMVuazam of the Warming NestsAdult (m)3,8229031
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