Dragon Cave

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9JJOnwill fade awayAdult (f)5,1411,0260
lVceFWe unite in a burst of the fightAdult (m)5,0148472
4g1TDBorn in the dark one of a kindAdult (m)3,8116988
yjrWNCome with me to fading starsAdult (f)4,3119132
uZwe5Of fire and flameAdult (m)3,7428470
gX712the eve of the fight we fallAdult (f)4,6148951
WvAHbIn the valley of the holyAdult (m)3,9458201
liXpQFly with me to hell and backAdult (f)3,8677864
ujMmqWe bow and follow by your sideAdult (m)3,6596931
oIhjYAt the turn of the tideAdult (f)3,7687071
duQJNWhen the moon's shining brightAdult (f)3,7737121
qdWjROver valleys and the fieldsAdult (m)3,4047291
naZT7dawn of a new era beginsAdult (f)3,4307430
fjLPhSay my friend miseryAdult (f)3,1898090
UcRWGIn the dragons territoryAdult (f)3,1768180
ru4PRMy quest for the fallen beginsAdult (f)4,2628260
gS4FZyour deeds were never in vainAdult (m)3,4737381
YpbLGBorn out of painAdult (m)3,2797450
fsEO5darkness takes controlAdult (m)3,4127150
PnYoNHears the silence so loudAdult (m)3,4427091
c5ZH7The fight of her lifeAdult (f)3,3526851
vfjbCand wings on her sideAdult (f)3,8838472
hl5frshe cuts like a knifeAdult (f)3,0577801
NRF8GCare to be a heroAdult (m)3,0517600
VtAlQUnveiling the power she holdsAdult (f)3,0117450
nkjLoand stories full of magicAdult (m)3,0857651
DcdfNCalling the raven of darknessAdult (f)4,7888310
u37Kxfly away to eternityAdult (f)4,7278611
djxGbMy defender of kingsAdult (f)4,8408360
dLNoHFor the kingdom and the gloryAdult (m)4,7658110
QDupKA creature so deadly to allAdult (m)5,0946763
eVgkyIn the first morning lightAdult (m)4,8206452
lpCAbare all the sameAdult (f)4,9316793
ffy8aSpikes on her backAdult (f)3,7317190
oori4In the war of dragonsAdult (m)3,6246981
TgDrLThrough heaven's gate we flyAdult (f)3,9898222
kZs7OSoaring wings the screamsAdult (m)4,0458071
H56pXa sin the tears I cryAdult (f)3,6947991
Sip3TStill I hear 'em sayAdult (m)3,6807931
yXerusky is closing inAdult (f)3,6417821
yP47RInto the light blood ofAdult (m)3,6537931
HW6n6We are bound foreverAdult (f)3,6047922
rXz8GSoaring wings theAdult (m)3,5837882
MvOmyprotector of the realm hasfallenAdult (f)3,4457391
pPxCzTell a tale of sevenAdult (m)3,3517111
wPwxpIn shades of greyAdult (m)3,9708351
uiGbSEnd of days aAdult (m)3,9088582
bu74uwe bow in sorrowAdult (m)3,9848362
HVwHLTears of a dragonheartAdult (f)3,8688423
cy9orPray for one and pray for allAdult (f)4,0378342
JN7H3world of ice againAdult (f)3,9928661
XWWzzOn the way to distant shoresAdult (f)3,8098541
VV7z6Say why this mysteryAdult (f)3,9338871
MI98qI can see my fallAdult (m)3,9518981
X4cv7In the darkest of daysAdult (f)3,9988582
CwLtUHear the wind oh whisper liesAdult (f)4,9431,3312
RszDPscreams are all the sameAdult (f)5,0851,3792
dOg66A place without a nameAdult (f)5,5401,4312
kGYq4Nightmares from the graveAdult (f)5,5361,4234
yYvmuOnly ghosts of a dreamAdult (f)4,4721,4032
Gnk8vWe fight a tyrant made of sorrowAdult (f)4,6881,4237
7lk5SBurning the bridges to ashesAdult (m)4,5901,3492
XfG6mAlone in the halls of darknessAdult (m)4,5441,3691
wzNHEInter arma silent legesAdult (f)4,6841,3923
t9s19Wisdom he holds to be foundAdult (m)4,7431,4255
drzG4Your light will shine our wayAdult (m)4,5411,3572
