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Lyrical Lineages

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
naiSXAnd Another one  Bites the DuustAdult (m)2,3307931
4dhHZAnd Another one  Bites the DustAdult (m)2,6888671
EeeZzOh why can I not Conquer LoveAdult (m)3,3828565
7MYMNAnd I Might Have ThoughtAdult (f)4,1497464
oxwGPThat we Were oneAdult (m)2,4666460
Cex9dWanted to Fight This warAdult (f)2,4918252
nbiwUWithout WeaponsAdult (m)2,8167530
CRJCyI Wanted it I Want it bad butAdult (f)2,9147413
zflg1There Were too Many red FlagsAdult (m)2,9728203
hiGLTNow Another one Bites the DustAdult (f)2,6957323
alWviNow Let's be Clear I TrustAdult (m)3,0618493
2CDSxNo one and I Will Stay upAdult (f)2,7028242
NxZDUThrough the Night Let's be ClearAdult (m)3,1028513
vRF1gWon't Close my EyesAdult (f)3,3908382
OGmBYAnd I Know That I can SurviveAdult (m)3,1918544
BJMPhI'll Walk Through FireAdult (f)3,13684814
na9FCTo Save my Life andAdult (m)3,3568655
p55iUI Want it I Want my Life so badAdult (f)3,2208331
3n12XIm Doing Everything I canAdult (m)3,1988513
SS4DDAnd Another one Bites the DuustAdult (f)3,0237751
VOTeDIt's Hard to Lose a Chosen oneAdult (m)2,9537971
ijwyhYou did not Break  meAdult (f)8,9661,5697
w6CZVl'm Still Fighting for PeaceAdult (m)4,3847681
gWnZDWell I've got Thick Skin and anAdult (f)7,8491,4643
jbrPeElastic Heart but Your BladeAdult (m)2,5768412
nhaLqIt Might be too SharpAdult (f)2,7617422
TxaEhl'm Like a Rubber BandAdult (m)3,9166654
AhkPmUntil you Pull too HardAdult (f)2,5386571
EFxcKI Might Snap When I Move CloseAdult (m)3,6088405
i1EdoYou Won't see me Fall ApartAdult (f)2,7708402
f0baOCuz I've got an Elastic HeartAdult (f)3,4378442
R1uHpCause I've got an Elastic HeartAdult (f)3,2616813
E9xFSClipped  WingsAdult (m)7,1861,4428
e0BFdI was a Broken ThingAdult (f)6,3141,1937
Yw2lsHad a Voice had a VoiceAdult (m)4,4701,29611
ikrzmBut I Could not SingAdult (f)5,0338327
pOfaJYou'd Wind me DownAdult (m)5,2631,2252
RHqayHa - I Struggled on the GroundAdult (f)11,1501,84111
DzLM7Oh so LostAdult (m)6,3761,09114
L52STThe Line had Been CrossedAdult (f)3,2577260
NP1YoHad a Voice x 2Adult (m)5,4641,0983
tIDHrBut I Could not TalkAdult (f)5,3261,4926
Lkx5HYou Held me DownAdult (m)3,0018172
vVKRRI Struggle to fly nowAdult (f)7,3161,5079
M8MIROh but There's a Scream InsideAdult (m)8,3241,4774
419nsWe all try to HideAdult (f)2,80243626
7xaybWe Hold on so TightAdult (m)3,5958431
qc3vhWe Cannot DenyAdult (f)3,44052821
uIwK6It Eats us AliveAdult (m)3,3488462
ClsXFOh it Eats us AliveAdult (f)2,7347252
BxPAfI Don't Wanna die x 2Adult (m)6,9007546
BxXpfAnd I Don't Care ifAdult (f)2,9998201
ACJDxI Sing off-keyAdult (m)3,2038103
febJII Find Myself in the MelodiesAdult (f)4,0118593
EhMiSI Sing for Love I  Sing for meAdult (m)2,7146992
