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57---A Visit From St Nick

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xGEedoO- dragons are listed below -OoHatchling (F)3,1105061
ScDnHoO----Oo   oO------Oo   oO----OoHatchling (F)3,1125072
P4JWYso lively and  quickAdult (f)7,8281,1764
OkQigoO--------- Unsorted ---------OoHatchling (m, F)2,8615041
OQEUyoO----Oo  oO-------Oo  oO----OoHatchling (m, F)5,1179502
OPcWait must be St NickAdult (f)7,5659384
NYoQ9just opening his packAdult (f)10,2471,1084
M3boAGive a leetle bit of your loveEgg (F)
LytDron donner and blitzenAdult (f)7,3261,2031
SFhHrthe wild hurricane flyAdult (f)7,6656121
SMke7oO- dragons are listed above -OoHatchling (F)3,0105132
tqvzCnow prancer and vixenAdult (f)6,9641,1521
pWYgv(pWYgv)Adult (f)8,2799012
llhsclike a bowlful of jellyAdult (f)7,9918682
xv9aGdash away  allAdult (f)5,6546452
YePNChis nose like a cherryAdult (f)5,9318701
XA9jhtarnished with ashes and sootAdult (f)7,6378802
WOX0wthen turned with a jerkAdult (f)7,2386922
JwTtYwent straight to his workAdult (f)6,7998662
E4aD0and eight tiny  reindeerAdult (f)6,4351,0374
AwXATcame with a boundAdult (f)8,2198993
1q4eShis head like a wreathAdult (f)7,9358853
9c8xFwas as white as the snowAdult (f)8,2959283
6iiH6aside of his noseAdult (f)5,0325865
6ou7UoO---------- Sorted ----------OoHatchling (m, F)2,9255181
8vr5jin spite of myselfAdult (f)8,0848932
8j8s5up the chimney he roseAdult (f)6,0626452
cxTIeoO----- CB Snows n Gems -----OoAdult (m)3,3156860
SAqLHFlurry of Christmas joy - IskriAdult (m)5,1841,0623
Em3gm(Em3gm)Adult (f)7,1639425
deNe0Flurry of Christmas joy - DeneoAdult (m)5,0261,0532
ZimGH(ZimGH)Adult (f)7,8538811
QAnc0oO----- 2nd Gen from Red -----OoAdult (m)2,9888142
CS3ScoO--- Should only be Snows ---OoAdult (f)4,3555235
rAmcLhe spoke not a word butAdult (m)4,5333467
Icpyeas I drew in my headAdult (m)3,9827292
2ig8Ha bundle of toysAdult (m)5,4506713
KTG5Dand he looked like a peddlerAdult (m)5,2666035
GT0Hfhis eyes how they twinkledAdult (m)5,7798733
KHupuhis cheeks were like rosesAdult (m)5,4038412
RZFw2and filled all the stockingsAdult (m)1,6386499
nkEXZand laying his fingerAdult (m)5,7879898
QSBHFdown the chimney St NicholasAdult (m)2,4418153
D3Znwhe was dressed all in furAdult (m)3,1268343
mwaIFand his clothes were allAdult (m)3,3626857
cKjArhis droll little mouthAdult (m)5,2458504
SoQUDthe stump of a pipeAdult (m)2,7156956
LAApeand the smoke it encircledAdult (m)2,8417495
6Iem2he had a broad faceAdult (m)2,8217313
uZjpzthat shook when he laughedAdult (m)2,7896966
2Bgana wink of his eyeAdult (m)4,1608414
p2Plusoon gave me to knowAdult (m)3,6998472
hwkeZand away they all flewAdult (m)5,0199901
oFSsMoO Extra OoAdult (m)2,5247474
JaDYwlineage a possibilityAdult (m)3,6979724
mSvuowonderful holiday seasonAdult (m)3,4769013
QnP00he was chubby and plumpAdult (m)2,3957223
KKTATand I laughed when I saw himAdult (m)4,0005846
p1vvzand giving a nodAdult (m)2,4476493
T9pB0he sprang to his sleighAdult (m)3,5635976
aOM5Nbut I heard him exclaimAdult (m)3,5491,0024
xRib8Happy Christmas to allAdult (m)2,0376635
O4Limall of the wonderful usersAdult (m)3,4894351
4wvvbwho brought the Fire GemAdult (m)2,5607496
RbUfQand the beard of his chinAdult (m)2,8714852
B5oY7dragons to lifeAdult (m)2,9764741
EXLonoO---- 2nd Gen from Green ----OoAdult (m)3,3438412
LgIt2oO--- Should only be FGems ---OoAdult (f)3,3818565
OH26zhe held tight in his teethAdult (f)7,3866443
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