S3s1vI am lost in a mazeAdult (m)4,6791,3284
fszSGThis dark world turning darkerAdult (f)4,9801,3141
HrJERBlack is the sorcerer's wayAdult (f)4,7851,2902
JdPNHFire's sweet caressHatchling (F)1,3602182
7wsOyin shadows we crawlHatchling (F)1,0212061
IxkBYMystery of grand empireAdult (f)4,6231,4115
4gD1zIn the wake of an army brokenAdult (m)4,5161,3474
PxOwHin search of the untold liesAdult (m)4,8171,3954
8UrTtIn the words of a spell unspokenAdult (f)4,5961,3882
QlvYZA soul sets sail to wander freeAdult (m)3,1051,0612
Q9IgAastray in clouds of fear I fallAdult (m)3,3851,0316
THWdlMeet your twisted fateAdult (m)3,4941,0282
ucMKfAncient master show no mercyAdult (f)3,5661,0182
EXEFOFallen angels on the stepsAdult (m)3,5941,0492
OTi28Summoned by a force of evilAdult (f)3,4861,0232
AuiBmFlyin' high flyin' lowAdult (m)4,0009661
yK9pyIn the forest of iceAdult (m)3,6149991
gMhaIEvil seeks to earn your trustAdult (m)3,7919161
rKMX7Messenger of light and wisdomAdult (m)3,7368501
vmrhZfly far away in a firestormAdult (f)3,8739201
Kfc1mA fallen star has left its markAdult (f)3,9659560
gnKeBWe light the beaconsAdult (f)3,5148223
uoTYwWe fill the sky in every formAdult (m)3,7258472
ANotJTwilight is the ring of fireAdult (m)3,7809196
mWE2RHope and glory onlyAdult (m)3,7289461
8NnULWhen a star has fallenAdult (f)3,1298001
V5dAiyour wings in the moonlightAdult (m)3,5548443
IuazUOn a cold winters nightAdult (m)3,4968782
7IhN5your wings in the starlightAdult (f)3,4608041
4ybB9All light in the darkAdult (m)3,7038645
dqB77and that dream is full of hopeAdult (m)3,2778081
yG4H2We fly so far awayAdult (m)3,7348871
JAeRoIn spite of it all the shadowsAdult (m)4,9871,0573
WceY9Fury carried on the wind blowAdult (m)5,8801,2075
bSspHMerciful and life will followAdult (f)6,2421,1795
mHRYcCome set fire to the skyAdult (m)3,4557401
8x9qRflames will never ease the painAdult (f)3,9347501
zchUYOnly fire will keep us aliveAdult (m)3,1977471
TdlZGTwisting the blade like a mirrorAdult (f)4,1117930
D6GDeWe will rise out of ashesAdult (f)3,5417161
OjPGFHidden truths we always failedAdult (f)3,1076710
anGfEOnly angels burningHatchling (F)1,0591891
oxFcyopen up the darkAdult (f)2,4656900
HRbngthe dark side of human natureAdult (f)2,9007242
GmZzGThat can light by a single sparkAdult (f)2,5906501
vKgZoTo shed their tears for the fallAdult (f)3,0907470
3m3temaster of the swordAdult (m)3,4687800
YAN1Mdark light colors fadeAdult (f)3,6418101
ewPGXAt the gates of seven kingdomsAdult (m)2,8177792
0IEsXbehind the moon they comeHatchling (f, F)2,3907602
7Bq4PFall in line get downAdult (f)4,5916192
a8sMdIt's the dawn of a new horizonAdult (f)5,4356543
YyrRGHe will teach youAdult (m)3,2976781
YRAk2You are the one toAdult (m)3,3516812
K2O9xMoon sets over EdenAdult (m)3,4038701
8RAveIt's the time of the inquisitionHatchling (f, F)2,8057741
1hSNIthe rainbow is grey and darkAdult (f)4,3399613
paqEUyou've becomeAdult (f)3,4797143
TIbT4all the roads lead to painAdult (f)1,9427072
fbLhzIn the pale blue light tonightAdult (f)1,9617221
Q2sAVThere's no time to repentAdult (f)3,8369082
T7d56You can't deny whatAdult (f)3,2317062
nIM4Bthe brave on the battlefieldAdult (f)4,4531,0491
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