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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “806907354,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MIi6z(MIi6z)Egg (F)
Alpha(Alpha)Adult (m)8,62168412
ruFzeOmega OWOAdult (f)6,1341,0377
DHhu4CB Hellfire DHhu4Adult (f)2,8156371
U9IyQCB Tidal U9IyQAdult (m)2,7735930
Cl15QCB Hellfire Cl15QAdult (m)2,7735971
3FR3zCB Spinel 3FR3zAdult (f)2,7866050
BjPrxCB Equinox BjPrxAdult (f)2,2976611
HtJ96CB RoyalCrimson HtJ96Adult (m)2,6126430
q3sopCB Script q3sopAdult (f)2,0236420
4DzTxCB Leodon 4DzTxAdult (f)1,9896261
GDR4TCB CrimsonFlare GDR4TAdult (m)2,0556371
lXGz92D Cantormaris lXGz9Adult (f)2,8726653
Ezc642D Ke'maro Ezc64Adult (m)2,7486042
sf5o02D Cantormaris sf5o0Adult (f)2,7046372
3deVN2D Cantormaris 3deVNAdult (f)2,6196011
DOgvE2D Ke'maro DOgvEAdult (m)2,6856122
yMggb3D Cantormaris yMggbAdult (f)2,7916272
61J1P3D Cantormaris 61J1PAdult (f)2,5845942
C7JZyCB Kovos C7JZyAdult (m)4,7279082
9qf3bCB Skystrider 9qf3bAdult (f)4,4779162
HbGlvCB DeepSea HbGlvAdult (f)4,6189102
hTZGICB BlackCappedTeimarr hTZGIAdult (f)4,5819100
3jgETCB Glaucus 3jgETAdult (f)4,8079171
KtBk8CB Skywing KtBk8Adult (f)4,4859070
HrDtpCB DeepSea HrDtpAdult (f)4,4699153
1vIFKCB Tidal 1vIFKAdult (m)4,6719123
Jivo9CB Blazeback Jivo9Adult (m)3,8738080
bKbUkCB Blazeback bKbUkAdult (m)3,9298132
dyTKBCB Blazeback dyTKBAdult (f)3,6457932
Dd1rgCB Blazeback Dd1rgAdult (f)3,9248152
GAGjoCB Hydrophidius GAGjoAdult (m)3,8528140
HHoawCB Hydrophidius HHoawAdult (m)3,8927841
Oih4ZCB Hydrophidius Oih4ZAdult (f)4,0128052
PGw17CB Hydrophidius PGw17Adult (f)3,9438072
hmQPC3D Cantormaris hmQPCAdult (f)2,9117524
ArCQq3D Cantormaris ArCQqAdult (f)2,9227383
lddS23D Cantormaris lddS2Adult (f)3,0477662
28J4XCB Hydrophidius 28J4XAdult (m)1,7596734
xfT4q(xfT4q)Adult (m)3,9328075
NEIGL(NEIGL)Adult (m)2,3546811
T5lsz(T5lsz)Adult (m)2,0906600
ImTSF(ImTSF)Adult (m)1,9856451
Iwl7s(Iwl7s)Adult (f)2,3596402
Yczw9(Yczw9)Adult (m)2,3296360
ZMvwx(ZMvwx)Adult (m)2,2396190
hwjpT(hwjpT)Adult (m)2,2306691
QZaFK(QZaFK)Adult (m)5,63395311
0B70P(0B70P)Adult (f)2,1896441
VRq8E(VRq8E)Adult (f)2,2625595
PuION(PuION)Adult (f)2,2465733
caqDV(caqDV)Adult (f)2,6495945
ssyph(ssyph)Adult (f)2,2625645
LJdVJ(LJdVJ)Adult (f)2,6505892
pEEVM(pEEVM)Adult (m)2,7456141
MgR8UCB Aeon MgR8UAdult (m)3,3687891
dNqd1CB Aeon dNqd1Adult (f)3,6087881
dcobz2P Aeon dcobzAdult (m)2,1367083
N1NnHCB Aeon N1NnHAdult (f)2,0228072
T5FAE2P Aeon T5FAEAdult (m)1,9216382
Dpncy2P Aeon DpncyAdult (m)1,9906793
ojBQjCB AeriaGloris ojBQjAdult (m)1,9927370
0GFTUCB AeriaGloris 0GFTUAdult (f)2,4317590
y6mh42D AeriaGloris y6mh4Adult (m)2,5425431
