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20 Week Challenge: May-Sept 2019

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
52ezfIced MochiatoAdult (f)4,8869383
wJ1kXStubby WingsHatchling (F)3,4924851
wf7WlIced MochiccinoAdult (f)4,9389032
sPHRRNumber XXIAdult (f)5,2609341
igOYoNumber XXAdult (m)3,9907821
tH1cdNumber IXXAdult (f)5,6751,0071
4RLGxNumber XVIIIAdult (m)4,9231,1763
LZtp5Finishing MoveAdult (m)5,9579803
uMSPA(uMSPA)Adult (f)4,4069762
DFizXNumber XVIIAdult (f)4,4559294
ZBMPWNumber XVIAdult (m)4,5309913
oNKYhLady GraywingsAdult (f)4,4831,0881
9YJ7vNumber XVAdult (f)4,6059081
SkpGxNumber XlVAdult (m)5,2109684
QX93jNumber XlllAdult (f)4,6639952
BTyYCNumber XllAdult (m)4,5191,0123
TgTEwNumber XIAdult (f)4,2149972
pKto2Number XAdult (m)4,4098243
nMyDfNumber IXAdult (f)3,8667951
cRK7cGray CrescentAdult (m)4,9528371
KZjViWynel SpivernAdult (m)5,6248011
ha3UiNumber VIIIAdult (m)5,9137791
94r1uIkiwisiAdult (f)4,0258201
phsazEarth SenseAdult (f)4,9781,0003
4T5tfGritty SnugglesAdult (m)4,9811,0561
knI0UNumber VIIAdult (f)5,4911,0003
XNdzqRed-Violet ScalesAdult (f)4,7471,0301
Fmkk8Number VIAdult (m)5,2539643
bV77mSmall and SleekAdult (f)4,3551,0391
TMxHBSimply the Absolute BestAdult (m)4,6579471
8dwU3Number VAdult (f)5,9361,1401
6S7YENumber IVAdult (m)4,2369926
uyQ7LName Me  PleaseAdult (f)5,8401,0861
HLqE8Number IIIAdult (f)4,8261,1294
gSVDXNumber IIAdult (m)5,3291,2603
eVe6oThis glassy wyvern has stripesAdult (m)6,6121,2543
PwqouMy baby is a numberAdult (m)6,6211,2483
7X7LxI have a SpineAdult (m)6,0201,1843
PghvoZealously AffectionateAdult (m)6,5111,1273
CStVFThe Nameless MeAdult (f)5,1798991
IPRFPAny ideas for interesting namesAdult (f)5,1158921
9FJYwPondering Naming ThemeAdult (m)5,9231,0251
f5veTNames Elude MeAdult (f)5,6891,0092
rfBIIDesert DarlingAdult (f)3,8798775
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