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The Last of Us Line

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cMs3bWhat are you still doing upAdult (m)4,0671,0395
UI2BSIt's late -- Oh crudAdult (f)3,6901,0032
NFihgWhat time is  itAdult (m)5,7561,0291
xqI7hIt's way past your bedtimeAdult (f)5,7501,0042
BggNaBut it's still todayAdult (m)4,9291,1131
B5onPHoney please not right nowAdult (f)5,3321,0961
h9NRsHere -- What's thisAdult (m)3,3941,1822
KKD7TYour birthdayAdult (f)4,2961,1502
q8vIoYou kept complaining aboutAdult (m)4,0921,2181
YzQYPYour broken watchAdult (f)4,2061,2402
fgvOdSo I figured - you knowAdult (m)5,8031,0023
HhYTbYou like itAdult (f)5,7721,0071
5KNPLWhere did you getAdult (m)5,0018672
mja8eThe money for thisAdult (f)4,1981,1682
0GpwgDrugs - I sellAdult (m)5,9509091
WiUpDHardcore drugsAdult (f)5,3667113
iJ38qOh good - you can start helpingAdult (m)4,1491,1783
ZsL6rOut with the mortgage thenAdult (f)4,0791,1915
HgJuWStsh - yeah you wishAdult (m)5,2691,1703
Bc40qGoodnight baby girlAdult (f)5,0347424
W7bQGMove your hands babyAdult (m)5,7041,1063
3M39MI know baby - I knowAdult (f)4,9511,0701
xnoI6Listen to  meAdult (m)3,5011,1786
iXn4uI know this hurts babyAdult (f)2,0507423
IxGd4You're gonna be okayAdult (m)5,1456592
BTmbWStay with me - AlrightAdult (f)5,8079102
MJbP6I'm gonna pick you upAdult (m)3,4619262
6CP9vI know baby - I know it hurtsAdult (f)4,9101,0192
EBb4ICome on baby - pleaseAdult (m)3,2589672
JfvkJI know - I knowAdult (f)4,4851,0424
FLN90Sarah baby - Don't do this to meAdult (m)5,8109933
9uyW1Don't do this to me baby girlAdult (f)6,0059822
mTJ1zThe number of confirmed deathsAdult (m)1,2673812
hO7kBhas passed two hundredAdult (f)5,5811,0285
dfbdpLos Angeles is now the latestAdult (m)4,2219032
aPehjcity placed under martial lawAdult (f)3,6359845
LLR42Riots have continuedAdult (m)5,3816542
n5619for a third consecutive dayAdult (f)3,4879644
4Ai67A group calling themselvesAdult (m)3,8541,1522
AtZT4the Fireflies have claimedAdult (f)3,9009432
mWLxQresponsibility for both attacksAdult (m)4,8041,0981
Ln5ZmTheir public charter callsAdult (f)4,9741,0623
tcoCUfor the return of allAdult (m)3,7681,1442
PsJA4branches of governmentAdult (f)4,6041,2331
5ntEBYou can still rise with usAdult (m)5,2211,1892
NNmsZRemember when you're lost in theAdult (f)4,5901,1601
3Cbhrdarkness look for the lightAdult (m)4,2391,2922
b8GUMBelieve in the FirefliesAdult (f)4,2231,2615
hB4E5I have someAdult (m)5,7159502
21UAsinteresting news for youAdult (f)3,1181,0943
N3Q2mWhere were you TessAdult (m)3,7487851
T10kJWest End DistrictAdult (f)3,2015763
2rFyaHey we had a drop to makeAdult (m)3,9341,2115
JDtFhWe - WE had a drop to makeAdult (f)2,9581,0932
i9AaoYeah well - you wanted to beAdult (m)4,1451,0293
V0vMJleft alone rememberAdult (f)3,0121,1867
GiBoQSo I'll take one guessAdult (m)4,1941,2443
ILxcjThe whole deal went south andAdult (f)4,0711,2913
7Jq2Ethe client made off withAdult (m)3,8891,1652
OvYRjour pills - Is that about rightAdult (f)3,8531,2044
Zc1SdDeal went off without a hitchAdult (m)3,8691,1991
SMA3SEnough ration cards to last usAdult (f)3,8631,1893
VSVQba couple of months -- easyAdult (m)4,0281,1563
LDaQ8You want to explain thisAdult (f)4,0271,2166
QTjxsI was on my way back here andAdult (m)4,3851,2002