QxuRaBETA QxuRaAdult (f)1,8375683
vV3mLBETA vV3mLAdult (m)1,9456011
AFojACB AeriaGloris AFojAAdult (m)2,6746083
l8ZTACB Aether l8ZTAAdult (m)2,3496522
t921GCB Aether t921GAdult (f)2,2416142
Wc1UHCB Aether Wc1UHAdult (f)2,1655991
Bdo14CB Aether Bdo14Adult (f)1,9206141
UGjScCB Aether UGjScAdult (f)2,0516970
PBWj8CB Aether PBWj8Adult (f)2,3707591
9wvrlBETA 9wvrlAdult (f)2,4367470
PLthNCB Aether PLthNAdult (f)2,4217780
zvnQsza zvnQsAdult (m)2,5265631
bZyDSCB Aether bZyDSAdult (f)2,1946370
2DjPRza 2DjPRAdult (f)3,7879172
zmGp7CB Albino zmGp7Adult (f)4,7391,1202
j5xnWCB Albino j5xnWAdult (m)5,0361,3584
VCQzA2P Albino VCQzAAdult (m)5,1247031
pwQbUza pwQbUAdult (f)6,9831,1412
Bu5Ik(Bu5Ik)Hatchling (f, F)4,1101,0864
GUoYL(GUoYL)Hatchling (F)8671764
9KVcX(9KVcX)Hatchling (f, F)4,0667541
nRcObCB Alcedine nRcObAdult (m)2,6565791
NcVjMCB Alcedine NcVjMAdult (f)2,8845941
pEza22D Alcedine pEza2Adult (f)1,7715233
ZmJ1tCB Alcedine ZmJ1tAdult (m)2,7835293
tnXlYCB Almerald tnXlYAdult (m)3,6117781
xXE0Z2D Almerald xXE0ZAdult (m)4,7037342
lVKQpCB Almerald lVKQpAdult (f)5,8784891
ArPF2CB Almerald ArPF2Adult (f)4,3227374
F28euCB Almerald F28euAdult (m)2,9718040
ilUsh3D Almerald ilUshAdult (f)6,4301,1144
3GxMe(3GxMe)Hatchling (F)1,4041731
XOWoq2D Amalthean XOWoqAdult (m)1,4836392
P2LM82D Amalthean P2LM8Adult (f)1,4805872
SKfYy2D Amalthean SKfYyAdult (m)1,4925730
ebr8T3P Amalthean ebr8TAdult (m)1,7886411
Aktd53D Amalthean Aktd5Adult (m)2,0887161
hmh3wCB hmh3wAdult (f)1,4736072
kDFAzCB kDFAzAdult (f)1,8306532
wXtqFCB Anagallis wXtqFAdult (m)5,9866552
x1LO4CB Anagallis x1LO4Adult (m)5,1058621
ArtXOCB Anagallis ArtXOAdult (f)6,7096361
HJAjzCB Anagallis HJAjzAdult (f)6,7256310
PQCrLCB Anagallis PQCrLAdult (m)6,7756490
WKfCyCB Anagallis WKfCyAdult (m)6,7726230
eqLapCB Anagallis eqLapAdult (f)6,8156430
Vypzt2P Anagallis VypztAdult (m)5,4335770
LXVyi2P Anagallis LXVyiAdult (m)5,4965731
z0CcB2P Anagallis z0CcBAdult (f)5,4755720
yWRi82P Anagallis yWRi8Adult (f)6,1606010
8Qifj2P Anagallis 8QifjAdult (f)6,1266010
RSZup2P Anagallis RSZupAdult (m)6,3305930
eN6mQCB Anagallis eN6mQAdult (f)5,6417343
0iDhQCB Anagallis 0iDhQAdult (f)6,0706283
RZfL2CB Anagallis RZfL2Adult (f)1,9607260
xtEojCB Anagallis xtEojAdult (f)1,6966211
HQAiVCB Anagallis HQAiVAdult (m)1,7446280
idn4x(idn4x)Hatchling (f, F)4,5467721
2N5d2(2N5d2)Hatchling (m, F)3,8288144
dM1gcCB Antarean dM1gcAdult (f)5,3406280
0SO4JCB Antarean 0SO4JAdult (m)5,6886100
bhPXH2D Antarean bhPXHAdult (f)5,8695821
yKHMpCB Antarean yKHMpAdult (f)5,7765301
STu1Q2D Antarean STu1QAdult (f)6,1366150
1bEeG2D Antarean 1bEeGAdult (m)5,8426111
