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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Achenar,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JF9mi'm SwitchEgg (F)
FAGACallegedly a gameAdult (m)4,7217155
AkBwoi'm here to see doomAdult (m)3,3647582
qbDcNwould you like to play doomAdult (m)3,3317503
d57RdNintendo is doomedAdult (f)3,2327524
LXlGJ(LXlGJ)Adult (f)4,6708454
1GSTZ(1GSTZ)Adult (f)4,8148666
YgHWM(YgHWM)Adult (m)4,7998694
uAX28(uAX28)Adult (m)5,0968886
mac31Mac ToniteAdult (m)4,2923833
LUnCH(LUnCH)Adult (f)3,7033452
mBhNi'm forum user SwitchHatchling (f, F)6,2546517
mfQSaThis Scroll Belongs to SwitchHatchling (m, F)1,9185044
pU88ySimpleton ThuwedAdult (m)1,94068033
DD3cBAsk Me About LoomAdult (m)3,3945436
iRzGN(iRzGN)Adult (m)3,1015115
yBwEZ(yBwEZ)Adult (f)4,5036325
4coinBracliAdult (f)3,9874203
hGmGQis evegeatbleAdult (m)4,0114513
pppzfNever pay more than 20 bucksAdult (m)3,6799011
lf7Kb(lf7Kb)Adult (f)4,6398643
OPdsMystAdult (f)4,98967324
oRU81you know he ate a cheeseAdult1,9067083
QlWOBSwitchAdult (f)8,3831,1087
Ra9uxTime HaterAdult (f)3,2784392
7YzKFDynamics of an AsteroidAdult (m)3,5126771
B4pXfVoltaire ThuwedAdult (m)2,7906224
vBSnrVoltaireAdult (m)1,5726352
x03yDYou mean the Chaos EmeraldsAdult (f)
nfks9GhostsAdult (f)5,8287906
GLbNKBustingAdult (m)5,8758144
O3Hp3Lemme Tell Ya SomethinHatchling (m, F)5,7701,0471
DB2eQHomestar RunnerAdult (m)3,0634831
PX4LStrong BadAdult (m)6,5309376
RRSmBPepsimanAdult (m)2,3483989
Fv0Z1ShiversHatchling (F)2,8393633
cOGiThe Brain TreeAdult (m)4,8201,1588
5APcTentaclesHatchling (f, F)4,0605925
SgMiHalf-LifeHatchling (F)4,66635912
E4QKcBlinkAdult (m)6,2829636
Z8trVThe AngelAdult (f)2,0606827
wAg9yRouge the BatAdult (m)6,7257813
9oP7uUmHatchling (f, F)4,4939313
f94TI'm SorryAdult (f)1,62234218
tOJIENow we are binary starsAdult (m)3,82734211
U0OF0Six Piece Chicken McNuggetsAdult (m)8,2119015
r2bplThe S is for Sucks DragonAdult (m)9,5738313
PlNG7Snoopingas Usual I SeeAdult (m)7,3608542
yHqCuwhen a couple of GANONDORFSAdult (m)4,9766765
y09Nwstarted chillin outAdult (m)5,7458035
Yh4EWmaxin relaxin all cool and allAdult (m)8,2116788
L7luOshootin some bballAdult (m)3,3103445
65kdDoutside of my school and allAdult (f)3,4453546
4ltwlshootin some bball outside ofAdult (f)3,5242355
ExA3Zmy school and all shootin someAdult (m)6,9015013
zxY2Ybball outside of my school andAdult (f)5,8819984
S8ghsthe person above triple gayAdult (f)3,9295711
wYOnrthe person below triple gayAdult (m)5,3316874
d2afKcheetos crunchy FLAMIN' HOTAdult (f)7,9661,3551