Dz3V4I got jumped by these two guysAdult (f)3,1851,0364
CKhYCYeah they got a few good hits inAdult (m)4,4061,2222
FP0mOBut - Look I managedAdult (f)5,7189022
Gz7M2What matters is Robert sent themAdult (m)5,8059762
N6hDyThese guys still with usAdult (m)4,6031,2112
1zUX4Now that's funnyAdult (f)4,3849862
80AQ4Did you find out who they wereAdult (m)4,6241,2633
yirz5Yeah look - they don't matterAdult (f)4,1261,0332
05pI5Our Robert - He's smartAdult (f)5,1899262
ePubCNot smart enoughAdult (m)5,7699302
bCAAgI know where he's hidingAdult (f)2,6851,1703
vOiWTOld warehouse in Area 5Adult (m)6,0711,3444
dSeq2Can't say for how long thoughAdult (f)4,6241,1181
delsDWell I'm ready nowAdult (m)3,4291,1892
t4BWYOh I can do nowAdult (f)2,7421,2812
YAUVBWhere's RobertAdult (m)2,7741,0893
XVIqhI needed him aliveAdult (f)4,6201,0582
PDLi0The guns he gave youAdult (m)4,2571,1813
1A8Qdthey weren't his to sellAdult (f)3,8431,0711
ey7noI want them backAdult (m)4,1971,0722
8KhgiDoesn't work like that TessAdult (f)3,7841,0904
leZwWI paid for those guns - You wantAdult (m)3,7071,0631
U85zothem back you're gonna haveAdult (f)4,1501,1913
LyiXFto earn 'emAdult (m)3,3619793
FJ1WiI need something smuggledAdult (f)3,8691,1613
OY6mvout of the city - You do thatAdult (m)4,6201,2322
f3ACKI'll give you your gunsAdult (f)3,7421,0803
CAve8and then someAdult (m)3,7311,1482
VBl2kI gotta moveAdult (f)4,2179831
EQEQ4What's it gonna beAdult (m)3,6971,3284
fBC7xI wanna see those gunsAdult (f)5,8441,0613
TKzNzYou're recrutin' kind ofAdult (m)3,8611,0273
AbQTTyoung aren't youAdult (f)4,4421,1862
PIIBNShe's not one of mineAdult (m)4,3411,2683
Ame6BWhat    happenedAdult (f)5,2751,0711
ANAwHHey - We're smugglin' herAdult (f)4,4861,2542
l8ix6the weapons are yoursAdult (f)5,7541,3235
9JXdYWhat's the deal withAdult (f)4,0491,1783
RPaYFyou and Marlene anywaysAdult (m)3,7181,1677
OkXsMShe's my friend I guessAdult (f)4,0647893
SbKPGYour friend-You're friends withAdult (m)4,8646472
OfQvrthe leader of the FirefliesAdult (f)4,4431,0782
Ed0hcI'm sure you willAdult (f)2,9631,07211
CuQ60I got us help - but IAdult (m)4,3091,2514
P30abcan't come with youAdult (f)4,6941,0744
krmhrThat's not exactly closeAdult (m)4,3131,1834
eBiPaYou're capableAdult (f)4,1281,2917
yC5kFWhy are we smugglin' an infectedAdult (f)4,5471,1062
GVsLBNo - So was this lyingAdult (f)4,1171,3133
HBD7DYou better explain fastAdult (f)4,3211,2622
pfP67Ellie we won't get anotherAdult (f)4,5491,2265
tEuHythat'll meet you at the CapitolAdult (f)4,1521,2928
Ngdausmuggle things -- YepAdult (f)4,8171,20310
JyfDFWhat - I need a gunAdult (m)4,9391,0842
wBsl3No you  don'tAdult (f)4,9731,0813
tJRdNJoel - I can handle myselfAdult (m)4,9401,0742
MtA37No - Just stay hereAdult (f)4,9741,0881
zDTNgWhat are  you doingAdult (m)5,3721,3476
N4T91figure that outAdult (m)4,2511,3522
2ZZ7NThis goes on record as theAdult (m)4,9861,0862
ixd56worst job you've ever takenAdult (f)4,8971,0433
lBKhjHow is Tess okay with thisAdult (m)4,7561,0812
g2VKusuicide missionAdult (f)4,9311,0722
56W6JIt's actually her ideaAdult (m)4,5161,0932
MFLcgReally - Well she's not as smartAdult (f)4,8121,1132
5zU1uhow you got infectedAdult (f)5,1431,1345
83D7cWhere you  fromAdult (m)3,9711,2854
yqZhHAll the way from HartfordAdult (f)3,9721,2932
3heKtas I thought she wasAdult (m)4,0771,2833
