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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “523ponygirl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
S18rF(S18rF)Adult (m)3,0171,0562
H8AK3(H8AK3)Adult (f)2,8551,0151
wIzTh(wIzTh)Adult (m)2,9551,0442
rQEUH(rQEUH)Adult (f)3,3371,1481
G9tfY(G9tfY)Adult (m)3,1061,0650
hVMHLTasaith Akath BAdult (f)1,8958587
F7xY9Brinsop NBAdult (f)1,9058287
ubXmfTwo headed Terrin CBAdult (f)1,6277005
v8MloWhiatt SBAdult (m)3,4879426
PAKlaWythiro CBAdult (f)2,8988668
zIfn5Brenna Kole NBAdult (m)5,2177982
RNhcUShyieth NBAdult (f)3,3788073
WmmhMShyarith SBAdult (f)6,98598110
MGT4OCoron CBAdult (m)1,8057293
CVILTCritias CBAdult (m)1,7606923
fZs54Garemywth NBAdult (f)2,4897137
Eu5poGukimith CBAdult (m)9,7281,93219
4hWskHelr Darkea CBAdult (f)5,3071,2394
obAWFHatranoth NBAdult (f)2,1466631
6XQ3kDalinda CBAdult (f)1,9367423
H71CoSelh Rehn NBHatchling (m, F)3,0917393
VtFfVSerock CBAdult (m)6,8481,55112
T0r72Siellosth NBAdult (f)1,2636526
4YlUfSqyth Edyth CBAdult (f)1,7146012
JvJsJWundath CBAdult (m)1,3847233
rGgFhMerieah CBAdult (f)2,65996712
qTX05Nathhogr CBAdult (m)1,8427212
FdwtSDauther CBAdult (m)1,7807123
Nr2oiDevon BAdult (f)1,7617422
DGcBTDrachenstein NBAdult (f)2,3901,0599
FciUJDeerhurst NBAdult (m)2,26174921
WqNECBindy CBAdult (f)1,9327138
1dK3cBelynda CBAdult (f)2,4136944
1HIEgGorbash NBAdult (m)3,4139225
ge2NLGaia NBAdult (m)3,2967104
S5Du6Glaurung CBAdult (m)2,2807706
7iBz2Galeangylth SBAdult (f)1,8477137
hv2MACondor BAdult (m)2,7366885
QIBgJTincereth SBAdult (f)2,7277152
kciHFGypsie SB MMAdult (f)1,74379110
R0KcgOnnyrth CBAdult (m)1,2766222
dfnh4Ouraberos CBAdult (m)1,8137173
SHUu7Gilder SBAdult (m)3,8721,0817
1YQ5qHelameer CBAdult (f)1,5166791
aAgSfGale SBAdult (f)6,25792113
Qo148Havaan CBAdult (m)1,3956231
hgm11Chrysophylax CBAdult (m)1,9045663
FWsMhBraden SBAdult (f)6,7899056
CyjCsPytath SBAdult (m)1,6516415
WLAFUNarayana CBAdult (f)3,0891,0022
kJDq7Niruth CBAdult (f)3,1521,0162
snNK5Ala' mah CBAdult (f)1,9968121
1BkEvAzhi Dahaki NBAdult (m)1,4736919
tkrafAbraxas CBAdult (m)9,6511,93321
v4do1The Original Battle v4do1Adult (m)1,6835705
0MWQIThe Original Battle 0MWQIAdult (f)5,7259051
uR6bGMalagma CBAdult (f)5,9171,2176
OpoXwMoridth  NBAdult (m)1,8916353
9BHufMafya BAdult (f)3,5878213
xdvXjMesa MMAdult (m)1,7968348
K3OKFVreal BBBAdult (f)1,3846768
1M2fGVypauth BBBAdult (f)2,7921,0478
n628ZSoidarerth NBAdult (f)2,7608655
u4lYbHaitu Wabik SBAdult (m)3,2558853
NtDMDFlakcue CBAdult (m)1,8846502
XqQMSFoemer CBAdult (m)1,8546431
F3JlmRilaldith BAdult (m)2,7551,05910
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