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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
h8tc1(h8tc1)Adult (f)3,2509733
4EbMS(4EbMS)Adult (f)3,8351,0394
OUPS3Lumira FaeranAdult (f)3,9731,0824
PrFiSCrusader of SolAdult (m)3,8751,0284
MuBeXbelow But now you neverAdult (m)3,8991,0394
I2NOKwhy tears  are fallingAdult (m)4,0931,0734
3SaVg(3SaVg)Adult (f)5,2457144
Anw09And remember when I moved in youAdult (m)5,1958734
e7tMqThrix House of the Risen SunAdult (m)2,9277962
ZTcpsvictory march - It's a cold andAdult (m)4,5049492
hKvh7Whose courage pushes the dark aAdult (m)5,0841,0173
1pwn3what's it to youAdult (m)5,9449123
KqkqdThere was a time when you let meAdult (m)6,7788383
J6ysXI don't even know the nameAdult (m)5,1346494
JZyaDI heard there was a secretAdult (m)6,3257802
u0lwXThe fourth - the fifthAdult (m)6,7227824
wkeJabathing on the roof - Her beautyAdult (m)7,0527597
L6vtSShe tied you to a kitchen chairAdult (m)6,8357271
AeKI7And every breath we drewAdult (m)6,2467462
S7Q92this floor - I used to liveAdult (m)6,6567600
kglxcfor music - do youAdult (m)3,9959041
3SSPdcut your hair And from your lipsAdult (m)5,4058831
zANrQI didn't come to fool youAdult (m)6,9207802
7ZyX2It's not a cry you can hearAdult (m)5,6307702
Z9kJdwho has seen the lightAdult (m)6,8618134
wcPbFit's a  broken  HallelujahAdult (m)7,0699153
dbN6tMaybe there's a God aboveAdult (m)6,3278123
ziG0Ybeen watching him climbAdult (m)6,1907235
hCVovYour faith was strong but youAdult (m)6,6688046
4gLLWand it pleased the LordAdult (m)5,5527504
V9XEfThe baffled  kingAdult (m)7,3748746
t0jxGeverybody  make a sceneAdult (f)4,5077213
ahlazBaby I've been here beforeAdult (m)2,8308894
hVatRA hero's come to free youAdult (m)4,8057662
ozZe2I've seen your flag on theAdult (m)2,5808621
p7PXCfrom love Was how to shootAdult (m)2,6508575
j8L7Oinside this towerAdult (m)3,2228572
gOi2TNo request is too extremeAdult (f)4,8957232
3JvgkThat might explainAdult (m)7,7801,0474
5zFo1the broken HallelujahAdult (m)5,5617914
KSD6LI couldn't feel so I triedAdult (m)4,5067846
wu4UDWith nothing on my tongueAdult (m)2,4408251
Nl6VRevery word - It doesn't matterAdult (m)2,6748442
2Owwswent wrong I'll stand beforeAdult (m)4,5726872
XJqRUHallelujah - HallelujahAdult (m)2,8417810
ptDSSSeventy  threeAdult (m)3,1588340
DLQhtHallelu-u-u-ujahAdult (m)4,82584712
VSXBPTo know a hero is on the wayAdult (m)5,3236985
mNT3vtower g1 wAdult (m)7,0901,0384
2DizZtower g1 eAdult (m)8,3901,2104
uvXKFMy hero save me won't youAdult (m)7,3366011
M7Cnuto come hereAdult (m)8,7461,4262
FKityPrincess of a broken kingdomAdult (m)7,3121,2094
vmblB(vmblB)Adult (m)8,7381,2491
96pLQI hear him calling callingAdult (m)5,4539962
XnoIYFloors made of stoneAdult (m)7,3298991
e5fFmLonely old meAdult (m)7,3598622
DjxSrAs I wave smiling smilingAdult (m)7,1038981
7ScxQAnything your heart desiresAdult (m)7,6759242
8ktneMy face is flush with fearAdult (m)9,8261,1472
Kfnsllowtower g2 ab DUPEAdult (m)7,0658604
eHLT3That might explain whyAdult (m)7,0028294
1l2Znthat fell before himAdult (m)8,0361,1393
E5rCTtower g2 efAdult (m)8,4521,1562
bwno2The sweet fulfillment ofAdult (f)6,6971,2782
LsNziHe's even laughing laughingAdult (m)7,1551,1394
kf5F7why  tears are fallingAdult (m)7,8461,2333
VSgT6He took a blowAdult (m)7,2201,1643
G6n6XTheir secret longingAdult (m)6,9901,1593
LCThtThat fact alone is motivationAdult (m)8,5211,2001
qOcMfto liberate meAdult (m)7,2181,1637
1lDyWHe's bleeding freeAdult (m)8,5971,2362
BbvUaMy heart  is pounding breathlessAdult (m)8,2191,1832
P2h1QIts sound is like a bellAdult (m)8,4951,1554
5dx5XBut then I see him stumbleAdult (m)6,3251,1602
oUrVYWouldn't  you likeAdult (m)5,3471,5066
94o48until he weakensAdult (m)8,3871,0566
OWwkrSuch a scratchAdult (m)4,7788732
PGXVzHe's rushing up the stairsAdult (m)6,5761,3093
7AHK6My knight in shining armor WhoseAdult (m)8,0931,0002
Gjysk(Gjysk)Adult (m)8,0231,1951
FAYb3I touch my tear-stained windowAdult (m)7,2061,1043
tocSFtower g5 bacvkupAdult (m)6,6471,0444
hmCYvDark LumosAdult (m)3,8729442
0ym7E(0ym7E)Adult (m)4,9387890
fZE2wIf you haven't I'd sayAdult (m)5,8119841
Cl9PM(Cl9PM)Adult (m)8,6391,1502
CcEft(CcEft)Adult (m)9,1671,1833
EfVkr(EfVkr)Adult (m)8,5361,2415
QZ9AZ(QZ9AZ)Adult (m)5,6141,0152
aYCL1(aYCL1)Adult (f)6,1531,0211
gBFHV(gBFHV)Adult (f)5,9541,0371
9i1O0(9i1O0)Adult (f)4,9931,0681
I9x6nHallowe'en Hallowe'enAdult (f)5,8017982
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