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LL07: The Gambler

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yyL1wSlow down we've gotAdult (m)6,2411,2841
lQnCNtime left to be lazyAdult (f)3,2917353
oi2XPAll the kids have bloom fromAdult (m)4,4111,1243
RrL0pbabies into flowers in our eyesAdult (f)4,5949041
a2ZcMWe got fifty good yearsAdult (m)5,4019644
1TZUcto spend out in the gardenAdult (f)4,9039792
5ZHikI don't care to beg your pardonAdult (m)5,3001,0614
u8Dswwe should live until we dieAdult (f)5,2589664
eVXQLWe were barely eighteen whenAdult (m)4,6819641
A0kkRwe crossed collective heartsAdult (f)5,8011,2672
7gre1It was cold but it got warmAdult (m)5,1209771
7R3USwhen you barely crossed my eyeAdult (f)4,0498662
LCyLFAnd then you turnedAdult (m)4,3221,1442
a0ctLput out your handAdult (f)4,2361,1491
5ZG2Mand you asked me to danceAdult (m)9,5949141
D1ye3I knew nothing of romanceAdult (f)4,0919362
1AVLKbut it was loveAdult (m)2,6796574
cpchQat second sightAdult (f)4,7979852
bWhRNI swear when I grow upAdult (m)5,5681,0811
RsHGLI won't just buy you a roseAdult (f)3,9448031
YPH8EI will buy the flower shopAdult (m)2,41770213
DE3nzand you will never be lonelyAdult (f)4,2159203
0tsiDFor even if the sun stopsAdult (m)3,6039983
Qy28Zwaking up over the fieldsAdult (f)4,7398391
wO4flI wiIl not leaveAdult (m)2,7367002
q9HloI will not leaveAdult (f)4,1709171
Hwqditil it's our timeAdult (m)3,0108072
WUpoWSo just take my handAdult (f)2,8957602
TPxtmyou know that IAdult (m)2,6736902
phM60will never leave your sideAdult (f)2,6767112
y52rAo The Gambler oHatchling (f, F)2,2705902
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