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Description Guidelines

Descriptions do not necessarily need to be in-depth. A short but interesting description can be better than a long, boring one.

Maximum Character Limit: 1000 Characters (spaces included)
List of Allowed Characters: Letters, numbers, spaces, line breaks, and !"'(),-.:;

Use Appropriate Language

Keep your descriptions clean and avoid swearing. Swears are automatically filtered, and if you attempt to place an inappropriate word in a description, it may result in the death of your dragon.


Typos can be easily avoided—nearly every browser has a built-in spell checker, but one can also easily paste a description into a word processor to check spelling (and often grammar). The site staff do have the ability to edit descriptions and may correct minor typos, but they are not required to fix your description for you and may choose to reject it instead.

English Only

Dragon Cave is entirely in English; to keep with this, descriptions not in American English will be rejected.

Avoid First Person

On the scroll, there is no “I,” there is no clear speaker. Thus, it makes no sense to use first person. Some might deduce that the scroll owner is the one talking, but not everyone will, and some people write their descriptions from the dragon’s perspective. Every other description on a dragon’s info page is in 3rd person, and spontaneous shifts between two points of view are frowned upon as awkward and confusing.

Actually Describe the Dragon

The point of the description feature is for you to describe your dragon. If your description doesn’t relate to the dragon, it will be rejected by the site moderators. If you’re stuck, try writing about the dragon’s personality.

No Conflicting Descriptions

While the goal of being able to describe your dragon is to personalize it and make it unique, the breed descriptions were created as they are for a reason. If a dragon is part of a breed of pacifists, it doesn’t make sense for the dragon to be a bloodthirsty murderer. You don’t have to follow the breed description to the letter, but behaviors that clearly contradict the breed’s concept will likely be rejected.

Don’t Overpower your Creature

Again, you may be trying to make your dragon seem special, but not every dragon can be the descendant of gods or the ruler of an entire country. You can make your dragons unique without making them all-powerful.

Use the Correct Setting

This site takes place in a medieval setting. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense to describe your dragon as enjoying flying alongside airplanes. If in doubt, avoid all era-specific references, as well as references to the “real world.”


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