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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Abandonada,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7inOTTimey Wimey Mix UpAdult (f)3,9952851
EYiaaBut Time is FleetingAdult (f)3,8102741
3oesrTIme - Really on My SideAdult (f)3,6812761
rEq3yTime For DeathAdult (f)2,7923291
Macx8It's Time for 2012Adult (m)3,8902603
8kJNsTime for GravesAdult (m)2,4822462
nHqQTAeria Gloris ExpanseAdult (f)2,8283852
MtwYDAeria Gloris LeviathanAdult (m)2,2053512
qRn5IFins and Fins and FINSAdult (m)2,4923882
swErYAeria Gloris PensaAdult (f)2,3472841
Uw401Im FinsAdult (m)2,3933051
VgGiV(VgGiV)Adult (m)3,6632462
hzH9LCan't Aim at AllAdult (m)1,9216520
X9HJIBlow Wind BlowAdult (m)1,5736211
ezusrJust Give it a GoAdult (m)1,7196261
gSWWkDivine Wind RevisedAdult (f)1,9156350
MOgtQScimitar DivineAdult (f)2,4763871
sfWK7Tale a Break YeahAdult (f)4,4383274
7FrfiAim QuietlyAdult (m)3,2942962
Mag4Loud YellerAdult (m)1,24239414
ff2dBet you can't see meAdult (m)1,1335284
7RCpcOne And DoneAdult (f)1,0464951
EbgOnPale So No Sun PleaseAdult (m)3,5572392
Yuv1QThe Palest of AllAdult (f)2,8073013
guDTyOK So I'm a Little LoudAdult (f)2,9583141
lhQY0SM StarbornAdult (m)1,8493203
rJHIZThe Wind is ColdAdult (m)3,1722128
XsQ87Sanctuary III FreakyAdult (f)2,6082441
lnOYCGurmieAdult (f)2,7722323
6VFSVChecking it All OutAdult (f)2,6773522
vb7Y8This Makes ThatAdult (m)2,4823013
2jmtsTurq WingsAdult (f)1,8932822
vU1TVOf TurqAdult (f)2,1002662
szE5SI Have the Worst NeighborAdult (f)2,3223283
I4SCzHappy TurqAdult (f)1,9722954
5ooO3Checking the MagicAdult (m)2,2022936
yA0IgMoody GreensAdult (f)3,6492531
TmSVTEmerald Wurm TailAdult (m)5,0794021
7wDqvSilky Haired Wurm TailAdult (f)2,7953033
3PIkfWatery GreensAdult (f)4,3723253
PQGR3Tsavorita FeuAdult (f)3,9232721
0u16qWatery MoodsAdult (f)2,4313882
1HtcBFord v FerrariAdult (f)2,5533443
4M6BsBlue-Eyed BundineAdult (f)1,8122833
NBkvmMy Neighbor Plays Loud MusicAdult (f)1,9123302
Spv7rShallow GundineAdult (m)1,9953292
OSfYJSweet Blue BundineAdult (m)2,8022212
SzN7WTake My FingerprintsAdult (m)2,7252302
y3AMoSinging Valentine 2021Adult (f)2,1003452
xYJFESing to Me Valentine 2021Adult (f)2,2063361
taOQtSun For MeAdult (f)3,7782821
BcXbKLazy WaysAdult (m)4,1402761
6sgHWParty PleaseAdult (f)3,7952531
dsUsxParty NowAdult (f)3,6902761
SfMQ9Peace Out BabyAdult (m)3,5552971
Huu4ISunny Days AhhhhhAdult (f)3,1563331
