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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “6Vicious9,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2IBn(2IBn)Adult (m)1,6996053
c199(c199)Adult (m)1,7906216
6pZi(6pZi)Adult (f)1,8156266
Kq03(Kq03)Adult (m)2,0185755
3PWM(3PWM)Adult (m)2,3796029
PU5P(PU5P)Adult (f)2,4425794
UccY(UccY)Adult (m)2,1037237
ZtgH(ZtgH)Adult (m)1,1235058
1BgW(1BgW)Adult (m)1,8295795
VKOe(VKOe)Adult (m)1,8495865
kQq1(kQq1)Adult (m)1,1285087
80mS(80mS)Adult (m)9594336
DNlB(DNlB)Adult (m)5,6001,14510
jd8J(jd8J)Adult (m)5,6031,14311
rfaV(rfaV)Adult (m)5,4201,19619
AXAC(AXAC)Adult (m)2,3397786
fhWm(fhWm)Adult (m)2,8077778
FqMF(FqMF)Adult (m)2,4877225
hUnp(hUnp)Adult (f)1,5586065
RGXv(RGXv)Adult (m)2,09081115
In5J(In5J)Adult (f)1,6346316
dRbl(dRbl)Adult (m)1,3895864
vFW3(vFW3)Adult (f)3,3501,0107
vOm5(vOm5)Adult (f)2,3397775
kF3m(kF3m)Adult (m)3,3511,0128
HVCS(HVCS)Adult (m)1,4195846
eIVt(eIVt)Adult (f)3,3591,0137
t1gP(t1gP)Adult (m)2,5027217
qDO4(qDO4)Adult (f)2,11079610
aUKh(aUKh)Adult (m)2,3277777
0lWd(0lWd)Adult (f)5,4241,19618
dTol(dTol)Adult (m)1,0034493
h38l(h38l)Adult (f)1,8216776
Krkb(Krkb)Adult (f)1,1255096
1T3I(1T3I)Adult (m)2,5417875
kpUc(kpUc)Adult (f)3,3561,0126
rK13(rK13)Adult (f)1,8516887
qURh(qURh)Adult (f)2,5517886
Mdca(Mdca)Adult (f)1,2935664
c3i0(c3i0)Adult (f)1,1275066
qWXv(qWXv)Adult (f)1,5226058
LFpa(LFpa)Adult (f)5,5911,14510
MFZY(MFZY)Adult (f)2,3267787
hN3v(hN3v)Adult (f)5,6001,14512
351p(351p)Adult (f)2,4847176
bqG8(bqG8)Adult (f)2,18382315
bT4k(bT4k)Adult (f)1,5046003
rc17(rc17)Adult (f)5,4321,19716
uRAG(uRAG)Adult (f)1,2325444
Ho5C(Ho5C)Adult (f)2,0997969
MmfI(MmfI)Adult (f)2,08879113
d2VF(d2VF)Adult (f)2,5387909
HMpm(HMpm)Adult (f)2,5377905
sMbE(sMbE)Adult (f)1,9726294
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