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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “76213585,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
F3prvSalix TomentosaEgg (F)
MMmSY(MMmSY)Adult (m)4,1481,1371
N1npC(N1npC)Adult (m)4,0551,1240
Satw2(Satw2)Adult (m)4,1041,1462
NHBao(NHBao)Adult (m)4,2061,1591
NPEE1(NPEE1)Adult (f)4,0451,0890
cynaH(cynaH)Adult (f)4,1631,1701
CUKE5(CUKE5)Adult (m)4,2731,0712
JAx0p(JAx0p)Adult (m)4,2651,0351
88Ljl(88Ljl)Adult (f)3,6361,0522
4W9Fy(4W9Fy)Adult (f)3,8351,0840
WYSEuCode Name -- WelcomeAdult2,4634939
fBOmHCode Name -- ToAdult6,6261,7924
jphVxCode Name -- MyAdult4,2471,7663
TDtpXCode Name -- ScrollAdult6,6961,8383
qM4a7Chicken Breast with SauceAdult (m)7,7987416
NYe3uSweet N Sour NuggetsAdult (m)5,7671,0115
wD1V0(wD1V0)Adult (f)7,1121,0281
85bzzCode Name -- CheeseAdult4,1971,3374
FlM9zCode Name -- Public AgentAdult7,9271,8729
D0NHsCode Name -- SecretaryAdult1,2358942
Nkz68Code Name -- BossAdult6314834
1HjNyCode Name -- MonsterAdult1,8408702
zu6azCode Name -- Secret AgentAdult1,3469474
585t2Code Name -- PandaAdult1,7218725
rmejeCode Name -- OnionAdult1,6309703
1m2rjCode Name -- CuteAdult3,25099322
i87WPCode Name -- DragonAdult2,6037174
MgyzRCode Name -- SamAdult2,0537833
9lTFbCode Name -- Black Amber DragonAdult5,2186493
ytHbZCode Name -- MercuryAdult3,8331,4025
xJtYrCode Name -- WhereAdult3,4161,1281
KuCCJCode Name -- WhatAdult2,1447912
jX72SCode Name -- WhoAdult1,9678204
Stnq6Code Name -- Lucky First CatchAdult1,6467683
vTlKZCode Name -- WhyAdult1,9207934
4N49RCode Name -- FungiAdult3,0146743
XSKNNCode Name -- WhenAdult2,9074556
EmWYxCode Name -- ScaryAdult4,5881,09815
LHmkWCode Name -- AAdult4,3786423
CcWsjCode Name -- BAdult4,2695822
ingj8Code Name -- CAdult4,2204582
C9cVRCode Name -- DAdult4,9146522
ialvSCode Name -- EAdult3,0595352
b6aLSCode Name -- FAdult4,5963201
08eeoCode Name -- GAdult5,3153863
jgDu3Code Name -- HAdult3,7202621
xZUZpCode Name -- IAdult3,7622642
rzjH8Code Name -- JAdult4,4973032
2iWbTCode Name -- KAdult1,7244531
g9nHbCode Name -- LAdult2,6873571
BdaroCode Name -- MAdult2,9743860
vX8f0Code Name -- NAdult3,7233155
Z1Y9nCode Name -- OAdult4,3712921
iXPqSCode Name -- PAdult6,7264800
G6jkjCode Name -- QAdult4,9423423
9ivdyCode Name -- RAdult4,3708151
6VLSpCode Name -- SAdult3,2139432
FjdLeCode Name -- TAdult4,7579432
EYqMMCode Name -- UAdult3,4254833
QsPm4Code Name -- VAdult6,8281,2862
HRbYBCode Name -- WAdult4,4189905
0BhuDCode Name -- XAdult3,53294715