JCv6aIdeyaAdult (f)5,3987152
wxKwYignore my meme namesAdult (f)3,5625243
erVHkThis Is Bait Zone Act 1Adult (m)3,5725250
aRBZ0The Fesh Pince of BlairAdult (m)3,9515811
hLuafElf PracticeAdult (m)3,5762892
v5inmSonic SpinballAdult (f)4,3681,0944
0f0Q5(0f0Q5)Adult (f)4,4701,0891
vFT99(vFT99)Adult (f)2,4867031
M5A5v(M5A5v)Adult (m)2,3916520
4Pmvg(4Pmvg)Adult (m)2,4506830
8YsHs(8YsHs)Adult (f)2,8703921
BUqvT(BUqvT)Adult (f)2,8183930
n76g8this isn't tetrisAdult (m)1,5644861
5Llfk(5Llfk)Adult (f)2,0445623
dNL8ArcdartAdult (f)5,4488843
y05hUAdult CoolAdult (m)4,4083443
quBsHT  HANOSAdult (m)5,4587122
oVNbC(oVNbC)Adult (f)3,6092453
qkVgX(qkVgX)Adult (m)3,8603681
5AjhW(5AjhW)Adult (f)3,8993831
KKRwa(KKRwa)Adult (m)4,4887631
Mqm1C(Mqm1C)Adult (f)4,8177880
2xDeC(2xDeC)Adult (f)4,5047600
dNyjx(dNyjx)Adult (f)4,2357540
3ZPlY(3ZPlY)Adult (m)4,6147700
4lE0Aalaskan oh wormAdult (f)4,3082932
wBYqy(wBYqy)Adult (m)4,5147620
an1BO(an1BO)Adult (m)2,7447811
SwmWR(SwmWR)Adult (m)3,3406549
gjx7y(gjx7y)Adult (m)3,5037191
55bkV(55bkV)Adult (f)3,7987412
ZGshW(ZGshW)Adult (m)3,2758412
qa5GW(qa5GW)Adult (f)3,4198552
n9eM5(n9eM5)Adult (m)9,0061,1883
cODf8(cODf8)Adult (m)8,9221,1741
3Tx2I(3Tx2I)Adult (f)3,1536651
UjEzK(UjEzK)Adult (m)2,5867371
U6uYR(U6uYR)Adult (f)2,6297390
diNsI(diNsI)Adult (m)2,7367740
iyjHl(iyjHl)Adult (f)3,5777795
TFz5ewhose child is thisAdult (m)2,6088852
Itnxh(Itnxh)Adult (f)2,6588901
WDW3J(WDW3J)Adult (m)2,7098861
4XRHo(4XRHo)Adult (m)2,6718960
boTTk(boTTk)Adult (f)4,0959532
OdFEI(OdFEI)Adult (m)4,2889201
jusmr(jusmr)Adult (m)7,3191,1573
xdAdt(xdAdt)Adult (f)7,5231,1642
1O3JF(1O3JF)Adult (f)7,4711,1463
19uDR3G CacaoAdult (f)9,3011,0005
WvprLthat's gonna get bannedAdult (f)7,3869881
HR75Ythat's banned alreadyAdult (m)7,4049771
V9Iup(V9Iup)Adult (m)7,5691,3035
tvhOVFroggo And Da CrewAdult (f)3,6967981
ypzFM(ypzFM)Adult (f)3,7157520
IeJDE(IeJDE)Adult (f)3,7507640
nOcS3AntarcAdult (f)3,7597881
9dO6CAveldranAdult (f)8,8598006
3LavZ(3LavZ)Adult (f)7,7521,0637
dhR8Q3G HollyAdult (m)2,5893092
fpbZp(fpbZp)Adult (f)6,3221,0642
HMEVjNot TyrantrumAdult (m)9,8158673
cBm9SSpicy Meat BallAdult (m)2,9816202
uB23JVolcano Sauce DropAdult (m)6,5479856
RT1oCTangerine iMacAdult (f)6,1467633
QaKOwCheetos CrunchyAdult (m)6,5098784
KoM24G PrizedAdult (m)9,24297241
mOm6i4G PikachuAdult (f)8,4429097
pG6efCyanide IonAdult (f)6,4827524
X9m8P2G Gold LeafAdult (f)4,6905294
1feY63G FeyAdult (m)5,14956118
8qWA54G Pure GoldAdult (f)7,2777099
B6App(B6App)Adult (m)7,3129732
uESwz3G Lime TwistAdult (m)6,4488932
