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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “-WingedKitsune-,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0cfbiRabbit SputnikAdult (m)3,2846591
a1nISRight Wing Left WingAdult (m)4,5173650
bYb9IHole-and-CornerAdult (f)3,3975321
sn2eYDefenseless SputnikAdult (m)3,4524451
qjs79Levitate SputnikAdult (f)4,3657372
5eeZBFirst Time SputnikAdult (f)2,9918384
DJwtWAbduct SputnikAdult (m)3,5554453
5zOhYRussian SputnikAdult (m)4,1798160
W1VJCLonely Night SputnikAdult (f)3,0628334
5HGvpLichen SputnikAdult (m)3,3335060
hKYrbArms ToniteAdult (m)3,7544920
1S36VHot Glue SputnikAdult (m)4,4835930
3NckJFlow SputnikAdult (f)3,1224352
Rz6oIPickle SputnikAdult (f)3,1974592
K9gHXHeadlights SputnikAdult (m)3,0704452
8ra5sUnromanticAdult (m)3,5446561
IsjbMSeaweed SputnikAdult (f)4,9013931
OwHrnEyeball SputnikAdult (f)4,2894480
lrfQpReincarnated SputnikAdult (m)5,4707000
mVlbIIdentity Thief SputnikAdult (m)4,4484220
JaP7yWine SputnikAdult (m)3,7373911
yUAcwBlue Devil SputnikAdult (f)3,9564412
g27wbPeriodic Table SputnikAdult (f)4,0134722
c2LVASecretary SputnikAdult (m)4,2515173
dHcTeUnimaginable SputnikAdult (f)3,2625271
J1ThnElement Of SputnikAdult (m)3,4104282
R7bS4Historical Figure SputnikAdult (f)3,5814481
yfW8PSpicy Ramen SputnikAdult (m)3,1444741
iiDQ8Dasani SputnikAdult (f)4,3363531
2ULOJBinarchyAdult (m)5,5728071
WqBP5Jabberwocky SputnikAdult (m)3,7873903
Xp7bdEcliptic SputnikAdult (m)4,3333951
vNG4ITimid StarAdult (f)4,2024073
t9JQkHaze SputnikAdult (f)3,7304282
PdfbtBackfire SputnikAdult (m)3,7856875
QVOpQRun 'N GunAdult (f)3,7264112
te7hDSolar SputnikAdult (m)3,7194283
KOgjgBandage SputnikAdult (m)4,0974422
kp7etHeal SputnikAdult (m)3,9094252
owNVaSeashore SputnikAdult (m)4,2284211
Xo56SWash Away SputnikAdult (f)3,1694011
1rsH0Avoidant SputnikAdult (f)4,0444621
po63kSevered SputnikAdult (m)3,2864161
hg00zSilent SputnikAdult (f)3,9774291
05ePcNonsense SputnikAdult (m)3,4514491
5I0zFRush SputnikAdult (f)2,9224221
PWzogWaste SputnikAdult (m)3,3764661
IMHwoMoge-koAdult (m)3,5866993
JwY0THeeliesAdult (f)3,4247022
uTbyAJoyful SputnikAdult (m)3,1276361
hdXIeCactus SputnikAdult (f)3,4926790
1WjzjDarling SputnikHatchling (F)4,74947558
CfnieClicking ChainsAdult (m)3,0064691
X1vvgSomebody Will DieAdult (m)3,0434862
RbsD5Burning With HasteAdult (f)2,8374462
JnGPgToday is the Day I LiveAdult (f)2,9974682
XN9SeYour Drinking EyeAdult (m)2,6184392
qPqNoJoshingAdult (f)3,1984680
VgGsdKitty-cornerAdult (f)2,8184721
YiYqgCatty-cornerAdult (m)2,5624681
9vlF8Tell Me I'm AlrightAdult (f)2,9535101
WSSxwTicket for JaywalkingAdult (f)3,0825401
Y1M2GCrushing CigarettesAdult (f)2,4914651
tVSILFinding the Easy Way OutAdult (m)3,1365181