bLMTZCode Name -- YAdult3,7889445
MEuBrCode Name -- ZAdult5,1169275
DcGMcCode Name -- Happy 2019Adult3,8748053
5JnFaCode Name -- UwUAdult3,7871,0455
j0EH1Code Name -- AceAdult4,6819668
rhg7rCode Name -- Cheesy BoiAdult2,7976987
Vv5hUCode Name -- Happy 2020Adult2,3776362
SDVusCode Name -- AkizooHatchling (F)2,2428985
xJiEqCode Name -- PlatedlizardHatchling (F)3,0561,0122
tLkigCode Name -- BearHatchling (F)2,5421,0143
U2jaxCode Name -- GiftHatchling (F)2,7839050
IozTgCode Name -- InnocentHatchling (F)2,0897071
aiJBDCode Name -- ZdszkyHatchling (F)2,3979045
IEfbQCode Name -- ZombieHatchling (F)4,0103874
bqysyCode Name -- Kids Next DoorHatchling (F)2,3851853
4ft59Code Name -- English ProvincialHatchling (F)2,2856776
2E9N4(2E9N4)Adult (f)2,65377010
4aPY3(4aPY3)Adult (f)3,1716992
ITvJYMrs ChickenAdult (f)3,0781,5884
U40XPI'm not a chickAdult (f)6,4954682
eAwJ0Mr ChickenAdult (f)1,0592462
wQPvrGood MourningAdult (f)5683920
zuYAgGoood NightAdult (f)1,3992701
27e9XGood afternoon sirAdult (f)7285230
KZgieDon't call me chickenAdult (f)4,7577510
65x8CHenny GAdult (f)2,7176761
EDHqzHence the 4thAdult (f)3,5758044
AJoMmChicka  DAdult (f)3,7157025
VHKNFLeggo EggoAdult (f)3,8629152
FzlZcNugget PrinceHatchling (F)2,4755916
aPiELSpecial aPiELHatchling (F)1,4154463
duhld(duhld)Hatchling (F)1,2853506
O3zgIChickenPot PieHatchling (F)1,3023419
9RFz6Red CartoonAdult3,8001,0353
63X7wRead DinoAdult2,8327044
Unq2MYellow CartoonAdult3,3091,0834
vdTcfTiny Corn DinoHatchling (F)3,2845585
maoubPineapple BoiHatchling (F)4,0809578
YRiXfGreen CartoonAdult3,9281,9446
30KlfTiny Pea DinoHatchling (F)2,1641913
6pD6KCelery HeadHatchling (F)3,3998614
5yas6Blue CartoonAdult2,6841,0571
d1QoBPurple CartoonAdult5,2141,3985
f20AR(f20AR)Hatchling (F)1,4513042
8IhfmCamoryAdult (m)3,1527441
rkWpvAsymosyAdult (m)3,2707442
gl8dD(gl8dD)Adult (m)3,1287452
WrfkUWilskyAdult (m)4,0997740
Hezu0SplemencyAdult (m)4,3967991
BkJy7JestitryAdult (m)2,9317071
3tFrBHizardyAdult (m)3,1337561
Bk15dJammonryAdult (m)2,9557270
fX28pFanleyAdult (m)2,6436583
9RA57LanceryAdult (m)3,0377400
LThaCKaileryAdult (m)3,0957311
tm2mfJifeyAdult (m)10,13572027
bkncx(bkncx)Adult (m)10,70575931
sleem(sleem)Adult (m)2,9677371
XumsF(XumsF)Adult (m)2,9837351
0ZJOnHumoryAdult (m)3,1058523
o6zZiQwuertyAdult (m)2,8788351
4ZVUX(4ZVUX)Adult (m)3,7608760
hijGL(hijGL)Adult (m)3,4147811
JqA6k(JqA6k)Adult (m)3,7788682
1a8B0MooukyAdult (m)4,1948842
ecxc0KamberlyAdult (f)3,8657251
uXEeWPikkeyAdult (f)3,9096821
