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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “-Audacity,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4Fk1nWarped FuturesAdult (m)3,1872981
PSH4dDisintegrating PastAdult (m)3,6003062
hLv6VOutside 'TimeAdult (m)9,5561,1063
j4uEuTime JumpAdult (m)8,3631,3084
4m4ViThe Lost MillenniumAdult (f)6,1031,0512
GD5WZDescent from the Fifth DimensionAdult (m)2,9157562
5jBjxTemporal CrimsonAdult (f)4,7058652
IFjU7Slipp'd Through TimeAdult (f)5,2758341
kUx1VThe Time SpiritAdult (m)4,8978731
nE9E3Chemical SpillsAdult (f)4,5508154
TuRK4Chemicals Seeping Like QuicksandAdult (f)5,8829374
QT27qBioluminescent ShiftAdult (m)5,8958052
XdiIXPond of TimeAdult (f)4,4399054
M352SRestless CuriosityAdult (f)6,1241,2612
2ZFzjRestlesss GloryAdult (f)6,7021,2132
d9cAFThe 'AetherAdult (f)3,1227992
HGovxFiercely GustyAdult (m)3,1477791
dmJqiAuthoritative BlueAdult (m)5,4571,0612
0RAynColour Stolen from the WindAdult (f)6,0818562
Gk8n2Salt and 'PepperAdult (m)4,8879373
bwXAVthe only thing here is sandddAdult (m)7,1531,2472
ZCXEythis is me tbhAdult (f)6,9571,1881
mMidwneeding constant distractionAdult (f)4,1949441
MheUsEmerald PossibilityAdult (m)3,6945673
VyxWAWarmer than EmeraldAdult (f)5,9011,1591
hqDfSan emerald valentineAdult (f)7,5478023
COn7Jthe real life or is this fantasyAdult (m)7,5951,1141
cLvqWare these real chemicalsAdult (m)7,7161,1701
kgNJaNavy RealitiesAdult (f)7,8851,1854
ngeKD(ngeKD)Adult (m)7,5061,1393
wLuJxPhotosynthetic CreatureAdult (m)7,5551,1654
XdU3gthat throwback playlistAdult (m)5,9058616
VgyjVtoo much food or not enoughAdult (f)5,9378581
ak82R(ak82R)Adult (f)6,3218583
e4X2lBlindingly BrilliantAdult (f)5,3751,0614
usISLAltruistic GlowAdult (m)2,8027111
AktvvSouthern GlowAdult (m)3,7377063
CkWQUSaved by Some MercyAdult (m)5,9691,0148
EXqYH(EXqYH)Adult (f)2,1993666
88gmiVibrant SkillAdult (m)6,8161,2666
c6LjBSwishy SwooshAdult (m)6,7801,2661
mM9FISoOoOo ShInYAdult (m)5,3971,0622
5OFo8Paws and ClawsAdult (m)7,1721,1892
QBP9vVibrant SkinAdult (m)5,9228892
7XD0xSkillfully AquaticAdult (m)5,8498902
I6mtXNo OlympianAdult (f)5,8208932
AB7TwSlot Machine GamblerAdult (f)4,8227483
ylgS1Pessimist MysteryAdult (m)11,2691,3546
5j6TnDinahsaur DragonAdult (f)5,2628273
E73dPSuperficial ShineAdult (m)5,4538352
nlLgbIridescent CrimsonsAdult (m)5,4148203
yFMtZThat Jungle ShimmahAdult (m)5,8539951
jVwTalife's simple pleasuresAdult (m)8,3461,3433
gkJxx(gkJxx)Adult (m)6,1281,0312
CPKJs(CPKJs)Adult (m)3,5838702
yZ18wArcane ColorAdult (f)4,1361,0542
lwXH7Haunting PatternAdult (f)6,0081,4882
TP6maMystical GlowingAdult (f)7,3151,6582
fXI3eFluffy-tailed soccererAdult (m)7,2431,6262
YSxbvDescending EloquenceAdult (f)5,9831,4803