Fm5FHRed Winged BoyAdult (m)2,5013791
sH0xG(sH0xG)Adult (m)2,5492832
GYfrc(GYfrc)Adult (f)1,7183611
G5lTt(G5lTt)Adult (f)3,3313611
jZPnXTsartist RainfurAdult (m)3,0872483
RsUIK(RsUIK)Adult (m)4,0303051
KMvGr(KMvGr)Adult (m)3,7312671
Eh01H(Eh01H)Adult (f)4,0732851
niak1(niak1)Adult (f)2,8862251
qt3ec(qt3ec)Adult (m)2,6093242
1m7JqDusty's Copper EsbreeAdult (f)2,5983293
L2sd0Shiny BirthdayAdult (m)2,6422965
AtQdOLangBeltaAdult (f)2,5323353
aA012Mi PensaAdult (m)2,6193653
oKfoiOyedengAdult (m)2,0903262
gWCnlIm ta natingAdult (f)2,1863051
owyMHI Glow Don't IAdult (m)3,1353363
TARFnThe IrishmanAdult (f)2,1972972
XyyOhJojo RabbitAdult (f)2,4323313
HuLp2(HuLp2)Adult (f)5,2331,0873
97kctI Saw Whales TodayAdult (f)2,7223011
tEVi5Dino or WhatAdult (f)3,2472552
jLo7VLike a DinoAdult (m)3,3112522
K3XNR(K3XNR)Adult (f)2,7422651
NV36D(NV36D)Adult (m)2,3742821
04160(04160)Adult (m)2,2712511
EHQYbGive hatchling a nameAdult (m)2,8173032
jg5QlMost AqualsisAdult (m)3,1923045
QCZYFSo When Do We LeaveAdult (f)3,1022084
GRHSnHere Now UnpackingAdult (f)2,9222354
7boCUFully MagicalAdult (m)2,3923744
DtOKE(DtOKE)Adult (m)2,1873822
fKww8(fKww8)Adult (f)2,3273851
OX786(OX786)Adult (f)2,5133831
Wgn2y(Wgn2y)Adult (m)2,5053712
aoE5T(aoE5T)Adult (f)2,1523550
xCrC5(xCrC5)Adult (f)2,6753851
PuOoL(PuOoL)Adult (f)1,8583561
0Oyma(0Oyma)Adult (m)2,3885023
WwJzSing me a SongAdult (f)1,164480127
JdN4Pink LonlinessAdult (f)75658320
hp89Reedy GirlAdult (f)8166312
k1wsDolores PAdult (f)1,1918576
iGMQ(iGMQ)Adult (f)1,9293216
YbKeQ(YbKeQ)Adult (m)3,1542251
eHQ1O(eHQ1O)Adult (f)3,7812581
0oHwd(0oHwd)Adult (m)3,4552331
tNYYN(tNYYN)Adult (f)3,4872721
DvUq7November Baby YESAdult (f)2,8412671
0pC3SWe Had a Great DayAdult (f)2,6782004
k19LpArsani Emotional OneAdult (f)4,4933002
SWTlTArsani the DreamerAdult (f)4,6433112
txhI0(txhI0)Adult (m)3,1982812
CqOwL(CqOwL)Adult (m)3,2112764
R3SFK(R3SFK)Adult (f)3,0212693
aWwsG(aWwsG)Adult (m)3,7632822
wRBmJPoof SplashAdult (f)3,5423102
IfF7sNumbers OnlyAdult (m)3,3723024
2b8ao(2b8ao)Adult (f)2,6742563
03Ry4Noche de suenosAdult (m)2,2922465
vGvwkEstrellas y LunaAdult (f)2,5022405
qusteMuchas EstrellasAdult (f)2,6222585
jg2vVEstrellitasAdult (m)2,6522505
aKdi5(aKdi5)Adult (f)4,0883242
Xm7A3(Xm7A3)Adult (f)3,6023071
KBeWJ(KBeWJ)Adult (f)3,6763351
xAMXV(xAMXV)Adult (m)3,0592701
uy5V2Chasing the RazorbackAdult (m)3,7083003
xcGtFTiny WeeAdult (f)2,3782874
WXHsvGimme a real nameAdult (m)2,5013062
