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dearly beloved

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7N9Nz(7N9Nz)Adult (f)7,3781,2820
KqgREthe agent of chaosAdult (f)8,3161,2961
Mbb14(Mbb14)Adult (f)6,4741,0642
Nsva9(Nsva9)Adult (m)6,2469423
R4uFabetrayal and heartbreakAdult (f)8,8041,3343
UuTe3(UuTe3)Adult (f)7,6181,1072
VsamJchasing that pipe dreamAdult (f)8,6611,38415
WNBcji miss him don't you blame meAdult (m)9,4071,2536
WWsdp(WWsdp)Adult (f)4,5909025
YSZLE(YSZLE)Adult (f)6,2511,1162
YUU4y(YUU4y)Adult (f)7,2491,3557
Zez6J(Zez6J)Adult (m)9,0491,1633
KpSEFand i felt nothingAdult (m)5,4961,0194
KnRH5the heretical lordAdult (f)7,4351,3661
9Ccxpka eto vsyo pohozheAdult (m)10,9751,4723
9b4cUrhaphidophora tetraspermaAdult (f)10,0201,4924
BlniD(BlniD)Adult (m)6,2591,1207
CheDu(CheDu)Adult (m)8,2911,2045
FK27x(FK27x)Adult (f)3,8951,1891
HroDX(HroDX)Adult (m)7,4611,3322
IL0Bs(IL0Bs)Adult (m)5,9807853
IxGNqmilf mondayAdult (f)9,4261,2626
Jf8QH(Jf8QH)Adult (f)10,2061,2595
KHmni(KHmni)Adult (f)9,1421,2923
KgkGe(KgkGe)Adult (f)9,8901,4501
bZEwD(bZEwD)Adult (m)10,7141,2804
bd8Z2poker and flapjacksAdult (m)7,1181,1905
bkqss(bkqss)Adult (m)7,2471,2882
nNxzj(nNxzj)Adult (m)4,4181,0903
pGLdr(pGLdr)Adult (m)5,7231,0832
pQqdo(pQqdo)Adult (f)8,2901,4363
pzys7(pzys7)Adult (f)6,6458824
q126lunchangingAdult (m)6,4859672
rCUL6(rCUL6)Adult (f)8,4231,4364
thJquhit by a busAdult (m)8,9301,3144
u9UZFthe barking dogAdult (m)9,8311,3412
w5dqVgreen seasaltAdult (m)8,7331,2706
wp2bd(wp2bd)Adult (f)7,3571,2500
xJVUP(xJVUP)Adult (f)7,4251,3543
mzR9Dnothing  at  allAdult (f)5,6829974
loCSr(loCSr)Adult (f)5,7571,2455
cc8E5(cc8E5)Adult (f)10,2861,5038
ce7hg(ce7hg)Adult (f)10,1451,3829
fD58Da god loves you backAdult (f)4,4356280
heKjS(heKjS)Adult (m)4,7477850
heZnm(heZnm)Adult (f)7,3681,3114
j6Ajr(j6Ajr)Adult (m)5,7499040
j9tCmand thus we are faced withAdult (f)8,0281,2427
svysh(svysh)Adult (m)9,5821,2386
jn1CYhe himAdult (f)7,5081,17113
jyJlb(jyJlb)Adult (m)5,7471,0523
yUDD5(yUDD5)Adult (m)6,0649472
0a5Haand then i knew she was goneAdult (m)9,8601,3473
5aC5Xadiantum hispidulumAdult (m)8,1621,2311
0yTUR(0yTUR)Adult (m)7,8281,2566
1pA1e(1pA1e)Adult (m)6,9201,0221
3ljxwpoison is the tool of kingsAdult (m)9,2981,3085
2VfTJtolyko menay peyzashiAdult (f)10,5821,4505
2MubT(2MubT)Adult (m)9,4231,2635
DNz17(DNz17)Adult (m)7,2741,2811
2OhmE(2OhmE)Adult (m)7,4981,3605
1yRvZ(1yRvZ)Adult (f)4,6907690
qYalMand i dreamt of the throneAdult (f)9,2061,2863
uHhiyi twisted the blade in my heartAdult (m)3,0468283
HR9jAand said it made me righteousAdult (f)3,3836481
Z00OTfweeseHatchling (m, F)6,7791,0217
Ab85Lbury me deep underneathAdult (f)7,3541,2432
jUszyeverything i keep insideAdult (m)7,0801,2401
