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Mates needed for these

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Tt5NHNeeded 2nd G ShimmerAdult (m)3,6642864
3vIjvHolly HorrorAdult (m)6,3481,5436
VGnPh(VGnPh)Adult (f)4,8871,1153
8CNVL(8CNVL)Adult (m)7,5241,2105
7lZWN(7lZWN)Adult (m)3,9195364
Fmk2a(Fmk2a)Adult (f)4,1005846
Mus8rFreckled FateAdult (f)3,6785885
ReInE(ReInE)Adult (m)6,3368513
89AYhSinging SacredsAdult (m)9,6791,04822
P9dpZStalkers RaptureAdult (f)9,2851,0888
0PGUn(0PGUn)Adult (f)5,1793475
5ALPWTreasured HollyAdult (f)6,1731,3524
G9Ac7Winter HollydaysAdult (m)3,8404234
Pfd3HX-Mas MiracleAdult (f)2,4655348
SBQKO(SBQKO)Adult (f)3,0954303
0bPTnHollyberry HoaxAdult (f)2,7924942
3oMTD(3oMTD)Adult (f)3,6224594
Gutu1(Gutu1)Adult (f)4,6631,0541
9iNDD(9iNDD)Adult (f)5,5821,54112
PuMZJSolstice SingingAdult (f)4,3351,2867
1Ywgo(1Ywgo)Adult (f)5,5969551
DammS(DammS)Adult (m)5,0118623
r7SupWant 2nd G or 3rd EG for a mateAdult (m)3,99049444
1LzsjFall FealtyAdult (f)6,43690412
JhLPAWant unrelated 2G ShimmerAdult (m)6,7324548
aPSwr(aPSwr)Adult (f)5,6476683
wjkonHolly RadianceAdult (m)5,0787199
ZNIv2Solstice RadiatingAdult (m)5,9631,2513
ANp6SUntamed RosesAdult (f)3,3964024
8levq(8levq)Adult (m)2,7146434
ZqkAbUnseen EternityAdult (m)6,0701,4292
MqqFn(MqqFn)Adult (m)4,5145733
mwhqMAlmost GraveAdult (m)4,3357382
aNvhVDemise of FaithAdult (f)2,9439214
8IPzR(8IPzR)Adult (m)4,8149052
6r6aR(6r6aR)Adult (f)3,55739213
UNV7QSugary SolsticesAdult (m)5,4541,2305
Qtlb7(Qtlb7)Adult (m)5,1487976
r5t3xStriking SaviorAdult (m)3,3345955
6Nk6zTea and TartsAdult (f)2,4466387
qgf722nd gen silver shimmerkinAdult (m)6,1786741
gDfakHunting CertaintyAdult (f)2,3447014
9Sl6JRadiating NatureAdult (f)6,8661,0747
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