X5LLqTotlyAdult (f)3,1577632
h3qRJ(h3qRJ)Adult (f)2,9617051
5Az5S(5Az5S)Adult (f)3,7668701
KO3MD(KO3MD)Adult (f)3,8718870
Gy9lu(Gy9lu)Adult (f)3,6988931
o5ybY(o5ybY)Adult (f)2,9646961
YVmGvYamocovAdult (f)3,0437181
iXIbBFeurmondyAdult (f)3,2037542
UH7wCWalleayAdult (f)3,0537401
weM0ESpanderyAdult (f)10,25270826
NqspVDirkyAdult (f)10,39873929
xxV89XavieryAdult (f)2,9417441
KylEPKlypryAdult (f)3,5127432
kxe7pMarveyAdult (f)3,3867420
kpwKZPoncyAdult (f)3,4637491
vkV7FFlankyAdult (f)4,3287792
9z84dSpanpyAdult (f)3,7157741
uQoUmKaorryAdult (f)3,0338111
qOEVCLisorskyAdult (f)3,9657873
27qvG(27qvG)Adult (f)3,2087582
4Dg5wLeetle GoldilockAdult (m)2,67699610
wjBGfShiny Golden ShineAdult (m)2,96990815
bN9ATG O L D E N  P I L L O WAdult (m)4,2735333
IQyXWGuardian of Golden VineAdult (m)4,1901,25211
ZOvpLTeeJayZeroNineAdult (m)5,2083672
lAmecGoad DragonAdult (m)4,2623442
s5fleGolden FoilsAdult (m)4,4341,0513
6uPsSMale Golden DustAdult (m)5,1621,1744
IHR2zStormy Messy GoldAdult (m)3,2808083
naKuhNakuhAdult (m)5,3134113
rTnE6Golden NebulationAdult (m)2,2575095
GsQv8Gold DescentAdult (m)3,2088143
w0d2dSilver DescentAdult (m)3,3068085
v6EI9Golden FirstAdult (f)6,0615365
R8R6fGoldienaAdult (f)5,6225876
UKBdEThird Golden DragonAdult (f)4,5604542
CCto0From CC to 0Adult (f)3,4161,13827
ffCuaGoldy QueenAdult (f)4,1454562
C7ixaRight Gender good girlAdult (f)4,1853183
zhESTOff white goldAdult (f)5,6974164
0IsY2THIRD GEN ACCIDENTAdult (f)5,4457901
eoPIrReally White GoldAdult (f)5,8639561
3KELRGoad DragoAdult (f)4,8799985
mNUrkMidas' HeartAdult (f)4,9609917
52umqShiny VertsAdult (f)4,1011,0443
kulghRainbow ReginaAdult (f)4,4499387
CZCVtDark Lurking GoldAdult (f)4,3681,0724
XXZJt(XXZJt)Adult (f)2,7516924
X564W(X564W)Adult (f)3,2577452
vigtT(vigtT)Adult (f)4,3797824
0Ih7mGold and SilversAdult (f)2,0761,3837
z4VADShiny Shiny ShineAdult (f)5,4091,9259
18iaYShiny PastelAdult (f)4,6179004
L8z3YSeul SilverAdult (f)3,4357891
Nm9U8Silver PandaAdult (f)5,2655663
xsW4rExt3hAdult (f)5,0834484
XH9l0Wrong Gender bad girlAdult (f)3,7343136
KWDcfBluesand SilverAdult (f)1,8704997
vHTeHSilver LurkersAdult (m)3,8941,5446
4Uyk9Slytherin's EyesAdult (m)3,7951,29711
Vw3zdskyhangAdult (m)3,6061,2138
pYSusSilver GoddesAdult (m)5,3196987
W3v5hGift from the SkysAdult (m)2,7395034
NJtSeToo SilverAdult (m)2,9593692
jgVDRI'm a silver ladyAdult (m)6,7135421
C5yFFSeasonal SilverAdult (m)4,5441,99710
xMbjJSilver-of-SliverAdult (m)3,3845672
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