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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Adrak,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
19ZpV(19ZpV)Adult (m)3,6748422
nUZNF(nUZNF)Adult (m)5,3651,0032
2ZfTx(2ZfTx)Adult (m)3,7118761
T3z8h(T3z8h)Adult (m)4,0338872
RYM2w(RYM2w)Adult (f)3,8688892
MbLYc(MbLYc)Adult (f)4,0979001
2qfOX(2qfOX)Adult (f)4,0608631
eM02p(eM02p)Adult (f)5,7869921
Fgrl6(Fgrl6)Adult (f)5,7459882
cos7z(cos7z)Adult (f)5,7849803
oIfl0(oIfl0)Adult (m)6,0449616
6pYnw(6pYnw)Adult (m)5,6899773
ImBFL(ImBFL)Adult (f)4,9089784
2zgpA(2zgpA)Adult (f)4,5909902
87kfz(87kfz)Adult (m)4,8639723
aeDLJ(aeDLJ)Adult (m)5,1969843
fbluB(fbluB)Adult (m)4,1759633
Cu9Ja(Cu9Ja)Adult (f)4,8599933
tE02o(tE02o)Adult (m)4,7169882
eaEMg(eaEMg)Adult (f)5,1599832
KET4d(KET4d)Adult (f)4,6259702
b2aGL(b2aGL)Adult (m)5,0751,0073
PTpCg(PTpCg)Adult (m)4,7001,0072
QrTQp(QrTQp)Adult (f)4,7069981
7pDZh(7pDZh)Adult (f)4,9021,0052
oYCUD(oYCUD)Adult (f)5,1331,0092
fDnsA(fDnsA)Adult (m)4,6459781
wrYBi(wrYBi)Adult (f)5,2141,0263
j0gYm(j0gYm)Adult (f)5,3749602
YEsYh(YEsYh)Adult (m)5,0189423
REuGR(REuGR)Adult (m)5,5989573
GFPsZ(GFPsZ)Adult (f)4,8799645
KgCsk(KgCsk)Hatchling (F)2,6712962
28CXN(28CXN)Hatchling (f, F)4,1778436
kYXtK(kYXtK)Adult (f)5,1391,0377
qmRwu(qmRwu)Adult (f)4,8571,0125
Cf3Kz(Cf3Kz)Adult (f)7,6008668
yD71i(yD71i)Adult (f)5,2448624
ipq57Valentine's GlitterAdult (f)3,6398596
MKamqKamqAdult (f)3,2618452
e06fV(e06fV)Adult (f)3,2158494
HtHw2My Shy ValentineAdult (f)3,3008561
Kxt2fVerdant GemstonesAdult (m)3,9879063
OO8NwUl'dahn SunsetAdult (m)6,8389734
RxL76Verdant GazeAdult (f)6,8271,0374
Si4nN(Si4nN)Adult (f)3,4406592
yXBTm(yXBTm)Adult (f)3,4266642
ClUFS(ClUFS)Adult (f)5,0608882
144wp(144wp)Adult (m)3,5436613
P5lNqSoftest BreezeAdult (m)4,1088456
VKxa2Seventh Umbral CalamityAdult (f)3,8258222
HeabR(HeabR)Adult (f)4,4448091
YvP0p(YvP0p)Adult (f)4,7118213
bXs2bThe Pharos At SunsetAdult (m)7,80579310
nv4h5(nv4h5)Adult (f)4,8569433
9Jsj3The Final IsleAdult (m)4,7329074
ZCsll(ZCsll)Adult (m)6,2409873
0uWxLA Smile Better Suits A HeroAdult (m)6,2688831
5yKYeTo Whom DeathAdult (m)6,4178942
x7BkhHath Passed His JudgementAdult (f)6,0639051
FNAxa(FNAxa)Adult (f)6,2968840
ZeBiS(ZeBiS)Adult (f)6,2948612
ewYQQ(ewYQQ)Adult (m)6,1458844
NTl3j(NTl3j)Adult (m)6,4998956
hgkpg(hgkpg)Adult (m)5,9398824
h54okH a u r c h e f a n tAdult (m)3,7178856