nAcGhYou gotta take that kid back toAdult (f)4,0211,2681
5ygWBwhere ya found herAdult (m)3,9961,2964
jHJwQBill I can't just take her backAdult (f)4,0491,2803
78nlPThen send her packingAdult (m)3,9511,2962
fBaIEYour watch is brokenAdult (f)3,2441,0274
eZ2QQYou ever smuggle a kid beforeAdult (f)2,9341,0225
Vel2Vgoing on down there -- YeahAdult (f)3,9261,3122
2cFpUThe military abandoned the zoneAdult (m)3,7331,3444
HMZz3Darts -- RightAdult (m)3,8151,0203
tHZ3zIt's why we left - PlaceAdult (f)4,3641,0204
Wxb1Zprobably looks like this by nowAdult (m)4,1301,0213
NDcXxlet her find her own wayAdult (f)3,5939993
p6Q65Let me tell you  a storyAdult (m)3,4671,0103
hpLqEOnce upon a time I had someoneAdult (f)3,9361,0204
TbdhbI cared about - It was a partnerAdult (m)3,7721,0563
mcrTZSomebody I had to look afterAdult (f)3,7041,0693
uUQPAcrap's good for one thingAdult (f)3,6081,0763
fF4J7Gettin' ya killedAdult (m)3,8601,0413
Bkm2sSo you know what I didAdult (f)3,7481,0582
U240uNo - Everyone turns within twoAdult (f)4,2581,2542
xOxP4Really - I heard some bad stuffAdult (m)3,8111,3113
Qn5RHOkay - Alright I'll go firstAdult (m)4,9351,1384
o7292We gotta be carefulAdult (f)4,9541,1454
XD8jnWe're right next to one of theirAdult (m)4,9611,1275
qBAFIlookout areasAdult (f)5,0901,1344
Hy0guWe're not relatedAdult (f)5,6671,0276
mSpMZWhat  are we doing hereAdult (f)3,4311,1404
4ftHXIt's three weeks - I swearAdult (f)4,0091,0923
RJmZ1Hey Sam - Be carefulAdult (f)5,4347573
PhvDhAnd in this world that sort ofAdult (m)5,0647963
KzLmdBull - it is just like thatAdult (m)5,0967824
i30zXBill - It ain't like thatAdult (f)5,3337514
Ws41Sit's gotta be just meAdult (m)4,9818134
K5YqXAnd I realizedAdult (f)4,9628053
xDYr4I wisened upAdult (m)4,9418113
eKSQ3Well then I'm stayingAdult (m)2,9099192
x5ATwDang it -- OhAdult (f)4,4541,0063
WaGDwAlright your turnAdult (m)4,4681,0143
BlY45You keep babysitting longAdult (f)4,3291,0311
Saa7Eenough and eventually it'sAdult (m)4,5561,0392
xHqxTgonna blow up in your faceAdult (f)4,9771,0322
RTcZkOh   manAdult (m)4,7171,0481
nDpRiHey what happened to sleepingAdult (f)4,7251,0332
bqPaDshot at thisAdult (m)4,3301,2032
Ng1LoWhat if they're trapped in thereAdult (m)4,2098831
pRZXOWe're more like - umAdult (m)4,5858840
THWbwI promised someone I'dAdult (f)4,8288641
muAoNOkay I know it doesn't look likeAdult (m)4,6118731
BxkFTit but this here is not a badAdult (f)4,0539101
BTjTEread - Only one problemAdult (m)4,4648932
v2oj3To be  continuedAdult (f)4,3328621
XwPPAThere's a crew of FirefliesAdult (m)4,1181,2253
bPQwNI ain't buying itAdult (f)3,5081,3313
JW7k6You hand her off - come backAdult (m)4,2881,1552
v0hHtThis tunnel - you use it toAdult (m)4,2031,1622
5hbgFLike illegal things -- SometimesAdult (m)3,8071,2522
yBAAHGo - GO - MOVEAdult (f)4,2681,2072
plAXsNo - That's a firstAdult (m)4,9781,1063
q9VQBwithout any control of theirAdult (f)5,6151,0474
gPVp6look after her -- YeahAdult (m)5,8479825
FRFS9I can appreciate thatAdult (f)5,5841,0564
oaiM6Hey you - We're alive - OkayAdult (m)5,6261,0414
iiXzaSee - What'd I tell you huhAdult (f)5,4291,0544
Sh5C4He's good - Everything's fineAdult (m)5,3561,0805
ul4o0Tess how're you holdin' upAdult (f)3,6171,0802
Y8xTCWell - hereAdult (f)5,7921,0233
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