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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2015 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Aggoria,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
c7v4u(c7v4u)Adult (f)2,7028943
hyrei(hyrei)Adult (f)2,7669063
f2oka(f2oka)Adult (f)2,6778923
RT6qp(RT6qp)Adult (m)2,8029343
Ot9ap(Ot9ap)Adult (f)3,9258841
d6IkM(d6IkM)Adult (m)4,0719341
OyrV2(OyrV2)Adult (m)3,8948893
CgxCy(CgxCy)Adult (f)4,1599631
CgVmxMonifarciusAdult (m)8,88696931
zqpoGGoldie BoldieAdult (f)13,4271,27930
fFF4KAngry FellaAdult (m)13,5741,34126
qoF8zBush SnekAdult (f)11,1551,24314
KGrFnKusaka and YebakaAdult (f)13,3311,28317
1TVddZhekaAdult (m)13,4041,30915
ef2UXLyokhaAdult (m)12,4641,06917
O4Y8VScyllibdisAdult (f)11,2821,03711
GekfR(GekfR)Adult (m)10,34294611
GoakE(GoakE)Adult (f)10,41092714
VzyUR(VzyUR)Adult (f)8,92890910
f8KpH(f8KpH)Adult (f)8,30387914
bsp5Q(bsp5Q)Adult (m)9,45297716
5eFD8(5eFD8)Adult (f)9,88998719
tw3VO(tw3VO)Adult (m)8,52386013
tpj0A(tpj0A)Adult (f)11,48596513
82BCV(82BCV)Adult (m)9,6948809
1cyuf(1cyuf)Adult (m)11,2241,00411
OhoSG(OhoSG)Adult (f)9,3928329
Kf6HE(Kf6HE)Adult (m)12,9079789
te7Cl(te7Cl)Adult (m)13,6191,02712
HN0pB(HN0pB)Adult (m)11,78989612
nfD9b(nfD9b)Adult (f)15,6001,0408
5gaxX(5gaxX)Adult (m)15,7791,0539
PWE0M(PWE0M)Adult (f)9,4888645
utcNa(utcNa)Adult (m)9,7378266
Ulf14(Ulf14)Adult (m)8,4338647
JpepP(JpepP)Adult (f)10,2419946
hwdcX(hwdcX)Adult (m)3,4657713
hY5kk(hY5kk)Adult (m)11,2951,0426
56b3O(56b3O)Adult (f)11,6359967
jb8gB(jb8gB)Adult (f)12,0041,1298
Yhg00(Yhg00)Adult (m)13,6621,0805
LI1yp(LI1yp)Adult (m)13,7251,1067
X1KUD(X1KUD)Adult (m)11,4571,1048
0O4Oc(0O4Oc)Adult (f)9,9059604
zxZOM(zxZOM)Adult (m)8,2758607
3AVgL(3AVgL)Adult (f)6,7859303
8UQZP(8UQZP)Adult (f)7,8121,0272
DCNtk(DCNtk)Adult (f)7,7711,0374
PZnW1(PZnW1)Adult (m)5,5158981
Cu62c(Cu62c)Adult (m)3,1358341
K91Ll(K91Ll)Adult (f)6,1649744
ouqGv(ouqGv)Adult (m)6,6761,1255
RMKmJ(RMKmJ)Adult (m)6,5761,0561
tCTci(tCTci)Adult (m)3,6167702
k2n1b(k2n1b)Adult (f)3,4677431
aiOEC(aiOEC)Adult (m)3,4767492
Ztq5B(Ztq5B)Adult (f)3,3517271
L1wzE(L1wzE)Adult (m)3,0607801
8rYdf(8rYdf)Adult (f)2,9077722
0G77T(0G77T)Adult (f)3,0177013
m3Ipr(m3Ipr)Adult (m)2,9897323
A42XG(A42XG)Adult (f)3,0367302
hRS4L(hRS4L)Adult (m)3,3147852
xMg6G(xMg6G)Adult (m)3,7638293
aQkNf(aQkNf)Adult (m)6,0438496
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