clTxuG r e y s t o n eAdult (f)3,6489493
z3STKOh DaaaahlingAdult (m)2,9868222
ngWyWRIP Best BoyHatchling (m, F)2,4036722
0YBx9Mako BlueAdult (f)3,6768493
ENtZYEntzyAdult (m)4,7549076
Z7oAIZloaiAdult (f)4,5778874
ui7nSUilnsAdult (f)4,7189008
dVjq8Nights KinAdult (m)4,8159057
nF1XN(nF1XN)Adult (f)3,6838945
aeS3ZGlittering AesezAdult (m)5,3529094
s1ykpSiykpAdult (m)5,1158813
J3BQGHealing A HeartAdult (f)5,2258883
U35p1Quickened HeartAdult (f)5,3819124
AFaDoAfadoAdult (m)5,0398936
6t3a1Cloud's TimeAdult (f)5,0299044
1gjqJLaugh TailAdult (f)2,9227902
kz6oYA Twist of LoveAdult (m)3,8428665
8eBFDHeart All A FlutterAdult (m)5,2639095
rqZLgThe Royal GamesAdult (f)4,0418753
ysPcQ(ysPcQ)Adult (m)5,0128352
sQNns(sQNns)Hatchling (f, F)5,7321,0295
USDhhI Have Not A OneAdult (m)3,4398369
mjZSg(mjZSg)Adult (m)5,6401,0054
ei03jFive Year Timeskip IncomingAdult (f)5,11483819
FYWGzBRB LOLAdult (f)5,2919102
IBgjM(IBgjM)Adult (f)3,9308785
ReQfM(ReQfM)Adult (m)3,9789562
LArIi(LArIi)Adult (f)3,9939681
9mFop(9mFop)Adult (m)3,0976542
bp0uj(bp0uj)Adult (f)3,2876473
pK3Dy(pK3Dy)Hatchling (m, F)2,3805991
8Suml(8Suml)Hatchling (f, F)3,1447131
Nao3S(Nao3S)Adult (f)4,3199012
4OURi(4OURi)Adult (m)4,2149042
faljo(faljo)Adult (f)3,8448430
JQ0QS(JQ0QS)Adult (f)4,0038561
mWa5t(mWa5t)Adult (f)3,7928700
H0DiB(H0DiB)Adult (f)3,7838602
xrGXjFor Whom Weeps the StormAdult (m)4,4988441
fKsMzHer Tears On Our SkinAdult (f)3,6208810
89rwgThe Days Of Our Years GoneAdult (m)3,5391,0301
47zFCOur Souls Soaked In SinAdult (f)3,2179151
ipE5NThese Memories Ache WithAdult (m)3,5328580
7cfGYThe Weight Of TomorrowAdult (f)3,4851,0051
i7Ja0Who FightsAdult (m)4,4779121
4OO1YWho FliesAdult (f)4,3278933
Llk5lWho FallsAdult (m)4,2288991
eZab5Stand Tall My FriendAdult (f)4,1888881
d4quqMay All Of The Dark LostAdult (m)4,3228820
UZ9u1Inside You Find Light AgainAdult (f)3,9858640
ksZEBIn Time TumblingAdult (m)4,0508780
cXjnZTurning We Seek AmendsAdult (f)4,1509980
OI6kiThe Eternal WindsAdult (m)3,5798268
UBXE0To The Land DescendAdult (f)4,1629540
U9RMdOur Journey Will Never EndAdult (m)4,5198981
gQN8zFrom Those Who've FallenAdult (m)3,5951,0131
0bpwqTo Those Who AriseAdult (m)4,5309081
zMRwcA Prayer To Keep UsAdult (m)4,5169140
dPzEKEver By Your SideAdult (m)4,1079160
H4i87An Undying PromiseAdult (m)4,1558872
efmWOThat We Just MightAdult (f)4,0828981