lab48Shop 'N SquirtleAdult (m)6,3617263
ei5eqSquirtle SquirtAdult (f)4,6674084
PEslrCB ArthurAdult (m)7,7991,0985
BoaD3(BoaD3)Adult (f)6,9549212
8VurlCB MatriarchAdult (f)2,2579602
4BsMpUmezukeAdult (f)7,3549444
XfuOdBlubb-O's WhaleAdult (m)6,2488932
dIUIOMnM McFlurryAdult (m)6,6389448
7Sl96CB McFlurryAdult (m)3,2764665
h4rOe2G SeapunkAdult (f)2,3093215
BYEJPhantasmicaAdult (f)2,9251,60941
gPUEG(gPUEG)Adult (f)8,3811,0494
7GUFRCB GustAdult (f)5,3527234
QEQujCB ForswornAdult (f)3,4686902
MOJ7M(MOJ7M)Adult (m)9,7591,3491
Pj8qAHuge JackmanAdult (m)8,4848083
lGf4(lGf4)Adult (m)4,84338123
soHc(soHc)Adult (m)3,94151613
VDTISailor Moon RibbonsAdult (f)5,6921,1037
TjOOAnniversaireAdult (f)5,5261,1499
ge1HTCloud's Up AirAdult (f)9,1018454
QF81H3G Soul SilverAdult (f)2,0165448
iQ0cv3G Silver LeafAdult (f)2,82937917
Rdxvooh wormAdult (f)8,7586051
Sb33r(Sb33r)Adult (m)9,3669213
PaL7yCB MoonflowerAdult (f)4,6616861
rHcfChocolates BoxesAdult (f)4,07335043
zsJiq(zsJiq)Adult (f)9,2961,0072
HUmeUlook out it's pamAdult (f)9,1199012
Cg8jNFunko PopsAdult (f)8,7929113
VW9aOSix Piece Chicken McNobodyAdult (m)8,9989512
ozX8Dand  you FIND geoffreyAdult (f)4,7316641
ugeq6and you FIND  geoffreyAdult (f)2,9338415
ckDvdand you   FIND geoffreyAdult (m)2,2645641
rOdN4and you  FIND geoffreyAdult (f)2,9654251
qaMRTand you  FIND  geoffreyAdult (f)8,4551,2801
g0gXLIncubaitAdult (m)3,0333965
K9obyKobe BeefAdult (f)6,5698075
hQLW3CB PizzaAdult (f)4,9238142
MGBpOSpider Man 2 Pizza ThemeAdult (m)5,0817332
3FQePhantasmagoriaAdult (f)4,7431,87819
kpMJFire IxupiAdult (m)2,4306028
uZKGIt BurnsAdult (f)4,90597512
9NtcKTotinoAdult (f)3,2618065
Y9IE5Banks wants to empty the BANKSAdult (f)5,6207184
Eg6OYfill our streets with BANKSAdult (f)5,4707182
p3PEWand run a BANK making operationAdult (f)5,3797131
9lFWYout of his BANKSAdult (f)5,5107171
dSCyy(dSCyy)Adult (f)4,3363552
FlmAH(FlmAH)Adult (f)3,4714445
Yf5baBratz Rock AngelzAdult (f)2,2103928
sV8n6Dave CragonAdult (m)1,9273234
qIt6b(qIt6b)Adult (f)2,8583656
9NMms(9NMms)Adult (m)4,5694334
DaLYZ(DaLYZ)Adult (m)1,6263163
qoDCRMorpheus Orpheus DorpheusAdult (m)2,0023501
3BvOD2G Burnt CopperAdult (m)2,4738090
8RS2Q3G Burnt BaconAdult (f)1,70639814
XPmPm(XPmPm)Adult (m)1,7833372
1zNOYScarlet BalladAdult (f)2,6968353
k4eWH(k4eWH)Adult (f)1,7793303
Iwh4m(Iwh4m)Adult (m)1,4633124
st9l(st9l)Hatchling (f, F)1,8135415
Tgqxdand you FIND geoffreyAdult (m)4,5498101
bc1Fk(bc1Fk)Adult (f)9,4731,3632
SXIN(SXIN)Hatchling (m, F)3,3366276
aIDn(aIDn)Hatchling (m, F)6,5545396
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