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Funky codes

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AZuYnAeonus the Infinite CBAdult (m)4,7788475
iNigEInige the Ancient 3GAdult (m)6,8451,09533
5cBUg(5cBUg)Adult (m)7,0021,22423
2nMyOAria of Glory CBAdult (f)3,9131,08221
K4HJOKahjo Tuuletar CBAdult (f)3,75898229
TUIUVTuulten Tupa CBAdult (f)4,9361,02923
h1UyPCity of Sinners CBAdult (m)4,54794412
8DduBI Love Dubs CBAdult (f)4,71397228
DaYrXWondrous Day CBAdult (f)4,90394926
CsgoaCounter-Strike Goa Offensive 2GAdult (f)6,7321,18528
UtsOyUtsoya the Lunarian CBAdult (m)5,70295717
uqARLEthereal Blades 2GAdult (f)6,4131,03627
ALfHyAstral Dancer 3GAdult (f)7,9051,20020
AkKSVAkksava CBAdult (f)5,8731,07142
ZmPadZimpad the Wanderer CBAdult (m)5,4341,04530
cAZZ3Windlord Kazzak CBAdult (m)5,6911,10530
NZickNick Zick CBAdult (m)4,94798930
B4st4Arabasta 2GAdult (m)6,02498626
S1gZOSigozo CBAdult (f)6,0341,01220
4b0rZBorza the Storm Bird 3GAdult (f)5,7701,04837
juMONJumon the Spearmon CBAdult (m)6,8311,0964
T0khjTokhaja 3GAdult (m)4,96096520
jdOOjdOO MAdult (m)1,6748933
YubumYubum CBAdult (m)6,0901,1783
tU4uhtU4uh CBAdult (m)6,1471,0575
SelrASelrathia the White Witch CBAdult (f)5,3001,00027
eVAvEeVAvE CBAdult (f)4,96099622
bz0wTWhite Witch of the North CBAdult (f)4,66087629
UkEKETeam Meanies CBAdult (m)5,64295320
FdZUPFed Zup With Da Sun CBAdult (m)5,91786740
ObtaTLady Obtat Freaky 3GAdult (f)6,91897318
X0VIdXovidian the Bonecarver CBAdult (m)6,5491,25632
iBOoDIboodan the Snow-Witch CBAdult (f)7,4251,14224
PGjOOPGjOO MHatchling (m, F)4,82374022
kg007Littlest Secret Agent 007 MHatchling (f, F)6,55098918
DeWOjDewoj the Painter MHatchling (F)2,2322542
CBAMbCelabamba MHatchling (m, F)2,96669511
90CS1I Move Where I Want To 4GHatchling (F)2,5422323
2BuKdHow Utterly Unremarkable CBAdult (m)5,1451,3126
TiyFzObsessed With Blue CBAdult (f)5,5451,2621
5UmMMUncertainty CBAdult (f)8,7731,03327
PvpM5Rank 5 Master of PvP CBAdult (m)5,83089717
fKKWHXuketh This CBAdult (f)6,2911,14423
M4rU1Maisel Tokyo Marui 3GAdult (f)8,3771,13011
K0WOqShardling of Kovok CBHatchling (f, F)4,29487823
OKqoPDesert Seer CBAdult (m)4,46998511
tAKuyTakuya the Determinator CBAdult (m)6,51579131
k0RNbDesert Korn CBAdult (m)8,19987330
FGTSaYou Are My Sunshine 2GAdult (m)6,7051,18531
XaZMOXazmo the Astromancer CBAdult (f)7,4721,1063
sOaYASohaya CBAdult (m)6,1861,05037
HLiRpHlirp CBHatchling (f, F)4,79882119
pUnts(pUnts)Hatchling (m, F)3,65769910
Zap0CZabocan the Sea-Wife CBAdult (f)5,4921,02819
HEznuSea-Witch Heznu CBAdult (f)6,2341,09417
M0WwwSea-Grass Farmer CBAdult (m)7,0661,12933
owoowOh Wow That's Incredible CBAdult (m)7,2381,14516
YyS0LA New Identity CBAdult (f)3,9831,03327
tvOn3TV On Channel Three CBAdult (f)6,98087926
Coz4MCozama Horse-Singer 3GAdult (f)5,8061,04835
ZiohOZioho MHatchling (m, F)3,82481211
ILUcKLucky Lindair 3GAdult (f)6,14096919
UGOLDYou Deserve Gold 2GAdult (f)5,45492326
tS0OnIt's Far Too Soon MHatchling (F)1,3901911
cHiMwCHIM AE ALTADOON CBAdult (m)4,47298026
tZ0zZT'Zozz the Ordinator CBAdult (m)5,2041,00814