LwPTMCarry On In A SongAdult (f)4,5529241
0fTdUPray Don't Forget UsAdult (f)3,4648622
ultCIYour Bygone KinAdult (f)3,3458461
lPWMLWith One World's EndAdult (f)3,4388511
a6exMAs A New BeginsAdult (f)4,1229031
NS8WaAnd Should Our Soul ScatterAdult (m)3,7858422
mCHZtOnto The WindAdult (m)3,3318521
BlwfgStill We Shall Live OnAdult (m)3,2438246
JcF4LStand Tall  My FriendAdult (m)3,6998481
OOCJHMay All Of The Dark DeepAdult (m)3,4818780
SrO0rInside You Find Light  AgainAdult (m)3,6228762
4xsk5This Time TumblingAdult (m)3,8758690
fI04hTurning We Make AmendsAdult (m)4,7488960
bprs2The Eternal  WindsAdult (f)3,3678581
zw0SuThroughout The Land AscendAdult (f)3,6269030
UZ4fdHere To Lift UsAdult (f)3,2808862
b8iJwThat We Won't EndAdult (m)3,4748631
Q0WaZ(Q0WaZ)Adult (m)3,9578500
H5lwf(H5lwf)Adult (f)4,0099602
uwBVI(uwBVI)Adult (m)3,8648621
w282B(w282B)Adult (f)3,4878650
JGgB0(JGgB0)Adult (f)4,9258631
xCpx5(xCpx5)Adult (f)3,1609150
cK0ZO(cK0ZO)Adult (f)3,1869001
53WmT(53WmT)Adult (m)4,0449662
n6usk(n6usk)Adult (m)3,1536366
t3Za5(t3Za5)Adult (f)3,5638523
cfnch(cfnch)Adult (f)4,0859841
DEDt8(DEDt8)Adult (f)4,1619931
waRZz(waRZz)Adult (m)4,2358451
LUnAG(LUnAG)Adult (f)3,1598762
qaKUi(qaKUi)Adult (f)3,4438621
w1wcb(w1wcb)Adult (f)3,8788490
vscKP(vscKP)Hatchling (f, F)3,0097572
2DPeDBecome What You MustAdult (m)3,3198705
uILx7(uILx7)Adult (f)3,6481,0382
s3L0Z(s3L0Z)Adult (f)4,0269081
glzbT(glzbT)Adult (m)3,7049340
EdWl1(EdWl1)Adult (f)3,6529130
MTEYn(MTEYn)Adult (f)4,0969141
XpDXP(XpDXP)Adult (m)3,8758861
gCUNj(gCUNj)Adult (m)3,8478447
37Jee(37Jee)Adult (m)4,4971,0363
UzRfP(UzRfP)Adult (m)3,6838585
NsPy4(NsPy4)Adult (m)4,2209992
zPxUc(zPxUc)Adult (m)4,3691,0032
ki7Bt(ki7Bt)Adult (f)4,2641,0153
V9eYR(V9eYR)Adult (m)3,8538982
MvdDg(MvdDg)Adult (m)3,5219020
Itbvb(Itbvb)Adult (f)3,6649200
DN0YH(DN0YH)Adult (f)3,6259220
nE7On(nE7On)Adult (m)3,8758452
GgRiR(GgRiR)Adult (m)4,4669172
ttNR3(ttNR3)Adult (f)3,8189272
j5NtB(j5NtB)Adult (m)4,3211,0065
HlvnX(HlvnX)Hatchling (f, F)3,0697682
ZMM4v(ZMM4v)Adult (m)4,0519281
yGgRn(yGgRn)Adult (f)4,2439662
uSChR(uSChR)Adult (f)4,5451,0334
r7wOa(r7wOa)Adult (m)3,9288930
Gw32JThrow Wide The GatesAdult (m)3,4368912
HiDvwThat We May PassAdult (f)3,4399033
yrN8W(yrN8W)Adult (f)3,5871,0231
1qfT8(1qfT8)Adult (m)3,8548691
njRal(njRal)Adult (f)4,0869854
Hg1xs(Hg1xs)Adult (m)3,9381,0451
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