EshCPI Shout it out Like a BirdAdult (f)3,1728644
zNAHhSet Free now I flyAdult (m)3,4048325
TBDy0Hit Those High NotesAdult (f)3,0348441
Gk5xLI Have a Voice Have a VoiceAdult (m)3,5138391
Wzc2pHear me Roar TonightAdult (f)4,3117823
VF9M7You HeId me DownAdult (m)4,9798165
4RZbPBut I Fought Back LoudAdult (f)2,6967123
PAiIcParty GirlsAdult (m)4,42690711
3xi2mDon't get HurtAdult (f)4,0148404
LRoUrCan't FeeI AnythingAdult (m)7,3401,4083
hgwY3When Will I  LearnAdult (f)5,3528833
Z4eZnI Push it Down I Push it DownAdult (m)2,9378235
1CFbbI'm the one for a Good TimeAdult (f)2,9978031
hLNUcCall - Phone's Blowing upAdult (m)4,8321,07329
bRioHRinging my DoorbellAdult (f)4,3571,2419
iftiQI Feel the Love I Feel the LoveAdult (m)5,5801,4814
OVOp3The sun is upAdult (f)6,5661,42810
vJcRXAnd I'm a MessAdult (m)2,8418742
5Dl5aGotta get up nowAdult (f)4,3298977
qSnXqI Gotta run From ThisAdult (m)3,0208171
D4PhDHere Comes the Shame x 2Adult (f)7,2461,36251
haLAJ1 2 3 1 2 3 Drink x 3Adult (m)5,3601,2028
bGW3GThrow 'em back 'til I lose CountAdult (f)4,7888676
kx2MzI'm Going to SwingAdult (m)2,7978800
sYhZ9From the Chandelier x 2Adult (f)2,7638151
HdsIQI'm Gonna LiveAdult (m)3,6518052
UOzaFLike Tomorrow Doesn't ExistAdult (f)2,7118452
U7h1mLike it Doesn't  ExistAdult (m)3,1757233
NPsJBI'm Gonna fly  Like a BirdAdult (f)2,7218422
CNFUDThrough the NiightAdult (m)2,3456972
IDl1EFeeI my Tears as They dryAdult (f)2,9728753
1zg6jI'm Holding on for Dear LifeAdult (m)2,6848473
HPkJoWon't Open my  EyesAdult (m)2,8517961
GRJveKeep my GIass FullAdult (f)2,3056732
11DgbTop of  MorningAdult (m)2,8748250
9fWqMIt's Morning TimeAdult (f)3,2645900
UcSU7They can Keep Knocking me DownAdult (m)2,8376812
NrTV0And Keep Fighting meAdult (f)2,7938363
AhJcJBut I'm Gonna get Back upAdult (m)2,7417212
XzoTIImma Rise like the PhoenixAdult (f)6,9921,1244
5HveQEvery SingIe TimeAdult (m)2,9927811
OjnV1Even if I Died and Lost it allAdult (f)4,2951,0095
6D9Itl'm Gonna get Back upAdult (m)4,4141,3012
ug6CyBack up Back upAdult (f)4,3728072
ZZIBJKeep Living my Best LifeAdult (m)4,5337612
i7oO7Oh That's my SecretAdult (f)2,9538220
MGob0Get Back upAdult (m)3,8191,2612
nYo0kOh you Don't Have to Keep itAdult (f)2,9028320
5m2ywBaby oh can you Believe itAdult (m)2,7358203
5mxR8It's Easy When you see it BabyAdult (f)4,0068081
FdcdLI Thought I was PreparedAdult (m)2,9728811
4aHUCBut I'm Still UnpreparedAdult (f)3,1838204
NkN7FAnd ScaredAdult (m)2,8628192
t37ZRYou Know What It's FineAdult (m)2,8728852
1k31oI'm not Gonna dieAdult (f)2,9918021
WQ2ijI Don't Fear you AnymoreAdult (m)3,2946944
6yZpQI Don't Fear you Crafting MinesAdult (f)2,6257964
EQ6OuOnly Idiots dieAdult (m)2,6676853
lRHvNMe Have big Smart BrainAdult (m)2,8518441
Vo15hOh yaAdult (f)2,8788073
6fkuWI'm  DeadAdult (f)2,4915953
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