FiU9ppretty  little  smileAdult (f)10,2491,3671
06AA3hides every tear behind my eyesAdult (m)10,4651,3412
FOyDii've held my breathAdult (f)9,0401,2654
5Uycisince i was  youngAdult (f)11,6661,3403
FCqUPi bit  my tongueAdult (m)11,3231,3035
PT0FOsince i was youngAdult (f)9,4391,4534
7vpwqto stop myself from rambling onAdult (f)7,5311,0191
zm18fthe thoughts i want to ramble onAdult (m)9,2391,3085
uLFR9just because i let it slideAdult (f)7,4651,3061
C0gWddoesn't mean it isn't pulling onAdult (f)8,4621,2433
zzBXymy heart until it's almost whiteAdult (m)8,9331,2702
srCFHcuz I wanna let you feel strongAdult (m)4,6239213
iD2IZpretty  little smileAdult (m)5,5489061
M7tqEhides every tear  behind my eyesAdult (m)9,5171,3472
2bj4xgave away my power tillAdult (f)9,0951,4224
ZSqm0i was weak between my kneesAdult (m)9,7451,4335
zXjOyand fell against my willAdult (f)10,5331,4056
R8iwfwoke up hungryAdult (m)8,8341,4483
Y5kuJi need to feed my ego prideAdult (m)9,5261,3311
2wvDOso i don't lie awake at nightAdult (m)9,3881,3672
HbSd2wondering why the days go byAdult (f)8,0051,2233
w9Ntxwith captured thoughtsAdult (f)6,7201,2605
Be8sAupon my mindAdult (m)9,0821,2635
fF5pkbehind my eyes - apasheHatchling (f, F)6,7831,0973
Sg4Afthere was never any loveAdult (m)6,6381,2254
WOlrqbetween the pagesAdult (f)8,8701,2666
f2mSDlet the old fall to nothingAdult (m)8,4401,4044
eSZshso pick me from the darkAdult (m)5,2271,0845
4ZzWFmy favorite lineAdult (m)7,4971,1873
KrHbjfrom my favorite pageAdult (f)6,2801,1393
5jkKenever-ending comfortAdult (m)8,8261,2763
dgWcAand endless warmthAdult (f)6,9531,1133
U7ZPyhome that lay inside my heartAdult (f)6,0941,1892
nM01ta lifetime of shared memoriesAdult (m)8,3881,2624
8Pgb2Darling DeerAdult (m)3,5341,23710
AaZyMDarling DeerlingAdult (m)4,3899139
grMU3Darling IvantaiAdult (m)2,4268251
xzqMmDarling Forest AxecAdult (m)4,3689832
FRT9ZDarling LuciferAdult (m)2,8939953
5q7OwDarling Iconic StagAdult (m)5,9691,2193
UAkGxDarling GhostieAdult (m)5,6481,0824
qMeMaDarling FlightAdult (m)5,0011,3924
INQ0pDarling InqoAdult (m)3,7511,3522
Zs9LiDarling BaryranAdult (m)4,6961,1972
Jo4bdDarling DukeHatchling (m, F)2,5479111
vJtihDarling TwinAdult (m)5,3161,2103
ok9XcDarling Olive BranchAdult (m)3,4787385
YNlp0Airborne NipAdult (m)3,3148203
ooICVHoe for HuesAdult (m)6,2491,2224
GxN9kOvergrown PatchAdult (m)7,5191,3426
1cLQePained ImmunityAdult (m)6,3221,0333
J5O4ASnakeskin AderynAdult (m)4,6193931
EozJroh worm question markAdult (m)5,1221,1264
dAD3HDad 3Adult (m)3,1256060
9tgiPNinetpAdult (m)6,7591,0960
W8N20BABY MARXAdult (m)8,1981,1903
dNZ99destroy capitalismAdult (m)8,1891,2194
KmSECPuppy MikeAdult (m)4,8625592
EfoqAEloquent GreenAdult (m)9,0221,4893
