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friends on the other side

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sHUZhDon't you disrepect meAdult (m)1,9655861
MU8u0LittIe manAdult (f)6,9445490
iHAxCDon't you derogateAdult (m)6,4796642
4M71KOr  derideAdult (f)4,9096954
16s91You're in my world nowAdult (m)4,5822,2720
IHAA2Not your worldAdult (f)4,6117892
2fXUZAnd I got friendsAdult (m)4,3427601
vcumE0n the other sideAdult (f)5,2268762
fETL4He's got friendsAdult (m)6,1658512
ymVKp0n  the other sideAdult (f)9,0949822
6bdclThat's an echo gentlemenAdult (m)4,0587813
5i9vHAlittle parlor trick don't worryAdult (f)5,2239102
2AtroSit down at  my tableAdult (m)8,5711,0091
RFJ05Put your minds at easeAdult (f)5,1339393
XQxuqIf you relax you will enable meAdult (m)8,4399114
VLU5WTo do anything l pleaseAdult (f)4,9488441
oulljI  can read your futureAdult (m)4,3596903
jEntgI can change it round some tooAdult (f)4,4178490
goIRrI look deep intoAdult (m)3,8891,0333
vs5rEYour heart and soulAdult (f)4,6799502
yc8SrYou do have a soulAdult (m)3,4408032
Qqpf5Don't you LawrenceAdult (f)4,5559731
MjXixMake your wildestAdult (m)3,5106111
TrqdbDreams   come   trueAdult (f)3,4978121
O8uCgI got voodooAdult (m)3,7318572
J0QLQI got hoodooAdult (f)5,9519812
xNXM7I got things IAdult (m)2,8805928
k2e9GHaven't even triedAdult (f)4,4178230
1gQgZAnd l got friendsAdult (m)3,9099953
3vUzxOn  the  other sideAdult (f)2,77671417
uoTWqOn the  other  sideAdult (f)3,47287020
VkWAOThe cards will tellAdult (f)2,3537251
DsUgaAnd the future as wellAdult (f)3,6516112
l5aLEJust take threeAdult (f)3,9459680
EyNZ5And take a little tripAdult (m)3,63987712
2SHcEInto your future with meAdult (f)4,3669502
VKW0QNow you young manAdult (m)3,1406681
MBba5Are from across the seaAdult (f)3,9468193
bc4zpLong lines of royaltyAdult (f)8,7641,0342
ZnM7qOn my mother's sideAdult (f)3,0166590
Fgj9MYour lifestyle's highAdult (m)3,8216732
qkqXeTakes greenAdult (f)3,3207052
nzdxi(nzdxi)Adult (f)3,2935941
3CbHy(3CbHy)Adult (f)3,1907241
xsj4xYoud be pushedround by your wifeAdult (f)4,2578710
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