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Glaucus Hoard

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TVvFxi don't think i'd forgetAdult (m)5,0991,2212
ZtKHFnot who loves youAdult (f)3,1081,2661
Ayj4Qsuch a pretty smileAdult (f)5,0131,2412
E9uhQthey love it when it's brokenAdult (f)3,0641,3441
4frPRyou are what you loveAdult (m)5,6671,2854
Ia2yiforget kara and drownAdult (m)5,4501,3432
bwNX5my heart is a stallionAdult (m)5,1281,3722
47lSawhat a wonderful lieAdult (m)5,3401,3744
HmY0nwelcome to darkened fantasyAdult (m)5,7051,3932
px3TaOcean Calling HelloAdult (m)5,2781,3402
MotysThe Small Light of DarkAdult (f)5,3531,0941
tNhgXmirror who's the loneliestAdult (f)1,9957371
7vjldliving with a heartAdult (m)4,3661,3451
VA9FGthat only wants to disappearAdult (f)4,4471,3512
c5NAwor is the truth rather cruelAdult (f)4,5071,3221
XSfiPremember me as i was not as i amAdult (m)5,4521,0692
EpoJ4even when it faded to nothingAdult (m)4,8331,1301
XSUW6let's be alone together foreverAdult (m)5,3251,0622
6yIIfOcean Calling KingAdult (m)3,6411,3193
G0Clbi'll be your disaster ever afterAdult (f)4,1691,1243
vf9hDone and three there's the queenAdult (f)5,8821,1482
1uGlWforget all the sorrowsAdult (f)5,6891,2522
1voXPshe couldn't take itAdult (f)5,6381,2691
PssQ5a small voice would tell me whyAdult (m)5,4531,2372
xG8u7tell me why tell me dearAdult (m)5,0641,3131
hFH0Islipped into the sun and fadedAdult (f)5,5131,2721
k6AoJMidday ThunderAdult (m)5,8211,1850
G3A64i couldn't see your dreamAdult (m)5,4401,2861
a6aCji taught myself many languagesAdult (m)4,6491,2892
CaVuvto tell you i loved youAdult (f)4,6561,3203
xolVvamongst the problemsAdult (f)6,1731,1263
xhh4zthrough the falloutAdult (f)4,5328033
A5OHqi know you're fine what do i doAdult (m)4,4171,0061
ITAlWtogether we'll be counting starsAdult (f)4,3421,0401
H5UUvmarching like toy soldiersAdult (f)4,9371,1682
SeuHfdreaming of things we could beAdult (m)4,9411,1715
CWRgdafter this long i shouldn'tAdult (f)2,9608221
BLW99remembering saying you'll stayAdult (m)6,8341,1443
4T6DUthe kids arent alrightAdult (m)6,4311,2432
urLOhi'll be your stay longerAdult (m)1,5535563
Q78gvLeetle Marked By BlueHatchling (F)4,0119583
kIWGwthe stench of summer venomAdult (f)3,6166744
dAc0VLeetle Antler of the SkiesHatchling (m, F)6,0251,0952
MskW2JesovicAdult (f)4,9271,3563
amB2Dno matter all you do is hideAdult (m)7,0141,0752
xAPuJthe king is dead dead deadAdult (m)6,9151,0692
Vdjb7even to the moon it still hurtsAdult (f)6,9781,0511
FNur8you and i were fire fireworksAdult (m)6,1051,1387
gEPQG(gEPQG)Adult (m)6,1631,1461
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