1Ps0L(1Ps0L)Adult (m)8,8461,2814
GZ6bv(GZ6bv)Adult (m)9,7311,3132
OZJuS(OZJuS)Adult (m)5,8498712
RoYFK(RoYFK)Adult (m)5,7528672
OdWkj(OdWkj)Adult (m)7,2301,2621
thaxD(thaxD)Adult (m)8,4061,1874
7pwL1sims 2 is the best gameAdult (m)8,1431,2043
LC8joLizard with a TailAdult (m)7,6661,3113
PUTkP(PUTkP)Adult (m)5,8241,0562
JsXMN(JsXMN)Adult (m)8,1621,2184
KRYFr(KRYFr)Adult (m)7,8991,2195
vPK0L(vPK0L)Adult (m)8,0011,1674
wB14b(wB14b)Adult (m)6,8491,2052
vSzAu(vSzAu)Hatchling (m, F)7,4411,1043
DJjSQ(DJjSQ)Adult (m)8,6551,2582
imOka(imOka)Adult (m)8,4871,3013
qS0iX(qS0iX)Hatchling (m, F)6,7911,1163
0ZVWE(0ZVWE)Adult (m)6,5921,0022
XOurp(XOurp)Adult (m)7,1161,0634
6YUh9(6YUh9)Adult (m)7,0131,0793
xLC4p(xLC4p)Adult (m)8,4001,2652
EqY6L(EqY6L)Adult (m)7,8331,1926
dCPrK(dCPrK)Adult (m)7,6671,2903
G9Fk6(G9Fk6)Adult (m)8,3841,2294
5J6bu(5J6bu)Adult (m)8,9191,3722
KVwkC(KVwkC)Adult (m)7,9901,2103
J6uj0(J6uj0)Adult (m)8,1061,2263
TAQsn(TAQsn)Adult (m)8,6791,1932
PWgcv(PWgcv)Adult (m)3,6568054
HNhy6(HNhy6)Adult (m)6,8459182
IiX1Y(IiX1Y)Adult (m)6,3078840
0Nqrd(0Nqrd)Adult (m)3,4106532
29IU9(29IU9)Adult (m)3,3796312
AxmyK(AxmyK)Adult (m)6,8509802
PeoT1(PeoT1)Adult (m)10,3711,4441
9eJW8(9eJW8)Adult (m)8,3071,2394
3ecKM(3ecKM)Adult (m)9,6481,26510
6QiXa(6QiXa)Adult (m)10,0141,3634
6uCS5(6uCS5)Adult (m)8,2421,3331
DwGJ9(DwGJ9)Adult (m)9,2181,3085
eXyp0drowning in poisonAdult (f)6,5589175
VxQLGDarling LinnAdult (m)3,4008402
HCNuDDarling GrunAdult (m)4,1147084
yy8uZDarling ZimaenAdult (m)4,6879701
g4icqDarling Tinseled DreamAdult (m)4,0381,3141
IjqmDDarling PrinceHatchling (m, F)4,1931,1027
fj2a2Darling FalkonAdult (m)5,0701,1953
Cit2hDarling WisdomAdult (m)4,7001,2127
52N9dDarling HeirHatchling (m, F)2,8139281
0lZw3Darling OracleAdult (m)3,4009132
J7YNpCall Me When You Get HomeAdult (m)2,9709602
Y5PZOSmoking PipeAdult (m)2,4738082
kaJb9Homeboy Smoking a CandycaneAdult (m)3,0038832
NM4taCraig's and Rube's ChildAdult (m)1,8628261
b8SGzMissouri River BankAdult (m)6,8001,3146
UmZrWDarling MayuriAdult (m)2,6167245
cF0haWhere's the OcarinaAdult (m)6,3191,2576
uUuZ0dril wintAdult (m)6,5921,3363
40y2JCertified DeathAdult (m)7,2691,1733
zTFHNBacked by GoldAdult (m)8,0551,0894
BtNPbIcy Cold ToesAdult (m)8,1001,0984
y125t125 WhyAdult (m)7,6251,1532
7UWc0Lasting LovesAdult (m)5,0821,1183
YtlhuPrickly Holly BerryAdult (m)5,5628544
JPHosFull of Sweet JoysAdult (m)9,5871,3354
MQrrJMorriqAdult (m)10,6111,2304
KQkIFDarling TerscaleAdult (m)6,3151,2294
p5FnB(p5FnB)Adult (m)6,0689082
TSUTl(TSUTl)Adult (m)5,7838544
DOv9j(DOv9j)Adult (m)5,8248902
amdaHDarling AmandahAdult (m)9,3421,2033
JyFQBdarling mossAdult (m)9,1581,2294
DaBPe(DaBPe)Adult (m)9,6631,2506
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