DAoDYDaody the Caretaker CBAdult (m)5,1661,02727
s0TK2Shadow of the Kolosos CBAdult (m)6,2961,13123
PKiC1Sunset Over the Red Mountain MHatchling (f, F)4,91381314
JjFioJafio the Climber CBAdult (m)4,50294027
wYSAvWhy Saw CBAdult (m)5,2061,08329
LPIKaLil' Pika CBAdult (m)8,1401,58246
OsBOlOsbol CBAdult (m)7,6191,26627
MIRopDeadly Illusion 2GAdult (f)7,2301,32230
4S4hSAsahisa Rainfur 3GHatchling (f, F)5,2148794
Zy7DnZydornis CBAdult (m)7,3181,18939
MogPGMog PG 2G PBHatchling (f, F)4,60568313
Asoi4Asoi 2G PBHatchling (m, F)5,52379719
NuViUSky-High UFO 2G PBHatchling (f, F)6,16580112
WEgsoIwegso CBAdult (f)6,2031,00223
UKTeKAnukteka CBAdult (f)6,38299727
hsOjUHasoju Goldencrown CBAdult (m)7,2471,29233
4632NMaster of the Numbers 2GHatchling (m, F)6,4729753
dUBt2Dubstepper CBAdult (m)4,7861,3685
4rAedAraedna the Wavespeaker CBAdult (f)4,9011,2874
TMTuMMister Tatum CBAdult (m)5,82993628
pGaZePassive Gazer CBAdult (m)6,11293522
CoM4kCommander Comak CBAdult (m)5,93984825
w0AY5Woay Five CBAdult (m)6,9891,0544
mS4d0Masado Kain CBAdult (f)4,64898820
elroTElrot the Seer CBAdult (f)5,1271,05425
R8t8RRotor Reighter CBAdult (m)6,9001,12527
UN1TTUnit One 2G PBAdult (m)5,83586427
VuYmSMy One Savior 2GAdult (m)5,73695417
PET0SJulma Petos 2G PBAdult (f)6,1881,10721
OsSHnOsshin of Usoku 2G PBAdult (m)5,9531,07715
DkK0kDkK0k 2G PBHatchling (F)1,16042113
madQsMad QQs 2G PBHatchling (f, F)5,76472014
sGeLESgele MHatchling (F)2,3812969
PUrEePikkupurija 2G PBHatchling (F)2,3212872
ZaBRaZabra the Black Mage 2G PBHatchling (F)2,6183002
cuK8SMiraad 2GAdult (f)5,2891,3607
PAaErCharred Bones 2GAdult (m)2,8251,1959
DoBEEBone-Pecker CBAdult (f)6,0321,45223
sEENXTempestuous Goddess 2GAdult (f)4,6921,18717
TAzo3Taz'okun MHatchling (F)1,1791862
lv117Level 117 Mewtwo CBAdult (f)4,92088424
Luw1KLuwika the Singer CBAdult (f)5,53484726
WSKUbPro-Skub CBAdult (m)6,2691,03619
SIRVjSir Tea CBHatchling (F)2,90144411
0xjUHOxuth the Archeologist CBAdult (m)5,9771,04530
pmaWaAmpawa the Star-Blessed 2GAdult (f)6,7791,03034
LQnUULon-Qu the Dwemer Scholar CBHatchling (f, F)3,6576866
usb4242th USB Port CBAdult (f)7,9481,03625
5piggWhen Salty Pigs Fly CBAdult (m)7,4091,17511
AFreYFrey the Faithful Knight CBAdult (m)6,6971,11423
pesOsIt's Worth a Hundred Pesos CBAdult (m)7,3861,20733
OZIACOziac CBHatchling (F)3,67073725
kArSFSalty Kars MHatchling (F)3,4263962
AReUUHowling Black MHatchling (F)3,6292984
MvEr0Vero the Garland Placeholder MHatchling (F)3,8112583
ZArmaZarma the Floral Placeholder MHatchling (F)3,1182092
opupWRadiant Angel Placeholder MHatchling (F)2,9892093
3KevlThat's So Cool Salt 2G PBHatchling (m, F)5,89179810
ZAkbOZakbo the Seer of Truth CBAdult (m)5,4691,03915
MDyEwPaint the World White CBAdult (m)4,6401,05921
jiwmiHide Away the Hurtful Truth CBAdult (f)5,3371,05828
PITOfPit of Saron CBAdult (m)5,86694619
1oXoIIoxol the Bone-Picker CBAdult (m)7,1991,21518
1ZHi7Blood-Soaked Beast 2GAdult (f)7,7061,10927
unBEnI Am Not Ben CBAdult (f)6,8341,13129
RE5h2Resident Evil 5 in 2 hours CBHatchling (F)1,4104964
r0NoTRonot CBHatchling (F)3,66849317
