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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AXELis never dies,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
52Ya(52Ya)Adult (m)5,32955354
l3rK(l3rK)Adult (f)2,32345619
vDhF(vDhF)Adult (m)2,37946417
adnp(adnp)Adult (m)2,04248025
AoAC(AoAC)Adult (m)1,8384077
MoOr(MoOr)Adult (f)3,57790053
ICGi(ICGi)Adult (m)4,64652232
nHU2(nHU2)Adult (f)3,08742143
mjaI(mjaI)Adult (f)2,63040024
umov(umov)Adult (f)2,45838530
Qa6p(Qa6p)Adult (f)3,60192161
wDhK(wDhK)Adult (m)5,45776547
b4Le(b4Le)Adult (m)6,29152553
G24M(G24M)Adult (f)3,59749530
I1wD(I1wD)Adult (m)3,55449831
fCdX(fCdX)Adult (m)2,78239657
revk(revk)Adult (m)1,37038322
S1Zp(S1Zp)Adult (m)3,08451251
WJgE(WJgE)Adult (f)5,48578854
KJNE(KJNE)Adult (m)5,5404138
jNDT(jNDT)Adult (m)3,73392654
kqOv(kqOv)Adult (m)3,63344517
DM8J(DM8J)Adult (m)1,57141717
Nx7F(Nx7F)Adult (m)4,20850535
iBR9(iBR9)Adult (f)5,40077454
VrIK(VrIK)Adult (m)2,25147717
Zm9r(Zm9r)Adult (f)3,61144321
kQSq(kQSq)Adult (m)7,3275384
jINc(jINc)Adult (f)2,96246814
siQF(siQF)Adult (f)1,28538319
Y89r(Y89r)Adult (f)3,87559835
5sBA(5sBA)Adult (f)3,57144517
4uWG(4uWG)Adult (f)3,90146947
SLdt(SLdt)Adult (m)4,08250136
jrKY(jrKY)Adult (m)2,97146714
dSZz(dSZz)Adult (f)1,62240016
xSDU(xSDU)Adult (f)1,83837324
dGcx(dGcx)Adult (f)2,23144319
skBs(skBs)Adult (m)1,68138619
HgCi(HgCi)Adult (m)1,68638118
81EJ(81EJ)Adult (m)2,52141922
oHkI(oHkI)Adult (m)2,06833014
1Ppa(1Ppa)Adult (f)2,06732916
QhKS(QhKS)Adult (f)1,28147123
3DQO(3DQO)Adult (m)4,03953529
JXXw(JXXw)Adult (m)3,75448626
pmUX(pmUX)Adult (f)3,26791854
oSek(oSek)Adult (m)3,90743553
7d8B(7d8B)Hatchling (m, F)1,7281,050118
VEP1(VEP1)Adult (m)2,70039157
Zl9e(Zl9e)Adult (m)5,88978344
yr6v(yr6v)Adult (f)5,78143211
wNMJ(wNMJ)Adult (f)1,44637823
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