Dragon Cave

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2010 Egg BasketBronze Trophy2017 Valentine's Day
You pick up the scroll labeled “Acclivius,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Mischief LilclawHatchling (f)6,1588291
Peep PinktoeHatchling (m)6,1428141
Etch StripetailHatchling (f)6,1278141
Crimson AlbaAdult (f)5,76564622
Emerald GemspineAdult (m)8,1251,27427
Hawk MeteorusAdult (m)9,1681,32130
Chorus SongbirdAdult (m)7,35165315
Mellow SongbirdAdult (m)6,1016482
Pinklight ValentineAdult (f)5,3361,22824
Spike AzurusAdult (f)5,59468332
Hover FloatlingAdult (f)8,9971,39838
Shadow DarkrageAdult (m)8,6021,27928
Dazzle DarkrageAdult (f)7,3205122
Feind DarkrageAdult (f)6,29562111
Spice MinteaAdult (m)4,9905343
SeagullsaltAdult (m)9,2791,46130
Blud MoonrageAdult (m)10,6171,49933
Munch BluetailAdult (f)6,60465312
Crunch BluetailHatchling (f, F)4,4576705
Norbert GoldstoneAdult (m)6,5361,47937
Screech BrawlwraithAdult (m)7,8531,26127
Flameheart FireflyAdult (f)9,0801,45425
Nightlight FireflyAdult (f)6,2896904
Kit PawpadAdult (f)6,43063415
Splotch MagishieldAdult (m)5,3327202
Tiger MagishieldAdult (f)5,9127002
Spirit CrystalstarAdult (m)5,92667321
Flicker LilclawAdult (f)9,4771,47040
Fern VinetailAdult (m)9,8261,42038
Zipper VinetailAdult (f)5,9496973
Rex VinetailHatchling (f, F)6,1098211
Darkling LilclawAdult (f)9,5771,37728
Cloudy SkylingAdult (f)6,9931,51243
Misty SkylingAdult (f)6,7855543
Crystal GlitterwingAdult (m)5,88565926
Dusk FrillbackAdult (f)6,01462822
Charcoal and Silver DualmindAdult (m)7,14572516
Stormy NightstrikeAdult (m)7,7596645
Thunder NightstrikeAdult (f)6,0997223
Pepper EmberlightAdult (m)6,38680121
Sharky ArmorbackAdult (m)6,9226498
Plague RottailAdult (m)8,5711,29520
Seablue GemclawAdult (m)5,6018144
Sapphire GemclawHatchling (m, F)5,6967472
Rusty GemclawAdult (m)5,4207894
Flame GemclawAdult (f)5,3538133
Fury GemclawAdult (m)5,6778091
Jaws GemclawHatchling (f, F)6,7525934
Emerald GemclawAdult (m)5,2867895
Kaos GemclawAdult (f)5,7947923
Shrimp YogalegAdult (m)7,1885854
Eon FrillneckAdult (m)10,1421,61231
Snowy IcecrestAdult (m)6,0211,39833
Bubbles ShinescaleAdult (f)6,6316992
Gem GargoyleAdult (m)6,66464413
Scale and Tail DualmindAdult (m)6,99866413
Rex AntlerAdult (m)5,9597084
Mirage ShinewingAdult (m)8,6661,31527
Mirror ShinewingAdult (f)5,9047042
Prince GoldscaleAdult (m)6,55579632
Inkquill RichwingAdult (m)8,7621,62532
Foolsgold RichwingAdult (f)9,1831,51627
Taz RichwingAdult (m)6,56268127
Stony RichwingAdult (f)6,4886923
Silver RichwingHatchling (f, F)4,6156803
Terra QuakerageAdult (f)6,9627086
Lime QuakerageHatchling (f, F)5,1906692
Warlord GuardusAdult (m)7,3601,43426
Warrior GuardusAdult (m)6,5175663
Aroma ChocolatefinAdult (m)4,66378127
Cocoa ChocolatefinAdult (m)3,32280126
Heartshine AmoraAdult (f)5,10476427
Wrath FlameweaverAdult (f)6,2066663
Trick FlameweaverAdult (f)6,0937193
Nectar HoneytailAdult (f)9,8671,37825
Skip and Hop DualmindAdult (f)5,59860512
Brave LoyaltyAdult (f)6,44963315
Zigzag CrownlingAdult (m)5,94265923
Crest CrownlingAdult (m)5,3257093
Fate CrownloyalAdult (f)10,1661,51036
 Egg (F)000
Lunar MystwingAdult (m)8,6771,28332
Nudge MystwingAdult (f)4,9437124
Pea LilclawAdult (m)4,9967182
