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Noodle Puppies (CB)

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2sD9q(2sD9q)Hatchling (m)6,4181,1414
OeL8Q(OeL8Q)Hatchling (m)5,8749821
sCVuc(sCVuc)Hatchling (f)6,2501,1453
0S5nD(0S5nD)Hatchling (f)6,4131,1192
q1s8c(q1s8c)Hatchling (f)7,4471,1577
osJOGI Dark Moon osJOGAdult (f)12,4561,6613
KeTOpI Dark Sun KeTOpAdult (m)12,1251,6715
hmYNjI Dark Sun hmYNjAdult (m)8,6551,4294
5q6BTI Dark Moon 5q6BTAdult (f)8,1601,4205
EwX8pI Dark Moon EwX8pAdult (f)7,1621,2597
vdA0NI Dark Moon vdA0NAdult (f)8,8361,3743
WaQ0LI Dark Sun WaQ0LAdult (m)8,6041,35510
Wy7F7I Dark Moon Wy7F7Adult (f)7,0911,2704
8uuiNI Dark Moon EnthusiasmAdult (f)6,0371,1356
aTrX8I Dark Moon aTrX8Adult (f)9,0531,3716
jQNzwI Dark Moon jQNzwAdult (f)9,5841,3814
owkWoI Dark Moon RhapsodyAdult (f)9,4111,3433
PMpX0I Dark Sun PMpX0Adult (m)9,2071,3145
diAD7I Dark Sun diAD7Adult (m)10,1891,3496
OFs8BI Dark Moon OFs8BAdult (f)11,6251,3084
GRUznI Dark Moon GRUznAdult (f)10,5351,3227
Yv8ioI Dark Moon Yv8ioAdult (f)10,0471,4007
FrZNbI Dark Sun FrZNbAdult (m)9,2271,3494
6lR3bI Dark Moon 6lR3bAdult (f)8,9141,3474
5EgsKI Dark Moon 5EgsKAdult (f)8,7481,3036
9SmM8I Dark Sun 9SmM8Adult (m)7,6381,2572
kDdh6I Dark Sun kDdh6Adult (m)8,3801,2822
2J1OdI Dark Moon 2J1OdAdult (f)9,8301,7843
Z6afMI Dark Moon Z6afMAdult (f)8,9531,5137
ujMU7I Dark Moon ujMU7Adult (f)8,7451,4994
HFTwbI Dark Sun HFTwbAdult (m)8,9121,5538
dEj1KI Dark Sun dEj1KAdult (m)7,3191,3624
6ARAOI Dark Sun 6ARAOAdult (m)8,2121,3596
lKNJQI Dark Sun lKNJQAdult (m)8,9851,4748
Bdyr7I Dark Sun CulminationAdult (m)7,2241,2824
11T5BI Dark Sun 11T5BAdult (m)7,2171,2066
IPpdeI Dark Sun IPpdeAdult (m)7,6401,3106
sHweaI Dark Sun sHweaAdult (m)8,4141,4084
t0l3UI Dark Moon t0l3UAdult (f)8,5931,4295
lUV21I Dark Moon lUV21Adult (f)8,5551,4737
p5GvtI Dark Sun p5GvtAdult (m)8,4971,3657
po76UI Dark Moon po76UAdult (f)8,6051,4825
V2HPAI Dark Sun V2HPAAdult (m)4,6811,0726
yNmNQI Dark Sun yNmNQAdult (m)8,1541,4453
SDm12I Dark Sun SDm12Adult (m)8,3791,4794
hwZiKI Dark Sun hwZiKAdult (m)7,2161,4036
oL5zrI Dark Moon oL5zrAdult (f)7,9541,2985
5H5n8I Dark Moon 5H5n8Adult (f)8,3321,3454
gE4B1I Dark Moon gE4B1Adult (f)6,2901,1655
ndm9vI Dark Moon ndm9vAdult (f)6,6511,2736
nHzTqI Dark Moon nHzTqAdult (f)10,5201,6954
DxYztI Dark Moon DxYztAdult (f)8,9481,2583
5jexsI Dark Moon 5jexsAdult (f)1,7932808
R7j3iI Dark Moon R7j3iAdult (f)8,6091,2645
hHdDLI Dark Moon hHdDLAdult (f)7,8281,0981
yNLC2I Dark Sun yNLC2Adult (m)9,7471,3374
0ynN8I Dark Moon 0ynN8Adult (f)8,1711,2455
zltfzI Dark Moon zltfzAdult (f)8,4581,1462
8ixd9I Dark Moon 8ixd9Adult (f)8,8461,1692
OwNuqI Dark Sun AnimationAdult (m)7,07097510
