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Twenty Week Challenge - 2019

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HMKkUEdledura p22Adult (f)4,8751,07021
cT8GAEdluran p21Adult (m)5,8511,29628
37dUaEtedura iAdult (f)4,8631,13927
L6LUrLeluran iAdult (m)5,4161,13515
GVuCpEdolbra p20Adult (f)4,7541,09819
ydGNUEdouraph p19Adult (m)4,9121,12818
ZKoIbZ'Kolbra iAdult (f)9,5181,39825
dJop3Dijouraph iAdult (m)4,8971,07713
Whxl6Ediskera p18Adult (f)5,6021,15020
VugAXEdigaran p17Adult (m)4,7601,04218
zu0sKZ'Uoskera iAdult (f)5,2271,05229
ry3bGRybegaran iAdult (m)5,0991,17914
MHLo7Edipendra p16Adult (f)4,7201,07724
ZSFt0Z'Ediraph p15Adult (m)4,8661,24129
zAP6NZ'Apendra iAdult (f)4,73099325
ZGHj9Z'Ghajeraph iAdult (m)4,9981,06014
pgnhDEdilora p14Adult (f)5,0871,12010
hBY3tEdlebiran p13Adult (m)5,6891,20522
ZS9UDZ'Suedilora iAdult (f)4,8751,05120
tQclbTaqlebiran iAdult (m)5,8741,26722
opNG5Edujara p12Adult (f)4,9551,09020
PrExBEduinraz p11Adult (m)4,7791,18818
360tJTujara iAdult (f)4,8991,16324
ZoqnzZ'Oquinraz iAdult (m)4,96296917
BGXK5Edepra p10Adult (f)5,9201,24828
uwrF9Edlehirad p9Adult (m)5,2471,15418
zybdpZ'ybadepra iAdult (f)7,9701,08712
ZJHidZ'Jaehirad iAdult (m)5,2821,06825
qO865Edlewora p8Adult (f)5,9471,17420
FAGe3Edlefraj p7Adult (m)5,1751,14615
1BUWOLuwora iAdult (f)3,2391,05013
ZZFRjZ'Zifraj iAdult (m)4,2621,06323
kDImuEdlera p6Adult (f)5,3631,22824
DPjW9Edvirad p5Adult (m)5,3351,24915
zURblz'Urblera iAdult (f)2,92199310
mVpJSMevirad iAdult (m)3,2931,10518
0FCycEdwanra p4Adult (f)7,0161,27336
L6HGMEdwaraq p3Adult (m)5,2091,15226
Hn7NWHanra iAdult (f)3,1691,08421
tPQjCTupraq iAdult (m)3,1221,05624
Rjby1Edwacora iiAdult (f)5,5251,20625
EDwr8Edwarad iAdult (m)3,2641,02326
cC06OCocora iAdult (f)5,4451,23125
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