5VL8XWee BabyAdult (f)3,3082433
5e9KtAnother Wee OneAdult (f)3,2732204
cFi7GI Prefer Water ThanksAdult (f)3,5172392
upPk4(upPk4)Adult (f)3,5382511
Eo3Fe(Eo3Fe)Adult (f)2,9112301
2igwu(2igwu)Adult (f)3,4322350
wQifW(wQifW)Adult (m)2,9443021
U4m8z(U4m8z)Adult (f)3,3022934
Rg9Y2(Rg9Y2)Adult (m)2,8972831
8SVux(8SVux)Adult (f)3,6982611
eSj0J(eSj0J)Adult (m)3,3812411
CdcbB(CdcbB)Adult (f)3,7192641
2anwo(2anwo)Adult (f)3,9062711
AqNRc(AqNRc)Adult (f)3,3732411
iBW7j(iBW7j)Adult (m)3,8152702
3NX9BubblerAdult (f)6655673
8xuAMy Dad Likes CrystalsAdult (f)7135088
rxVEBubbletteAdult (f)8554253
oPWAPuffed Up for No ReasonAdult (m)1,6974152
32GhfCoastal DrifterAdult (m)2,5612982
chAsb(chAsb)Adult (m)4,1373441
ZQmrP(ZQmrP)Adult (m)2,9633253
W8sWj(W8sWj)Adult (f)4,2323521
vadLs(vadLs)Adult (f)3,6593512
pSVMNDear BautaAdult (f)3,0652063
U3IutQuite the LookerAdult (m)2,3722366
IA8xeBauty BautaAdult (m)2,0422565
NxcrGThe Old Fox Deceiv'dAdult (m)2,6233063
0w28O(0w28O)Adult (m)3,5712402
242rXHow Dee DooAdult (m)3,4112371
BbeCD(BbeCD)Adult (f)2,9962021
K6dO1(K6dO1)Adult (f)2,8802261
dkYmB(dkYmB)Adult (f)3,0182481
1PtKU(1PtKU)Adult (m)1,4404381
TW9OD(TW9OD)Adult (m)1,3644901
L9mpv(L9mpv)Adult (f)3,9572642
dTlECry Me a RiverAdult (f)1,032438130
8aFyRiver of BlacknessAdult (m)921353173
VkdeNight Goggles NeededAdult (m)953353188
IYNwSilver BlacknessAdult (m)2,11119494
UQ1PBlade of the LictorAdult (f)74233696
O1SHDaughter of The TorturerAdult (f)1,23524981
BS9RSword of the LictorAdult (m)1,52099413
Al1BChild of the TorturerAdult (f)1,24687017
f1VxNot So EvilAdult (m)64146219
bhjgGene WolfeAdult (f)2,3812954
IV2qTanedraAdult (f)7604722
TAIYBlack Water AbbeyAdult (f)8945532
HL4HStrength in DarknessAdult (f)1,1665081
nhtAEl Negro CruelAdult (m)1,2465432
NajhMs TeardropAdult (f)1,9584722
AJJsCarrot of BlacknessAdult (m)3,7222803
V28NLSafe DarknessAdult (m)3,2452175
1JzfI(1JzfI)Adult (f)2,2573693
J7eMZ(J7eMZ)Adult (m)3,5833491
zDtwHFresh Cave Black OneAdult (f)2,8073254
tE3Qb(tE3Qb)Adult (f)2,7762812
UB4U0(UB4U0)Adult (f)2,8812831
PpxT7Yes My Eggs GlowAdult (m)2,3533493
HOm9sDark Desert at NightAdult (m)2,9722492
YlwxSon of the TorturerAdult (m)1,72230786
lBjrSeverian's GrandsonAdult (m)1,24486919
rSGELovely MarrowAdult (f)1,2725702
uLHQLove That MarrowAdult (m)1,3565265
frqWBlackthorn MarrowAdult (m)1,4446012
WrIdGive Me a BodyAdult (m)1,2855682
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