kHB8TI Know You Know What I MeanAdult (f)3,0354931
WeaonSnaw WeeAdult (f)3,3714851
hnDvwCheeto PuffsAdult (m)3,0834702
DGUewHeart-SearchingAdult (f)3,6584301
ZBiqsHeat ResistantAdult (m)3,5694600
WDI7bFreezer Burned MeatAdult (f)3,2654181
oPSgHImitation CrabAdult (f)3,4754521
SvfOYImmunocompromisedAdult (f)3,5554461
L3xIdUnmerciful SputnikAdult (f)2,4645591
KwzlxStalker SputnikAdult (m)2,0345240
i2w1rEveryday SputnikAdult (f)2,1685380
8LwycWatching SputnikAdult (m)2,2655540
2NU94Waiting SputnikAdult (f)2,0495211
QIvsFJester SputnikAdult (f)2,7305470
LNnSuBarbie SputnikAdult (f)3,2595111
Rgc5vInspiration SputnikAdult (m)2,6064401
r0OM8Exquisite SputnikAdult (m)3,3144812
HXfqGThe Fly of DespairAdult (f)3,1014391
0hjfmUnaffectionateAdult (m)3,8254932
faZ6eWorst at BestAdult (f)4,8669223
Uob0uThe LikeAdult (f)4,8871,0331
Lfd4DRomance SputnikAdult (f)3,5005132
AI9cAJuliet SputnikAdult (f)3,2385301
BHkAYPolar CoordinatesAdult (f)5,6229162
yKqxBExclusive SputnikAdult (f)7,2289341
CAux9Surge SputnikAdult (m)7,1299730
Xpsw7Stone Cold SputnikAdult (m)8,3721,0680
rkQziAdventure SputnikAdult (f)5,6388761
QxmWZBloodthirsty SputnikAdult (f)4,7927120
e3r1KBelief SputnikAdult (m)4,5376611
3vvSxMayhem SputnikAdult (f)4,5155790
4ItviDistraction SputnikAdult (m)4,1723331
6HPiiNice SputnikAdult (m)4,5384430
f9K6hRastafari SputnikAdult (m)3,2077552
xMm0gThinking StraightAdult (m)3,2444892
bzh6BSpidget FinnerAdult (m)5,5476811
ISTBGBackstab MurderAdult (m)6,6896110
J3ClJMalnourished SputnikAdult (f)3,4115291
iH6ZwCreative SputnikAdult (f)7,4461,2728
OWbKmCapabilitiesAdult (f)7,4281,2856
arAFjwohepAdult (m)3,5505066
VgkoPCommasAdult (m)3,6725021
eNrnLPerfectionalistsAdult (m)3,4684681
5lXfcTargetingAdult (f)3,1464180
NyNSsRatificationAdult (m)4,1085070
tz4mCShiftiestAdult (m)3,8554951
m9b8vSpunkiestAdult (m)3,5054660
mGadQPoliticiansAdult (f)4,2865002
8lfplCompanionlyAdult (f)4,5094561
BAdQwExplain SputnikAdult (m)3,4003981
6GjSePersuade SputnikAdult (m)3,9283910
jqATpSilence SputnikAdult (f)4,4913342
UsdLRProve SputnikAdult (m)3,3895100
Arg2uParty Favor SputnikAdult (m)3,1045191
mzQtsWheeze SputnikAdult (f)5,5308961
rhiPgSeize Your MomentAdult (f)2,8634732
BfRiWThe True SputnikAdult (f)4,1893580
IaOmzPeas SputnikAdult (f)4,1974302
UYX8CSpud SputnikAdult (m)3,9974322
ZqKWNTrust SputnikAdult (m)3,6518632
N2PdrQuiet KidHatchling (f, F)3,9264072
wg9fkReach SputnikAdult (m)2,4856171
yW1HuLazuli SputnikAdult (f)4,4093371
pKkIQUnbiased SputnikAdult (f)3,3655141
S65WmRocking Chair SputnikAdult (m)6,8308670
kvnWMCold Fry SputnikAdult (f)5,3227230
tuonzCavalier SputnikAdult (f)3,8655490
dUIksHabanero SputnikAdult (f)2,9924601
b9eUUNightmare NovaturientAdult (m)7,9381,2054
