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Tasty Treats Lineage

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PgjJCB's Elderflower WineAdult (f)71352030
kWurCB's Dandelion WineAdult (m)1,00938527
qL8fqCB's Scuppernong WineAdult (m)4,6581,0462
qKswpCB's Truffle WineAdult (f)4,6681,0191
RhJDzCB's Raw OrangeBlossomAdult (f)8,6999431
4shLyCB's Raw CloverAdult (m)5,4158973
pqqAoCB's Raw WaverunnerAdult (m)6,0999831
9UQcUCB's Raw WaveskimmerAdult (f)4,9521,0833
SlNZMCB's Goldberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)9,8531,3583
124U7CB's Sugarberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)10,2921,4014
E31iSCB's Raspberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)11,1039471
4o1ffCB's Wildberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)8,5159751
BEgeBCB's Strawberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)6,1079943
7SNKDCB's Redberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)4,9319253
zPmzBCB's Cherryberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)5,5369651
RczWVCB's Blueberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)6,9189375
ao96pCB's Sourberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)5,5079602
OCAcMCB's Blackberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)5,1701,1212
zuVJMCB's Tartberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)4,7389082
rpK1OG2's Golden Razz 2ScoopsAdult (f)6,0831,0792
JEIQqG2's Sugarplum 2ScoopsAdult (m)5,8361,0394
eV8E3G2's Doubleberry 2ScoopsAdult (f)5,2851,0851
kgr0YG2's Strawberry Tart 2ScoopsAdult (m)6,1789653
Lhaz0G2's Caramel OrangeAdult (m)5,7101,0272
EZdS4G2's Saltwater TaffyAdult (f)5,1831,0971
z7FrmG2's Honey DipperAdult (m)4,6549202
1aG71G2's RichmeadAdult (f)5,9129462
KLc5VG2's Summer BrewAdult (m)4,1149413
qTVKwG3's Caramel TaffyAdult (f)5,7389062
qoK7qG3's Sweetberry 2ScoopsAdult (m)5,1861,0651
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