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Red-finned Hoard

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ptObEII - The High PriestessAdult (f)7,1341,4483
ljRbUI - The MagicianAdult (m)7,6481,4135
YYjpnV - The HierophantAdult (f)6,5311,3835
0wYtCIV - The EmperorAdult (m)5,3231,2092
QIAgyXI - JusticeAdult (f)5,7181,0774
1xulOVI - The LoversAdult (f)6,1811,4604
USgj3VII - The ChariotAdult (f)5,6131,0784
P6CmVVIII - StrengthAdult (m)4,9651,1001
dfA1dIX - The HermitAdult (m)6,8811,0294
mNpCJX - Wheel of FortuneAdult (m)6,6291,4477
ntmZ4XII - The Hanged ManAdult (m)5,3941,3883
wCrxrIII - The EmpressAdult (f)4,0331,2462
T0rk5XIII - DeathAdult (m)3,2541,0936
Ny7nhXIV - TemperanceAdult (f)4,0701,1613
xA9eEXV - The DevilAdult (m)3,0315143
WGtAJXVI - The TowerAdult (m)3,7919480
H8NuBXVII - The StarAdult (f)4,9751,1033
8BA0pXVIII - The MoonAdult (f)4,6421,1022
TL4ZiXIX - The SunAdult (f)4,6311,0681
f2rEPXX - JudgementAdult (f)3,2881,0147
dGZuHLeetle ArcanaHatchling (m, F)3,3091,0081
mRuS5XXI - The WorldAdult (m)4,3921,2292
gWVLG0 - The FoolAdult (f)4,3591,2450
7tyyfTiny Leetle FishieHatchling (F)1,2021962
Arb8xLeetle Shy DancerHatchling (f, F)4,8978574
N0uvkRFTidal Encyclopedia Entry 1Adult (m)6,6331,1373
LSkKSRFTidal Encyclopedia Entry 2Adult (m)6,7351,1576
YmbSbRFTidal Encyclopedia Entry 3Adult (f)6,8781,1185
5gvUn(5gvUn)Adult (f)4,5771,1003
Wrguf(Wrguf)Adult (f)6,0311,1381
bBTde(bBTde)Adult (m)6,3141,1381
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