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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RZvprMy forum name is ninishHatchling (F)3,1802402
0d0b8Minted DancerAdult (f)2,9605754
COJb4Knighted StalactiteAdult (f)3,2634673
T1P59Vivid CyberwitchAdult (m)4,4518096
AwLewCosmos ArcanaAdult (m)3,5138235
Qh5e3Discord's Ninish2350Hatchling (F)3,6562641
KAUGXI accept ious for bloodswaps 8DHatchling (F)3,3752252
GXyNDand for holiday checker matesHatchling (F)3,5372451
4AdZnCURRENTLY NOT TAKING IOUS THOHatchling (f, F)4,0558014
fW9eLI don't actively collect PrizesHatchling (F)3,0193381
reQXTI just have a few becauseHatchling (F)2,8173154
e3DNbtheir offspring is easy to tradeHatchling (F)2,7182980
rmDvKo--o--o--oAdult (f)3,2955971
g9s7KPRIORITY WISHLISTHatchling (F)1,0671470
X2DtOSorted by Priority but any's Gr8Hatchling (F)2,2162422
R622AMOST DESIREDHatchling (F)5,1195783
TXzagHERE COME THE HOLIDAY MATESHatchling (F)1,6063252
caDV43G from Female Avatars forHatchling (F)2,4812212
PctFkNo- this is PatrickAdult (m)4,7039585
MqfW15g Male Whites CheckerHatchling (F)3,1334162
YOyNiA Corpse's ReasonsAdult (f)3,6801,2101
u2uLK4g Fem verdigris copper checkHatchling (F)3,0933522
Js9ERLucky ArcanaAdult (m)3,4131,2282
fl5x34g light lumina checkerHatchling (F)1,8762752
B2LoHDark Agony CryAdult (f)2,5738042
eRerb2g blue gemshard x male omen BUTHatchling (F)2,7612864
PkoIzfrom naughty coded parents forHatchling (F)3,8123653
P9wKiWill DECLINE non naughty parentsHatchling (F)1,0611781
5mCOQ(5mCOQ)Adult (m)2,6236325
gEV5W4g checker with F silver heraldsHatchling (F)6443340
0KCKkTarkrall the LoonAdult (m)3,3158452
PCGzs6g black tea x rose forHatchling (F)2,0842022
VEmc9A Thorny LoveAdult (f)4,6741,1594
qAuYlMETAL CHECKERS OR OTHERSHatchling (F)2,1122051
qR7SF3g Female sunsong checkerHatchling (F)2,4942472
GHkHPAnd  Where to Find themAdult (m)7,1417482
trpjG3g male gold checkerHatchling (F)2,4762962
o0uiOOui  Je suis tres belleAdult (f)3,0857393
KMrCnNo iou for 2g metalsHatchling (F)2,1302093
3fyUl2g gold from fem gold forHatchling (F)8061580
8Vajp2g BS x F caligene forHatchling (F)2,3062662
8h0H6Old GlyphAdult (f)3,5439712
ca0xP2g F silver shim forHatchling (F)2,0362620
OamdcAo no TamaAdult (m)4,6798963
rahzLMurasakino TsubasaAdult (m)7,0559115
Jfke8Alabaster  PrinceAdult (m)3,4454412
gGhH82g M silver tinsel forHatchling (F)1,6311662
aLn3lDawn's AquaflorAdult (f)3,7109342
5QHTD2g M bronze shim forHatchling (F)2,8832692
geQ6hRolling in GemshardsAdult (f)2,6962943
VwAcxo -- o -- o -- oAdult (m)3,4704990
5eWZ8Cb gold hahahahHatchling (F)3,6102811
mShsTCb silver - because why not XDHatchling (F)1,5203007
NIrBpAnd well- CB StateraeHatchling (F)2,1432122