VzRx3I Dark Moon VzRx3Adult (f)7,5491,0203
0knnwI Dark Moon 0knnwAdult (f)6,6911,1514
O1dUaI Dark Sun O1dUaAdult (m)8,7491,1464
38vPUI Dark Moon 38vPUAdult (f)6,4841,1293
5NLS6I Dark Moon 5NLS6Adult (f)7,6991,2805
APefAI Dark Moon FestivalAdult (f)6,6707217
3kIXR(3kIXR)Adult (m)8,6131,4657
XyFXt(XyFXt)Adult (f)10,1491,3533
R3Ns6I Dark Moon R3Ns6Adult (f)12,6191,7003
T3kIjI Dark Sun T3kIjAdult (m)6,3571,2156
8TMIzI Dark Moon 8TMIzAdult (f)8,6641,3704
udqGtI Dark Moon udqGtAdult (f)9,0831,4865
6fBXCI Dark Sun 6fBXCAdult (m)7,5411,2432
lVqXTI Dark Sun lVqXTAdult (m)9,0941,3863
S03thI Dark Sun S03thAdult (m)8,8261,3385
0TvKMI Dark Sun 0TvKMAdult (m)6,9691,13312
KwJPkI Dark Moon ExaltationAdult (f)9,4451,4087
6iyayI Dark Sun DeviationAdult (m)7,6311,4427
rKyyUI Dark Moon EmotionAdult (f)4,8479684
OzhGnI Dark Sun HysteriaAdult (m)6,7201,14511
Y233tI Dark Sun Y233tAdult (m)8,0581,39410
nLSOnI Dark Sun nLSOnAdult (m)8,5131,2757
Fz25GI Dark Moon EcstasyAdult (f)9,0431,3845
1brtiI Dark Moon RaptureAdult (f)5,0711,1536
oB7zUI Dark Sun oB7zUAdult (m)9,3881,4965
6dr41I Dark Sun 6dr41Adult (m)8,4401,4538
YaN35I Dark Sun YaN35Adult (m)8,3381,4058
tfCpvI Dark Moon HilarityAdult (f)7,9231,4005
eRyr1I Dark Moon IntensityAdult (f)7,3891,2365
euyKrI Dark Moon DevotionAdult (f)9,1791,4976
gOdYiI Dark Sun gOdYiAdult (m)6,8411,2125
xuK9UI Dark Sun xuK9UAdult (m)8,9311,4215
k6tlnI Dark Sun k6tlnAdult (m)7,9541,3806
2DxRcI Dark Moon 2DxRcAdult (f)4,2428089
ExNtJI Dark Sun ExNtJAdult (m)8,8371,5486
cd694I Dark Sun cd694Adult (m)8,6451,4486
9BxvvI Dark Moon 9BxvvAdult (f)6,5341,2558
UY0GSI Dark Moon UY0GSAdult (f)6,0911,2896
mbPU9I Dark Moon mbPU9Adult (f)7,9891,1095
C4LH8I Dark Moon C4LH8Adult (f)7,9521,3305
KHeAPI Dark Sun KHeAPAdult (m)6,3651,17411
EaIpkI Dark Sun EaIpkAdult (m)8,9591,4098
3kIepI Dark Moon 3kIepAdult (f)8,3121,4968
CR4ewI Dark Moon CR4ewAdult (f)8,9241,4666
bLFLAI Dark Moon bLFLAAdult (f)8,8291,5165
5foowI Dark Moon 5foowAdult (f)7,7041,4703
K2XFhI Dark Sun K2XFhAdult (m)6,1541,2428
fiol6I Dark Moon fiol6Adult (f)5,6261,1572
Ci0AYI Dark Moon Ci0AYAdult (f)7,2881,3596
UITpoI Dark Moon UITpoAdult (f)8,3491,4184
343WYI Dark Sun 343WYAdult (m)6,4071,2863
MWqDFI Dark Moon MWqDFAdult (f)4,3518822
dg3ANI Dark Moon dg3ANAdult (f)7,2821,2173
lSsqYI Dark Sun lSsqYAdult (m)6,7701,1903
vZyqsI Dark Moon vZyqsAdult (f)8,7351,1953
LXSItI Dark Moon LXSItAdult (f)7,2621,1962
PKDbRI Dark Sun PKDbRAdult (m)6,6411,1573
qnpGkI Dark Moon qnpGkAdult (f)7,1841,1118
dh5fQI Dark Moon dh5fQAdult (f)8,0281,3643
KxeEBI Dark Sun KxeEBAdult (m)3,6997655
siIQQI Dark Sun siIQQAdult (m)5,5947674
ZJTEGI Dark Sun ZJTEGAdult (m)10,4661,1895
