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Aqub's Lotto Entry

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
55tC62G 8 MS 8Adult (m)5,5039121
wSWnB2G F 8 MS 8Adult (f)3,9026051
vcx8p2G M 7 MS 7 NEAdult (m)4,5628902
XV4rb2G F 7 MS 7 NEAdult (f)3,5907742
uKR9A2G M 6 MS 6Adult (m)5,4039072
sqIfg2G F 6 MS 6Adult (f)3,5208030
YF2Ql2G M 5 MS 5Adult (m)3,5808160
8ikPx2G F 5 MS 5Adult (f)3,5808181
IDhfo2G M 4 MS 4Adult (m)3,4848210
p0muI2G F 4 MS 4Adult (f)3,4766171
0exmD2G M 3 MS 3Adult (m)3,8356061
sqBne2G F 3 MS 3Adult (f)3,6206101
0NNri2G M 2 MS 2Adult (m)3,6236031
zcOEq2G F 2 MS 2Adult (f)3,3906000
ggKp82G M 1 MS 1Adult (m)3,9895830
1GFw52G F 1 MS 1Adult (f)6,6431,1254
U5wtwcb m 16 ms 16Adult (m)7,8961,1330
XbDWAcb f 16 ms 16Adult (f)5,4099541
vfknMcb m 13 ms 9Adult (m)4,4959830
wfgn6cb f  9 ms 13Adult (f)6,5091,1382
Ge8jacb m 1 ms 13Adult (m)6,6621,1973
HXA2Vcb f 13 ms 1Adult (f)3,9849000
TSaJ7cb m 11 ms 12Adult (m)6,0271,1795
KavwQcb f 12 ms 11Adult (f)5,0699351
vH7otcb m 14 ms 11Adult (m)5,6671,1831
K99Qlcb f 11 ms 14Adult (f)4,1018920
Ot3xlcb m 12 ms 10Adult (m)4,8019660
uLyKCcb f 10 ms 12Adult (f)6,7791,1821
i42lRcb m 10 ms 14Adult (m)4,0559320
B3zEXcb f 14 ms 10Adult (f)4,7999791
Ao4DBcb m 7 ms 4Adult (m)4,2868491
VnoEOcb f 4 ms 7Adult (f)5,6681,0181
e5LXLcb m 15 ms 8Adult (m)7,8091,1421
1x9Rkcb f 8 ms 15Adult (f)6,6051,1632
cRfKMcb m 6 ms 7Adult (m)4,6418421
6DaxTcb  f 7 ms 6Adult (f)5,5089972
YFoqjcb m  4 ms 6Adult (m)7,6261,1253
9jBl3cb  f 6 ms 4Adult (f)6,4441,0884
1xpkGcb  m 5 ms 5Adult (m)5,6028671
NHOipcb f  5 ms 5Adult (f)7,9731,1341
MFnJ1cb m 3 ms 3Adult (m)6,1991,1672
1mkD0cb f  3 ms 3Adult (f)5,5289912
sjxx2cb m 9 ms 15Adult (m)4,1949492
fuZB9cb f 15 ms 9Adult (f)4,4569661
GIOTHcb m 2 ms 2Adult (m)6,6561,2163
PSmW4cb f  2 ms 2Adult (f)5,4379633
I7QX5cb m 8 ms 1Adult (m)4,7699630
ZHvSVcb f  1 ms 8Adult (f)6,2919011
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