EMnitI need 1 Fem and 1 MaleHatchling (F)2,8173193
oZcE12g SAlt kin- hahaHatchling (F)2,8253211
cAwpRNo but- for realHatchling (F)2,4152701
o6XwMI would LUV a 2g fall x AltcanaHatchling (F)3,1162403
rudlAOr 2g Tercorn-Aqualis-Lihn fromHatchling (F)2,8493341
9JRq2a spriter's altHatchling (F)2,4412962
9KLtKBecause they're gorgHatchling (F)2,4614212
d7GgcOr 2g gemsh x naughty M alt omenHatchling (F)4,8394231
cE6k3HOLIDAY BREEDS WISHLISTHatchling (F)2,1872551
5M0zjHALLOWEEN NEEDSHatchling (F)3,0553603
ZTJH46g female pumpkin checker forHatchling (F)1,3671842
McvmLArcane PotpurriAdult (m)3,8005393
KMhLR3g fem desipis from almerald forHatchling (F)1,8885483
qudfiArrrantAdult (m)3,4082883
49z433g arcana from male aeons forHatchling (F)9192523
yMSdAWall WitchAdult (m)4,8749685
k7jaX(k7jaX)Hatchling (F)2,9232401
PHidHPhi TenebraeAdult (f)5,7221,0324
KTlOsKitlas RainfurAdult (f)5,6589654
J7oWEBone HaunterAdult (m)2,6497581
aCsdXLuckiest  NoodleAdult (m)2,8756053
SGqRFMoontear TenebraeAdult (f)5,9161,0361
SUcvNXMAS NEEDSHatchling (F)1,4722281
nY74P3g from white wings snowangelHatchling (F)2,2432321
lLJ32Resplandor de NavidadAdult (m)3,7626882
8X0Ho3g white snowangel x purpleHatchling (F)1,7922871
EWLYOPurplish FeathersAdult (m)4,3176713
fZd384g yule from purple forHatchling (F)2,4692426
SB2uZYule in BloomAdult (f)2,3616133
kwEAk(kwEAk)Adult (m)4,7057062
NjLDmWatery CandystripeAdult (f)3,7784593
uCLO9VALENTINE NEEDSHatchling (F)3,4643012
Q4XdZ5g Val09 from flamingos forHatchling (F)2,7322451
R7VcGFeathered ThuwedAdult (m)3,5236454
eg5mx5g rosebud from purple neb forHatchling (F)2,4462332
2Ny2GStarry RosefieldAdult (m)5,2248043
JnRtw4g Val09 from whites forHatchling (F)3,0072361
GHpMPMi'Azure RomanceAdult (m)5,1037371
e8B97(e8B97)Hatchling (F)2,4762202
ED1FdValentino el BesadorAdult (m)3,5523731
qYGJm(qYGJm)Hatchling (F)1,4171632
MUGSUIsolde's Beloved ChildAdult (m)3,1947584
0MAck(0MAck)Hatchling (F)2,5122463
QKUROKURO AzhreiAdult (m)5,0996765
pkb6iUltimate TeaAdult (f)7,1035671
ZueWcStellar Blood ReignAdult (m)5,3517871
fYHJgFabio du TemploAdult (m)6,1716153
xHDcSLuxury BlueAdult (m)1,8326843
dt1wzI ran out of pygmiesHatchling (m, F)5,6817092
Xjf3Y9g autumn from autumn start SLPHatchling (F)1,9062541
UJY5zGladia ArcanaAdult (f)4,0648216
H3SYH8g autumn- winter start unrel toHatchling (F)1,7851933
sffewSelene ArcanaAdult (f)4,4696523
D7A8v7g autumn- spring start unrel toHatchling (F)3,0162222
8tva9Yuuni ArcanaAdult (m)4,0408413
jiVMWTHESE ARE PENDINGHatchling (F)1,9322663
GuKjO2g ST x M SW forHatchling (F)2,9904333
aKcuODo you want to build a ScarecrowAdult (m)2,5756575
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