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What the Fluff-20 week

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
J8tIuJelly Dandi 3Adult (f)4,4668574
87Ax7Nanda Dandi 1Adult (f)6,9411,2043
PBqbvPeanut Butter Dandi 10Adult (m)7,3561,1912
xTeBjAvanti Dandi 7Adult (f)5,8409431
gggTxCasper King Dandi 2Adult (m)6,5001,0212
4FsM1Squirrel Dandi 4Adult (f)6,2161,0272
zfdkzBilow Dandi 1Adult (m)5,2111,0598
TIbDtPotala Dandi 8Adult (f)5,7181,0444
8zzKfFancy Dandi g2Adult (f)4,7621,0262
00B0kSeiko Dandi 9Adult (m)5,9561,1762
4Zb9cBelkin Dandi g3Adult (m)4,3979334
pRTUxTuxedo Dandi g4Adult (m)5,1461,0481
0qqbdMercury Dandi 5Adult (m)5,3798002
cstNiAlizee Dandi g5Adult (f)5,1349912
8xqPrRewi Dandi 13Adult (m)5,2061,0182
myFRfNation Dandi 6Adult (m)4,4238022
3km6XMonkey Feather Dandi g6Adult (f)4,2638981
9yUndWubi Dandi g7Adult (m)4,7819482
KSGiySkyfall Dandi g8Adult (m)4,6358981
VFkjbKitty Clutch Dandi g9Adult (f)3,8418791
wkUs2Boris Dandi 14Adult (m)3,9898982
yWLD9Wild Dandi g10Adult (f)4,6148702
D8AjMCoffee Dandi 12Adult (f)4,8767052
nf6opAsea Dandi 11Adult (f)5,2536932
L5g1FK Dandi g11Adult (m)3,8238311
vloAnvloAn Dandi 15Adult (f)5,5581,0190
DPF2lCampfire Dandi g12Adult (m)3,7817101
5Ijh7Wiskas Dandi g13Adult (f)3,4527471
6bVXUGisseli Dandi g14Adult (f)3,8979041
y33eLWifey Dandi 16Adult (f)4,7228473
6HfopCyprus Dandi g15Adult (m)4,0298362
9msFAZeo Dandi 17Adult (m)4,7799880
HUzBYHUzBY Dandi g16Adult (m)4,2878172
t0NBMBeach Blanket Dandi g17Adult (f)3,7367721
TBKa0Passionfruit Dandi g18Adult (f)5,2687801
dxcFlDeMarini Dandi 18Adult (m)4,7757212
KVf4IEliot Dandi g19Adult (m)4,7027544
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