6T05YI Dark Sun 6T05YAdult (m)4,6567733
1rMk3I Dark Sun 1rMk3Adult (m)9,5741,2973
JPN7zI Dark Moon JPN7zAdult (f)8,1811,1744
2YVr7I Dark Sun 2YVr7Adult (m)9,1741,2064
K819jI Dark Moon K819jAdult (f)7,9471,1391
VMAdFI Dark Sun VMAdFAdult (m)3,5169838
9RiMd(9RiMd)Adult (m)7,9311,4431
8x96d(8x96d)Adult (f)8,4831,4422
EO5nQI Dark Moon EO5nQAdult (f)10,0681,4846
MwBlqI Dark Sun MwBlqAdult (m)8,7141,5016
VLabPI Dark Sun VLabPAdult (m)8,9051,4524
P4kLXI Dark Sun P4kLXAdult (m)7,8411,3585
PKIRpI Dark Sun LaughterAdult (m)7,2241,2947
fbxliI Dark Moon ComplianceAdult (f)7,9031,3267
D6tSNI Dark Moon D6tSNAdult (f)9,0171,4453
1UFNTI Dark Moon EagernessAdult (f)8,7221,1444
X4sAEI Dark Moon X4sAEAdult (f)8,2341,3137
zrl7kI Dark Sun zrl7kAdult (m)7,6491,1853
tV627I Dark Sun tV627Adult (m)3,8829434
HnYGMI Dark Sun DiversionAdult (m)10,0431,3368
KMXRfI Dark Sun KMXRfAdult (m)8,2371,2766
XQq14I Dark Sun XQq14Adult (m)9,7261,4127
ooDZUI Dark Moon SeanceAdult (f)12,0811,2098
PInEjI Dark Moon PInEjAdult (f)9,3781,3245
mUPCuI Dark Moon mUPCuAdult (f)8,8021,2969
zut3NI Dark Sun zut3NAdult (m)7,3951,2575
vO5Y8I Dark Moon vO5Y8Adult (f)10,4641,2905
yl3tQI Dark Sun yl3tQAdult (m)4,0758207
F35rsI Dark Sun CanineAdult (m)8,1421,2667
sRIlMI Dark Moon sRIlMAdult (f)8,6021,3463
Fmr1VI Dark Moon Fmr1VAdult (f)8,5341,3045
KUW9NI Dark Sun KUW9NAdult (m)6,7461,1173
P2HSzI Dark Moon P2HSzAdult (f)10,1051,68410
6tOGHI Dark Moon CottageAdult (f)9,7701,6274
xEH6BI Dark Moon xEH6BAdult (f)7,5241,4088
x9XGwI Dark Sun x9XGwAdult (m)8,7561,51411
BYOc8I Dark Moon BYOc8Adult (f)8,0831,4015
cR1uEI Dark Sun cR1uEAdult (m)8,6041,4287
OoMiyI Dark Sun OoMiyAdult (m)8,7761,4542
fug3cI Dark Sun fug3cAdult (m)8,9041,4667
MufIMI Dark Sun MufIMAdult (m)5,2721,06526
Hb9weI Dark Moon Hb9weAdult (f)8,1111,4334
ihvcxI Dark Moon ihvcxAdult (f)8,4311,4529
U8zPEI Dark Sun U8zPEAdult (m)5,5821,2047
OiL2nI Dark Moon OiL2nAdult (f)7,7131,1386
WEXcJI Dark Moon WEXcJAdult (f)8,7041,4186
yeYnLI Dark Moon yeYnLAdult (f)7,8521,3999
PSvB9I Dark Sun PSvB9Adult (m)7,6831,3615
G7uvlI Dark Moon G7uvlAdult (f)8,1781,2471
MJHtsI Dark Moon MJHtsAdult (f)2,8987534
L7NNSI Dark Sun L7NNSAdult (m)7,3791,1607
JXHxjI Dark Sun JXHxjAdult (m)8,7721,2993
21SAwI Dark Sun 21SAwAdult (m)9,9301,1866
dFNNqI Dark Moon dFNNqAdult (f)8,5641,3421
C2O9zI Dark Moon C2O9zAdult (f)9,4531,4118
0fncJI Dark Moon 0fncJAdult (f)8,1691,2394
R9H9zI Dark Moon R9H9zAdult (f)9,5231,1896
9cctfI Dark Sun NostalgiaAdult (m)9,1511,2842
28i8aI Dark Moon 28i8aAdult (f)9,2151,2654
4roEJI Dark Sun 4roEJAdult (m)9,7471,2863
UokR9I Dark Sun UokR9Adult (m)7,6421,2725
PbVUuI Dark Moon PbVUuAdult (f)4,6258764
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