ZxqWKMidnight Snack HogAdult (m)3,9156453
gIlUtRewind SputnikAdult (f)3,4566602
TjvidReroute SputnikAdult (m)6,2981,2991
GoxGURejoin SputnikAdult (m)3,0837271
jLqWIReal SputnikAdult (f)2,7944761
PtTtLRefresh SputnikAdult (f)4,9387554
eBMi1Retest SputnikAdult (f)4,2577331
L9RIoReboot SputnikAdult (f)3,5585432
8UpHFRest SputnikAdult (m)3,6933610
v97H3Repeat SputnikAdult (m)3,9855132
jttn3Replenish SputnikAdult (f)3,9614590
qMoQoReset SputnikAdult (m)4,7456990
LWzLIRelief SputnikAdult (f)5,0565900
jH0acRestore SputnikAdult (m)4,5546231
nTb3lRepair SputnikAdult (f)3,5925070
1RwdnRecovery SputnikAdult (f)4,0215371
CT4w8Reanimate SputnikAdult (m)4,2326580
seSfIRedistribute SputnikAdult (m)3,8664350
ubJdHReady SputnikAdult (f)4,2244200
eTRVeRehab SputnikAdult (f)4,0043850
kMJC5Reduce SputnikAdult (f)4,1794330
mpVfRFidget SpinnersAdult (m)2,6526420
86W2aRenew SputnikAdult (f)3,0047542
SY5OvRebel SputnikAdult (m)3,6074431
SK71KRecalculate SputnikAdult (m)4,0694401
QHuCpReactivate SputnikAdult (f)4,0975131
lXiMBRear SputnikAdult (f)3,6273951
IVvKiRejoice SputnikAdult (m)4,5003641
YUaCiRecommend SputnikAdult (f)4,3483462
xb4awReality SputnikAdult (f)4,8823286
S954KReaper SputnikAdult (m)3,7317021
qEFhlResort SputnikAdult (f)4,0864022
f8CTBRelay Race SputnikAdult (m)3,3485761
q4CAZRemember SputnikAdult (f)5,2809414
cbyTMRevamp SputnikAdult (f)5,5551,1161
2XRwyRephrase SputnikAdult (f)5,7461,1202
mhYZORestart SputnikAdult (f)5,6071,1281
pOi9TRelate SputnikAdult (f)4,5775351
1Wpg4Reclaim SputnikAdult (f)4,4865481
rlgluReprogram SputnikAdult (f)3,3356351
LUIHdRestate SputnikAdult (m)4,3587831
rqrZTReborn SputnikAdult (m)4,7938621
LPDQBRewash SputnikAdult (f)3,2285731
KbHHARestrain SputnikAdult (f)4,9231,1261
DUORJRethink SputnikAdult (m)4,4056433
TPRizRepublic SputnikAdult (m)2,9654841
VEfAXRewrite SputnikAdult (m)2,8895051
V5vbQRelive SputnikAdult (f)2,5174200
ZMDncRewritten SputnikAdult (m)2,4794250
w7pcvRetold SputnikAdult (f)3,5094691
l5DBJReally SputnikAdult (m)3,0944840
l7i6oRetro SputnikAdult (m)2,7724340
CEQxhResident SputnikAdult (m)2,9514350
77hNNReef SputnikAdult (f)2,7154270
g1hcmRelative SputnikAdult (m)3,7864741
bcEszRegiphobia SputnikAdult (f)3,4065831
YOFmARememble SputnikAdult (f)3,3125922
gTbdvRedwood SputnikAdult (m)3,4396031
k3Rg6Rectigrade SputnikAdult (f)2,5264261
VVMj0Reckling SputnikAdult (m)4,6734022
FEza1Recollect SputnikAdult (f)4,2353811
HeV0hRetract SputnikAdult (m)5,1063640
iQe7BResemble SputnikAdult (m)3,6194211
zHpojRevisit SputnikAdult (m)3,1234282
OELs4Rebuild SputnikAdult (f)2,5454392
JoKi8Recolor SputnikAdult (m)2,4644532
PFcWCRebind SputnikAdult (m)2,4774531
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