xFv4GCB Antarean xFv4GAdult (f)4,5137691
RyFXxCB Antarean RyFXxAdult (m)4,5317590
GE8WKCB Antarean GE8WKAdult (f)2,2026091
5K1X8CB Antarean 5K1X8Adult (f)1,7886151
H9ibgCB Antarean H9ibgAdult (m)2,6046421
bmvRICB Antarean bmvRIAdult (m)2,0835751
Mu3zk(Mu3zk)Hatchling (F)1,5162872
NlERfCB Aqualis NlERfAdult (f)2,2276410
gBdnmCB Aqualis gBdnmAdult (m)1,9826710
WYbGYCB Aqualis WYbGYAdult (f)2,2636950
eY2NjCB Aqualis eY2NjAdult (m)3,0335750
mdHJXCB Aqualis mdHJXAdult (m)2,3426780
uR2AQCB Aqualis uR2AQAdult (m)2,1966850
TAIMpCB Aqualis TAIMpAdult (m)2,1386660
mYJQbCB Aqualis mYJQbAdult (f)2,7915745
2I6TZCB Aranoa 2I6TZAdult (f)1,7726390
fsXglCB Aranoa fsXglAdult (f)1,9436621
O3RNSCB Aranoa O3RNSAdult (m)2,0436562
R3ashCB Aranoa R3ashAdult (m)2,1696421
bCa7oCB Aranoa bCa7oAdult (m)2,0316591
ZJsRqCB Aranoa ZJsRqAdult (f)2,1706062
m8bd9CB Aranoa m8bd9Adult (m)2,9827893
VOhjuCB Aranoa VOhjuAdult (m)2,5846331
Lu4hu(Lu4hu)Hatchling (f, F)3,7116624
geQyPCB Arcana geQyPAdult (m)2,0976571
WbN3WCB Arcana WbN3WAdult (m)2,0446170
llVV1CB Arcana llVV1Adult (f)1,8886320
Eo8zuCB Arcana Eo8zuAdult (m)1,7736170
jJB2WCB Arcana jJB2WAdult (m)1,8107091
NIECFCB Arcana NIECFAdult (f)1,5606390
RPad8CB Arcana RPad8Adult (f)1,4556110
uH5tRCB Arcana uH5tRAdult (m)1,8196861
ukNBQBETA ukNBQAdult (m)2,8458034
KRUKcBETA KRUKcAdult (f)3,0058046
1Zlc1CB Aria 1Zlc1Adult (m)3,5047861
9IghTCB Aria 9IghTAdult (m)4,4216430
oxqE12D Aria oxqE1Adult (m)4,9476360
jClWiCB Aria jClWiAdult (f)4,1176590
lytWo2D Aria lytWoAdult (m)4,9516181
Vas2bOmega XIXAdult (f)5,8375372
zGtx2CB Aria zGtx2Adult (m)6,7486493
UN3YDBeta UN3YDAdult (f)6,9336284
EYOzpBeta EYOzpAdult (m)6,8375632
FWY2XBeta FWY2XAdult (m)6,6834781
RdgsiBeta RdgsiAdult (f)6,0546822
CIq9tCB Aria CIq9tAdult (m)2,2386290
vE0FCCB Aria vE0FCAdult (m)2,2445970
kvxs5CB Aria kvxs5Adult (f)2,0366440
712Yg(712Yg)Hatchling (F)2,8794482
lWsSn2D Arsani lWsSnAdult (f)6,9711,2967
uTJK63j Arsani uTJK6Adult (f)6,4651,2093
mSJ4y2D Arsani mSJ4yAdult (f)4,8109465
yeKRx2D Arsani yeKRxAdult (f)4,3349262
UNexI2D Arsani UNexIAdult (f)3,5586841
W5HklCB Arsani W5HklAdult (f)6,5611,3212
Io51uCB Arsani Io51uAdult (f)7,1271,4030
oEswd(oEswd)Hatchling (F)1,3644025
Vi0UUCB Ash Vi0UUAdult (m)2,7046051
XJHvhCB Ash XJHvhAdult (f)2,7246060
pHSekCB Ash pHSekAdult (f)2,7105961
hyqfuCB Ash hyqfuAdult (m)2,3345941
xN3ekCB Ash xN3ekAdult (f)2,3086060
P2r5KCB Astaarus P2r5KAdult (m)1,7187132
RsNcRCB Astaarus RsNcRAdult (m)1,8307120
TbNAJCB Astaarus TbNAJAdult (f)1,3656590
eYwAaCB Astaarus eYwAaAdult (f)1,3346581
fjhi82D Astaarus fjhi8Adult (f)1,3146291
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