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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2011 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ace_of_Shade,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
10i4Q(10i4Q)Adult (m)4,2901,0525
taUMv(taUMv)Adult (f)9,5231,2064
ngA1f(ngA1f)Adult (f)9,9361,2365
1WXr2(1WXr2)Adult (m)9,4621,2517
6MZTC(6MZTC)Adult (m)7,8171,3535
kMZtV(kMZtV)Adult (f)8,7671,5344
jLGTu(jLGTu)Adult (m)6,6731,4881
9HgQS(9HgQS)Adult (f)3,5371,0322
F3DMu(F3DMu)Adult (m)4,0171,0273
dtop0(dtop0)Adult (m)3,8009412
VQG2T(VQG2T)Adult (m)3,5001,0563
cvh7k(cvh7k)Adult (f)3,5911,0232
OatuE(OatuE)Adult (m)4,2531,0384
at28D(at28D)Adult (m)4,3561,1065
6sU83(6sU83)Adult (f)3,7421,1385
3J4d3(3J4d3)Adult (f)3,6671,1145
t0LIg(t0LIg)Adult (m)3,8961,2053
Biuov(Biuov)Adult (m)3,8351,2052
1Q3Y2(1Q3Y2)Adult (m)5,3631,4346
JLmVl(JLmVl)Adult (f)4,1761,1405
pKVAH(pKVAH)Adult (f)3,6301,2743
gjDeF(gjDeF)Adult (m)3,4491,2295
AuKOU(AuKOU)Adult (f)4,0231,4351
NhQH1(NhQH1)Adult (f)4,0131,4392
kJkGX(kJkGX)Adult (f)3,8251,3942
bKmN8(bKmN8)Adult (m)3,7281,4354
msVRB(msVRB)Adult (f)2,8611,0873
ZBZlA(ZBZlA)Adult (m)3,1631,1361
3BEF5(3BEF5)Adult (f)2,8711,0540
3MEKi(3MEKi)Adult (f)2,9391,0952
drCTD(drCTD)Adult (m)2,9001,0381
fWZd3(fWZd3)Adult (m)2,9801,0490
G0vl8(G0vl8)Adult (m)2,8771,0412
bklSe(bklSe)Adult (m)3,0281,0541
WgrEW(WgrEW)Adult (f)3,2821,1000
Kvh7C(Kvh7C)Adult (f)3,0079722
GNgXY(GNgXY)Adult (f)3,5461,0832
3dPHD(3dPHD)Adult (f)3,4481,0352
AYkiA(AYkiA)Adult (f)3,1779620
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