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Winter Bird

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HJzfLWalking in my sleepAdult (m)9,7678251
EPQb5Like the naked treesAdult (f)6,8786911
4ebe1Will they wake up againAdult (m)11,0389353
hjq3QDo they sleep- Do they dreamAdult (f)6,6905771
mjsINFeel it as the windAdult (m)11,2971,1261
BvsaYStrokes my skinAdult (f)7,4666771
UcopaI am moved by the chillAdult (m)6,0107542
hokzaHear the winter bird singAdult (f)7,3907392
1pGH7My tears are  always frozenAdult (m)3,3638571
1dmCjI need to rememberAdult (m)2,4136262
shMbYIs to remember howAdult (m)3,0296906
DEcs5It was to feel  aliveAdult (f)2,7816464
EeEHzHow it was to feel aliveAdult (f)2,9056722
9VRi7Winter  BirdHatchling (F)7052543
8rrEdBreathe - Got my fingersAdult (m)4,9218772
HJYCcPainting pictures onAdult (f)4,1646470
Au3VjThe glass in front of meAdult (m)4,0717633
dh7dZLay me by the frozen riverAdult (f)6,9615972
0CiIWWhere the boats have passedAdult (m)10,4341,1903
O7No3Me by- All I need isAdult (f)7,3379822
jLJ4JTo remember how it wasAdult (m)6,6097853
V2zRXTo feel alive - Rest againstAdult (f)6,9875333
QOiS6Remember howAdult (m)6,2177781
T6k4zIt was to feelAdult (f)6,8025401
xN9hYAlive - Silent daysAdult (m)5,1841,1935
SFKjOViolent shades - WeAdult (f)7,3454991
aMgzmAre dancing againAdult (m)3,3887404
tEoZVIn a dream by the riverAdult (f)6,8685330
NZi0OAh- My tears are alwaysAdult (m)4,2898041
QBYyLFrozen - I can see the air IAdult (f)7,1985030
7pWFHMy tears are always frozenAdult (m)8,0127392
rKW8sI can see the air I breatheAdult (f)5,1776170
rg6qaGot my fingers paintingAdult (m)5,0048201
LE7hPPictures on the glass inAdult (f)6,3935271
WJSlcFront of me - Lay meAdult (m)5,2109972
Jyd1vBy the frozen river whereAdult (f)7,3205031
UCaRjThe boats have passed meAdult (m)7,0409533
Qq92CBy- All I need is toAdult (f)7,2684992
6bRR2Glass in front of meAdult (m)5,8738341
pK9DTLay me by theAdult (f)5,2188212
Z2npRFrozen river whereAdult (m)4,1127843
XFRH2The boats haveAdult (f)3,9517601
DRQdwI can see theAdult (m)4,2666902
a4ykKAir I breatheAdult (f)4,0787031
BYsaiGot  my fingers paintingAdult (m)2,9194731
S31a9Pictures on theAdult (f)3,0354791
mUAR6My pillow like the ageingAdult (m)5,3347744
Ub8r6Winter   sunAdult (f)2,8974540
KgtuPOnly wake each morningAdult (m)4,7236993
IhzSFTo remember that you'reAdult (f)5,2327684
EJVhyGone - So I drift away againAdult (m)3,4797481
lxehBTo winter I belongAdult (f)4,3358642
i5npaAh - My tearsAdult (m)3,8647701
wpUS5Are always frozenAdult (f)3,9387731
t1cefAlways frozen - MyAdult (m)2,8767532
tzfxHTears areAdult (f)5,4478653
ecAK6My tears areAdult (f)3,2698512
y9boxPassed me byAdult (m)3,1157481
ZWwgcAll I need isAdult (f)2,8816811
4RC2qTo remember howAdult (m)4,6727133
jOgL1It was to feel aliveAdult (f)5,7979254
L76t0Always frozenAdult (m)4,7508032
CKYrcAll I  needAdult (f)2,9729642
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