3cltvBlinding 'PinkAdult (f)8,3871,1153
mgBs5Meeep meepAdult (f)5,2141,1711
ekjuFFeats of 'MagicAdult (f)7,2531,5361
I0090Hot Pink HandsAdult (f)5,4979881
UCyDGAshy IntimidationAdult (m)8,4921,3542
X96g5Volcano-DustAdult (f)8,3411,3893
G6WXFEscaping NoticeAdult (m)3,1084923
kCisT(kCisT)Adult (f)9,0671,2794
AQIHk(AQIHk)Adult (m)9,1831,2573
GFa9tSmol ClimbsAdult (m)4,3119461
uNKxjForest HikesAdult (m)4,2989561
yWlICActively SmolAdult (f)4,3609682
iAoJothe smol dragonAdult (f)4,2839402
YrgJKSmol ForestAdult (f)4,2519343
VsBi2climbing over your issuesAdult (m)7,9731,1751
AbaRS(AbaRS)Adult (f)8,3851,2212
SVk23Oblivious ShineAdult (m)2,6054994
fc4CASlippery DuoAdult (m)4,5191,0422
dU6JPThe Minnow HunterAdult (f)5,6349442
bRMQALookin for something good to eatAdult (m)4,9828833
Jq9wiPainted Red to Fit Right 'InAdult (f)4,7359151
tIX2mSingularity of the SeaAdult (m)4,8788881
Snk8XMinnow LizardAdult (f)5,1528402
sW96qfearlessly authenticAdult (m)5,0948632
ibPWPExceptional MysteryAdult (m)9,9581,6234
gHzdBThis Lil' CoastieAdult (m)6,6081,1804
U8Nsidolphin's verdictAdult (f)7,4297954
A6sxzDrifting Slowly AwayAdult (m)8,6831,4979
O1pbojoy of tha bounceAdult (f)5,9431,0543
V3z2SWaddling PurpleAdult (f)5,9529166
GNCDUWaddle Wibble WobbleAdult (f)4,2859162
fHwkvRuthless Fish CatcherAdult (m)6,0061,0492
7ZCvFShallow YellowsAdult (f)4,3618853
zyRMySea Side SunriseAdult (m)6,2381,1792
y9ck7(y9ck7)Adult (m)6,1961,0711
ARLsWCarved from EbonyAdult (f)4,0708614
FzA5rThe Witching 'HourAdult (m)7,2281,0204
6fVWOTurquoise 'EyesAdult (f)18,2111,3947
dk3rYInvisible OmnivoreAdult (m)3,2907405
BxMeUSlippery 'SoulAdult (f)2,6376113
lluRNYou Shall Not 'PassAdult (f)4,3598853
pTtfKSaved By NightAdult (m)3,7737614
lJYyXSharp ContrastsAdult (m)8,5291,3713
5ZVWdFlying into the VoidAdult (m)4,4268773
pqpfhFlying back from the VoidAdult (f)7,5671,1096
gzOl5Survivor of the VoidAdult (f)9,1181,3032
gncATYet after the VoidAdult (f)9,1931,2651
pX8niNever the 'sameAdult (f)4,6259171
oJkANFor the Void is StrangeAdult (m)4,7647982
emG8UAnd preys on the mindAdult (f)4,6817882
K32w8Descendant of Cavern'sAdult (m)7,8431,1043
XU1ZvCode TalkerAdult (f)4,4778545
rps8VMidnight's AnnouncementAdult (f)6,2351,1244
5PY1jSupervisor of Vehicle LicensingAdult (m)6,3021,1164
CqqVBPotential DistractionAdult (m)2,6466201
fQWFmBlack as the Oncoming NightAdult (m)4,0908652
YvQiJWhy do you Linger in the ShadowsAdult (m)7,2681,2401
db2QATruly Invisible InkAdult (f)4,9749313
gswkwCapable DevastationAdult (m)3,1548281
C2wi6Bright eyed and Spiny TailedAdult (m)3,1357541
N8VjUObsidian 'EmeraldAdult (m)4,1509774
9uqh6Made to Glow in the DarkAdult (f)2,6976971
Dr8okLil' MeepitAdult (m)4,4756981
xoSyHFreeee falllinggggggAdult (f)5,9391,0073
0m2ZtFababulousAdult (f)4,7069491