rEeceReece the Mountaineer CBAdult (m)6,0631,05920
DrISMDoctorism CBAdult (f)8,8841,17512
VA7peVape For Your Health CBAdult (m)4,97391421
hIPohHaipophis the Water Serpent CBAdult (m)4,8541,06434
raUdRRaudros CBAdult (f)5,87886824
DiZhyDizzy 3GAdult (m)4,51292731
ShAKZShakza the Wave-Blade 2GAdult (m)7,7331,15121
DEwMmMaster of the Life Dew CBAdult (m)7,4801,13126
bzYrCPrized Blue Sky 2G PBHatchling (f, F)4,23792812
eLoEHElo Bandit CBAdult (m)6,84396020
7GEM8Gems in the Snow CBAdult (m)5,22698118
8PeRGEight Perg CBHatchling (m, F)5,27182113
GoSahGosah 2GHatchling (m, F)4,07383215
uZurAdad-Uzur CBAdult (f)6,5881,50930
UTagUYou Tag You CBAdult (f)7,1051,24629
KRUbrBertrand Kruber CBAdult (m)7,2221,00513
QaBApQabap the Forger 3GAdult (m)8,4191,19627
uwauKJoy of Waukeen 2GHatchling (f, F)4,85272414
saviCSavic CBHatchling (F)2,71946914
GukusGukus CBHatchling (m, F)4,87081116
JHEsTMerely Jhesting CBAdult (f)6,0369418
0kuHNPrincess Okuhn CBAdult (f)6,4881,07323
ifZZZNarcoleptic Beast CBAdult (f)7,1351,09732
S0gUnShogun of Toorvokul CBAdult (m)6,9791,04619
erEeLEreel the Fire-Tamer CBAdult (f)8,6931,19122
cDumSGremlins Are Dumdums 2G PBHatchling (f, F)5,6118767
KWeyhDaughter of Gruul CBAdult (f)9,0131,23625
2GibTTo Gib or Not to Gib CBAdult (m)6,2981,03020
QQawXCompanion of Gladion CBAdult (f)6,2811,15938
isSeRIsser the Lasher CBAdult (m)7,1221,06526
oKBEnOk Ben 2GHatchling (f, F)3,1335255
OLESuBe My Lord of the Night 2GAdult (m)5,0091,25332
GwfeXMusta Surma CBAdult (m)4,6221,20325
qAxd4Darkest Mystery CBAdult (f)4,2521,09227
HyBNoHypnotic Mage 2GAdult (f)6,2791,30141
kEDATElegant Kedat 3GHatchling (F)1,2941772
LulgLulgia CBAdult (f)2,2271,40511
4a04Emerald Frillwing CBAdult (m)3,8771,84721
NPoTuNipottaja CBAdult (m)7,41782726
YYXrYYyxry CBAdult (f)8,1651,01622
puRz0Purse-Owner CBAdult (m)6,43099535
p0kAPPokap the Forest Stalker CBAdult (f)5,9331,22727
jEEKDJeekid the Herbalist CBAdult (m)8,0421,15124
K0rrUKorru CBHatchling (f, F)4,77881817
fuWKAFuwka Yamagishi MHatchling (m, F)4,1857327
cohASCohaso 2GAdult (m)6,1431,01219
TURDg(TURDg)Adult (m)6,4201,2676
oQanJOqanji the Town Crier CBAdult (m)6,06195619
NFHaXNever Enough Hax CBHatchling (F)2,54768322
Y0QNtYoqunata 2GHatchling (f, F)3,29575615
aAbb6Mentor of Anti-Mages CBAdult (f)7,1751,25024
duX89Dux the Swordmaster CBHatchling (m, F)4,18360726
OSOHpHowling Lurker 2GAdult (f)5,9771,23638
OILupIt's Time to Oil Up 3G PBHatchling (F)2,2452401
ZugG1Zug Zug 2GHatchling (F)7911272
fAhqkAstral Storm 2GAdult (m)5,41374028
rERoeStars to Sunrise 3GAdult (m)11,36198516
7peKtSoul of Anu the Everything CBAdult (m)4,56690721
kogRUKogru Ruin Guardian CBAdult (m)6,3891,10617
ZyfPXZyustar 2GHatchling (f, F)5,0347075
YaXapYaxap 4G SHatchling (F)2,6013243
hGoy5Hagoya MHatchling (F)3,4022985
SEo0Captain Cheeseface CBAdult3,2021,43617
LHhAZThe Lieutenant Haz the Cheese CBAdult5,31078132
HitFjIt's a Real Hit CBAdult6,46599634
JUMr0Colossal Coastrunner CBAdult (m)5,7241,2243
HoPtjHop TJ CBAdult (m)6,41899227
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