Yoga SpiritbendAdult (m)8,5371,26824
Pip MinteaAdult (m)10,0611,50236
Ranger MinteaAdult (f)4,23261210
Drizzle MinteaAdult (f)4,70156610
Fizzle MinteaAdult (m)6,03164717
Chip MinteaAdult (m)6,90966422
Minty MinteaAdult (m)6,50174018
Bibi MinteaAdult (f)6,70068728
Crocodile MinteaAdult (m)6,64168726
Trickster MinteaAdult (m)4,86672011
Sugar MinteaAdult (f)4,9866821
Fable MinteaHatchling (f, F)4,2516994
Pick LilclawAdult (f)5,7686293
Goose WaterflightAdult (f)6,2985334
Skyline LunarlightAdult (m)5,67865418
Curious MorphusAdult (f)6,5516923
Magic MorphusAdult (m)6,6727233
Dazzle MorphusHatchling (f, F)4,5846912
Flintheart LovebeatAdult (m)5,4301,26336
Starbright NebulousAdult (m)6,44964018
Galactic NebulousAdult (f)5,8195353
Ziggy LizardusAdult (m)6,5916932
Zany LizardusAdult (f)5,8527082
Zipper LizardusHatchling (m, F)6,1518292
Scorch and Tundra DualmindAdult (f)8,4431,67331
Scritch and Scratch DualmindAdult (f)6,95566017
Wreck and Rampage DualmindAdult (m)7,74267716
Blueberry LilclawAdult (f)5,3656283
Gargoyle ConstellationAdult (m)5,94364321
Pebble ConstellationAdult (m)5,3646513
Clay ConstellationAdult (f)5,8286532
Gravel ConstellationAdult (f)5,3756422
Leif FallheightsAdult (m)4,12960312
Sleepy FuzzbunchAdult (m)6,93569520
Slumber FuzzbunchHatchling (m, F)4,9826541
Dread ArmourAdult (f)9,6031,47336
Giant ArmourAdult (f)5,4687292
Pondleaper ShimmerlightAdult (f)9,69377621
Goldenrod FlowercrownAdult (m)10,60073923
Curiousity AmethystAdult (f)5,4555842
Ink LilclawAdult (m)9,3141,34625
Red GarnetfootAdult (f)7,1336332
Robin GarnetloveAdult (f)6,08563415
Amoragold LovegraceAdult (m)4,58177430
Radiance LovegraceAdult (m)3,22977711
Glide WindflightAdult (f)4,9816671
Rose FlowerkindAdult (f)5,4891,25432
Royal KingdrakeAdult (f)10,6401,88615
Trekker CrimsontailAdult (m)6,3397655
Bloom SeasonwingAdult (m)4,0877174
Petal SeasonwingAdult (m)5,0376882
Winterjoy MinteaAdult (f)9,5291,59632
Screech DeathtaleAdult (m)6,8305964
Fin SeabubbleAdult (m)6,33057919
Firahearth LoveletterAdult (f)3,33176024
Amethyst LoveletterAdult (f)3,36473621
Umbra NightbringerAdult (f)8,4591,23831
Reach NightbringerAdult (f)5,8977116
Lucky BreathstrikeAdult (m)7,2268758
Blue BreathstrikeAdult (m)6,3316582
Forrest GreentreeAdult (f)6,9607544
Glide StormcatcherAdult (f)10,2921,48127
Snow StripetailAdult (m)6,9115441
Zap StripetailAdult (f)6,6767212
Dawn StripetailAdult (m)5,5836443
Cricket StripetailAdult (f)6,3975863
Radiant SungazerAdult (f)10,5191,46030
Robin BirdsongAdult (m)10,6271,52733
Ponder PeaceheartAdult (m)5,5191,19217
Arachno HawkdiveAdult (f)6,6277524
Neon AquariumAdult (m)7,3696473
Thunder ElectroleapAdult (m)8,2001,27125
Nitro OceanwaveAdult (f)10,3791,51132
Rexi BurnwingAdult (f)8,5151,28523
Ocean WatersongAdult (m)6,4576915
Lovesong CandyheartAdult (f)5,15875417
Poetry CandyheartAdult (f)3,37171723
Lilly CrosstailAdult (f)5,53659320
Sunday WaveleaperAdult (f)6,23162916
Mystery AngelwingAdult (m)4,14365223
Ticktock ChroniclesAdult (f)6,38862725
Timeweave ChroniclesAdult (f)6,62068524
Aura LifebloodAdult (f)5,5495912
Pep SunstealerAdult (m)6,8587095
Star SunstealerAdult (m)6,7155673

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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