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Dracaena's Lotto Entry 8-22-19

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qGJQFLL-1 Aug '19Adult (f)2,5367183
nuTP6LL-2 Aug '19Adult (f)2,6317411
cnH3mLL-3 Aug '19Adult (f)2,8578302
OBAWHLL-4 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2097461
BjRnNLL-5 Aug '19Adult (m)4,5636992
Lnwu2LL-6 Aug '19Adult (f)4,8849163
k6GokLL-7 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8401,0122
2noGFLL-8 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8669902
YgQTFLL-9 Aug'19Adult (m)3,8159821
gnVg0LL-10 Aug '19Adult (m)2,8968321
Uo1mmLL-11 Aug '19Adult (m)3,3778632
sjtrWLL-12 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0068672
cvMN0LL-13 Aug '19Adult (m)3,3419181
KONx0LL-14 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0199771
vh489LL-15 Aug '19Adult (f)2,3976751
h6m02LL-16 Aug '19Adult (f)4,8479012
IKm6oLL-17 Aug '19Adult (m)5,6771,1494
BGALrLL-18 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6299393
cycy5LL-19 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7448934
pmEXsLL-20 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1398932
wPa8TLL-21 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2519402
w4BaULL-22 Aug '19Adult (f)4,2308231
AJqj7LL-23 Aug '19Adult (m)4,7628092
7rONwLL-24 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7348862
3iYZ5LL-25 Aug '19Adult (m)4,02281613
cnDKxLL-26 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0438683
mYlv9LL-27 Aug '19Adult (m)4,1778513
HSgPJLL-28 Aug '19Adult (f)5,1047382
PqtIHLL-29 Aug '19Adult (m)3,2147561
jKiPzLL-30 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7988951
FsbP8LL-31 Aug '19Adult (f)5,1016658
nSaPiLL-32 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5788142
XPBqHLL-33 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2547932
iHRRPLL-34 Aug '19Adult (f)5,7358576
ViQBELL-35 Aug '19Adult (m)4,6968724
EI7O0LL-36 Aug '19Adult (m)3,2078325
W4556LL-37 Aug '19Adult (f)3,53176118
z5kDuLL-38 Aug '19Adult (f)3,0478171
aJStjLL-39 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8308203
h2siSLL-40 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3208363
vHmOwLL-41 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2218273
IW48nLL-42 Aug'19Adult (f)3,4217931
6dHmvLL-43 Aug '19Adult (f)3,5948411
BQ6QkLL-44 Aug '19Adult (m)4,8908463
JlowFLL-45 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3698533
QTZLdLL-46 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2708294
h4zCNLL-47 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7467111
dQmPGLL-48 Aug '19Adult (m)3,4317171
NvAdILL-49 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5138942
nzPDLLL-50 Aug '19Adult (m)5,3331,0023
fjUftLL-51 Aug '19Adult (m)5,4231,0003
OsiKtLL-52 Aug '19Adult (f)5,5571,0173
650XoLL-53 Aug '19Adult (f)5,4279763
SEL9HLL-54 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9768623
ms0xQLL-55 Aug '19Adult (m)5,3498932
yHuvzLL-56 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1129381
jaGe0LL-57 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1789351
nCKNlLL-58 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0069373
dTtcYLL-59 Aug '19Adult (f)4,5828602
2xrTmLL-60 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4637792
Fd2TILL-61 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6228272
peHeHLL-62 Aug '19Adult (m)5,2271,0503
jxtdjLL-63 Aug '19Adult (f)4,1438412
DFQxJLL-64 Aug '19Adult (m)4,0818572
roO1eLL-65 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9858502
NB2XKLL-66 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6667783
764d3LL-67 Aug '19Adult (f)3,3878102
W3TdfLL-68 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4678032
PY9E9LL-69 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9928802
XOhTdLL-70 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7179384
EDmbPLL-71 Aug '19Adult (f)5,2279723
qir0pLL-72 Aug '19Adult (f)3,6269131
e6esPLL-73 Aug '19Adult (f)3,0537822
E4aRULL-74 Aug '19Adult (m)4,1378292
zbaRvLL-75 Aug '19Adult (f)3,5059063
mX6zXLL-76 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8098723
5R8tkLL-77 Aug '19Adult (f)3,9087293
LwhaRLL-78 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0458542
iJ5qPLL-79 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7468212
Phg14LL-80 Aug '19Adult (m)4,1139214
upiujLL-81 Aug '19Adult (m)3,5198851
pifAyLL-82 Aug'19Adult (m)4,1197413
KiE7LLL-83 Aug '19Adult (m)3,9328502
gt3CULL-84 Aug '19Adult (m)3,7157356
vPV2JLL-85 Aug '19Adult (m)3,6777932
j2WzaLL-86 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2056793
7mh9aLL-87 Aug '19Adult (f)4,4957035
NevZoLL-88 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6247222
1es0xLL-89 Aug '19Adult (f)4,6177794
T5X4KLL-90 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4308453
hcO6wLL-91 Aug '19Adult (f)4,0819083
YDPkxLL-92 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4427502
DbvQFLL-93 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4527462
SVr7MLL-94 Aug '19Adult (f)3,4258376
U4dkGLL-95 Aug '19Adult (m)4,3347313
dvYFZLL-96 Aug '19Adult (f)4,3037694
fWBXDLL-97 Aug '19Adult (f)3,7908772
Vzzx7LL-98 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8458332
OVGxmLL-99 Aug '19Adult (m)3,8108282
OFcrMLL-100 Aug '19Adult (m)4,2068622
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