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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KFLsV(KFLsV)Hatchling (F)3,3952281
ph0HG(ph0HG)Hatchling (f, F)3,0468083
M1fNOKisses of PassionAdult (f)4,3816364
4LIXjLove HelixAdult (f)4,2315252
S7eehAbsconding LoveAdult (f)2,4427135
LwnVUTarnished LoverAdult (f)3,2568164
V6VCEFated LoverAdult (f)4,7551,0233
UWyWELover's MischiefAdult (f)5,2569069
vLvryCreating EmpathyAdult (f)4,3341,1824
LbedqEnigmatic LoveAdult (f)4,6829793
n3SigLovely EmpathyAdult (f)4,61871512
tNXdnLove's BlessingsAdult (f)4,9919675
y1B20Empathic FateAdult (f)5,6121,1823
jEXwVAlmost EmpathicAdult (f)6,9851,3144
qFTlLEmpathic SinAdult (f)7,0551,2435
a61BcLove AmbrosiaAdult (f)4,0239454
loYvDEmpathic LoveAdult (f)5,9801,4165
pJ9ySEmpathy LoverAdult (f)5,7711,3793
tmje4Concrete EmpathyAdult (f)5,3955801
9AVF1Holly EmpathyAdult (f)5,5151,17320
RTHiGGilded EmpathyAdult (f)4,9661,2933
RnsPHSystematic EmpathyAdult (f)4,7807473
OwEy2Empathy VibesAdult (f)4,1541,0142
B06LsFrosted EmpathyAdult (f)4,8996798
V02LMCreated EmpathyAdult (f)3,52431813
ADuFC(ADuFC)Adult (f)3,8422687
NRjTUEmpathetic MischiefAdult (f)6,3191,2605
jHrvYFrostbite EmpathyAdult (f)6,3591,4185
dApGPEmpathy ErrorAdult (f)7,0141,2963
dnpOhEqual EmpathyAdult (f)3,6381,0095
uCysD(uCysD)Adult (f)3,5137683
0zlrjWistful HeartbeatAdult (f)4,3217353
E8UX5Azure EmpathyAdult (f)5,1419112
4mNxPEasy EmpathyAdult (f)4,1974723
RtqxMEmpathy EnigmaAdult (f)3,1184983
WTKjhStunning EmpathyAdult (f)3,3746844
bJqZ9Painful EmpathyAdult (f)4,2886662
bzdpPSerene EmpathyAdult (f)1,8285812
qpIMnExciting EmpathyAdult (f)2,4105823
6Ws9uGust of EmpathyAdult (f)3,4538702
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