rSo0BLady 'RiveraAdult (f)3,3284693
ymk08Ba dunccchAdult (m)6,3391,1651
lOJXGSnatch'dAdult (f)3,3165374
XTffQSneak'dAdult (f)6,8461,2722
fxHtPSlipp'dAdult (f)7,8761,2482
NiVJBProwl'dAdult (m)8,4471,3043
kacFlDimm'dAdult (m)10,2331,4953
YMkHnLook'dAdult (m)6,1509004
MboAQFoug'tAdult (m)4,8949743
rx6tFDiscern'dAdult (m)6,9411,1961
7vypjDetect'dAdult (f)4,8329052
bU0G8Blink'dAdult (f)4,6779202
dbXanTrott'dAdult (m)4,8088883
fv8PgAttack'dAdult (f)4,5699083
ahLskTrimm'dAdult (f)4,7218953
tK9XzDefens'sAdult (f)4,6998971
TCfhOSoug'tAdult (f)4,5439273
tHH5NObscur'dAdult (f)4,2729271
X6ax9Gentleman's CoffinAdult (m)4,6918671
3aMkvOnce in a Lifetime OpportunityAdult (f)5,3661,0103
ALRM7Umbrellas at NightAdult (m)6,2658321
Nu7DvDawn'dAdult (f)4,8147892
dkZ5HDeepen'dAdult (m)4,9187862
Pp3VPDispers'dAdult (m)5,4158412
fBNiqAchiev'dAdult (f)4,8477541
PnBwfAmaz'dAdult (f)5,1228262
07RC5Reject'dAdult (m)4,8508161
BDt8KAdmitt'dAdult (m)5,6048572
aj0hxDismay'dAdult (f)5,1228512
a1mkrRecover'dAdult (m)4,5638351
XC60rDisillusion'dAdult (m)4,6378502
LnU8wDisenchant'dAdult (m)4,3478372
kW1PaGhost'dAdult (m)2,6916593
tDc84Repeat'dAdult (m)4,5777952
smwAqGlimmer'dAdult (f)4,5417403
psqBnHasten'dAdult (m)4,9589482
wHqDwProcrastinat'dAdult (m)5,1818572
2PFNgElectrifi'dAdult (f)4,7607794
1OwVbMoonlight'dAdult (m)5,1087871
R3YqqWish'dAdult (f)5,4499091
djhGCExhaust'dAdult (m)5,5787373
MjbZjArmor'dAdult (m)5,7631,0241
YO1A7End'dAdult (f)8,3961,1382
BEliIHeat'dAdult (m)7,2771,0133
N3KqTNovember NinetyAdult (f)5,8348891
EuxquDeconstruct'dAdult (m)5,1407622
Qag3JStress'dAdult (m)5,3388212
ZeIIIWasted NightsAdult (m)5,7739782
L7tksFlummox'dAdult (f)6,4531,2293
0vBD7Golden'dAdult (m)4,4817843
bkmsrWorshipp'dAdult (f)5,8538013
iL9HzDespis'dAdult (f)4,5468014
do0BlExplor'dAdult (f)8,3351,1402
ddrZvDepriv'dAdult (m)5,9838902
DZCOMZ'Random ThingsAdult (f)5,2978652
xFlTPfrog menAdult (m)7,2461,1432
vrBAG(vrBAG)Adult (f)6,5119032
UlA4Adissipat'dAdult (f)6,8499062
6uuHoaerosmith and walk the moonAdult (m)6,3428584
i4tIywhat a living moodAdult (f)6,8598872
BqoZ7RustovaAdult (f)5,2909022
ET519setting money on fireAdult (m)6,6701,3053
203lxsmol warriashAdult (f)5,3219323
2mHMNall I wanted was a real loveAdult (m)2,68053211
7Cnmpfalling in the deep unknownAdult (m)5,1199224
84fN0teardrops and molten echoesAdult (f)4,5168752
l35BKVoyager OaksAdult (f)6,1038332
gMOO0(gMOO0)Adult (f)5,4578461
0OSXVFancy a time that's foreverAdult (f)6,7911,0003
NnZSNa chilling symphonyAdult (m)7,4577963
YlnpTcryptic pudding popAdult (m)7,6648031
LI4h9(LI4h9)Adult (m)6,3329223
eCQdO(eCQdO)Adult (f)6,3388812
Fu3OS(Fu3OS)Adult (f)6,1998701
JAfJB(JAfJB)Adult (m)6,1391,0544
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