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Lyrics : Uptown Funk

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
igH63Uptown Funk - MRonson ft BMarsAdult (f)4,2119381
IEe8FGot Chucks on with Saint LaurentAdult (m)5,6971,0611
Ufd9VGot kiss myself - I'm so prettyAdult (f)5,0381,0974
JcEv7Cause uptown floatAdult (m)4,8781,1003
3ZuFRgon' give it to youAdult (f)6,0641,3304
UMkOxI'm too hot -Hot damnAdult (m)6,6509652
soFwmCalled a police and a  firemanAdult (f)4,7621,0512
jIRuFjust watch - Come onAdult (m)5,1401,1092
bLUS7Don't believe me just watch uhAdult (f)5,3281,1443
lktplThem good girlsAdult (m)6,0659523
dIUhlstraight masterpiecesAdult (f)4,9061,2116
5P7rDStylin' - wilin' - livin' it upAdult (m)7,8681,0387
pkqwnin the  cityAdult (f)5,5341,0927
Cg3vcThis hit - that ice coldAdult (m)6,7289053
qZHUIMichelle  PfeifferAdult (f)4,1069754
eQf9Uthat white  goldAdult (m)6,1879093
ER0oGThis one for them hood girlsAdult (f)4,8201,0772
qLXlYJulio - get the stretchAdult (m)4,8611,0392
ZozqzRide to Harlem - HollywoodAdult (f)5,5111,1285
uCeCfI'm too hot    -Hot damnAdult (m)5,9869370
ZESVAAm I bad 'bout that moneyAdult (f)4,8581,1008
Ab1j6I'm too hot   -Hot DamnAdult (m)5,0741,0894
RTV4nSay my name you know who I amAdult (f)4,9861,0822
nMdRobreak it  downAdult (m)5,0351,0974
77uwxGirls hit your hallelujah whooAdult (f)4,4931,0233
mkfziI'm too hot  -Hot damnAdult (m)4,9531,0742
fu6ciMake a dragon wanna retire  manAdult (f)5,3831,15111
h0z82Saturday night and we in theAdult (m)5,1791,1142
AIJs1spot - Don't believe meAdult (f)5,3541,1383
72UDaput some liquor in itAdult (m)4,8891,0583
JGVMJTake a sip - sign a checkAdult (f)5,4671,2294
9KwiZHey hey hey oh - StopAdult (m)4,9611,0862
goPm9wait a minute - Fill my cupAdult (f)5,3791,2355
zfUwRSmoother thanAdult (m)5,4671,1492
PAkxMa fresh jar of SkippyAdult (f)5,6101,1883
sMtpgJackson - MississippiAdult (m)6,2161,1773
IL0JKIf we show up we gon' show outAdult (f)6,6261,1603
h1fx5Saturday night and we  in theAdult (m)3,9329831
fnFbhspot - Don't believe me justAdult (f)5,8641,1704
wMPfnMake a dragon  wanna retire manAdult (m)5,2211,0984
PL97JBeach say my nameAdult (f)4,8681,0373
zNhugyou know who  I amAdult (m)4,6611,0542
K0hx3Am I bad bout that moneyAdult (f)4,8049811
Aj6ovCause  uptown floatAdult (m)5,1801,1011
XjXTSgon' give it  to youAdult (f)5,0081,2191
uAQBABreak  it downAdult (m)4,5521,0032
zaQx1Girls hit your hallelujah  whooAdult (f)5,1611,0933
e68jvI'm too hot  - hot damnAdult (m)5,2901,0633
o3vr1Called a police  and a firemanAdult (f)5,1091,0742
F2MxVwatch - Come onAdult (m)4,9631,0422
8EpGyHey hey hey oh - Before we leaveAdult (f)5,8481,1482
F5K5RIf you freaky then own itAdult (m)4,9071,0182
sm3rjDon't brag about itAdult (f)4,7669812
fLPOnCome on - dance - jump on itAdult (m)4,5689243
2m8WjIf you sexy then flaunt itAdult (f)4,1838632
adk33Lemmi tell y'all a lil somethingAdult (m)5,9661,0797
1WLIPUptown float you upAdult (f)4,4139073
u79AFcome show me - come onAdult (m)4,9601,0861
FMirlDance - Jump on itAdult (f)6,7561,2224
3kPcrIf you sexy  then flaunt itAdult (m)6,6461,1922
ozLDCWell it's Saturday night and weAdult (f)5,8631,0794
yhBCWin the spot - Don't believe meAdult (m)4,7328762
0Kqzgjust watch come onAdult (f)4,5358853
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