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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
OHdNGBlue Ribbon Broccoli PrinceAdult (m)3,80657332
BwiDUOne of DecayAdult (f)6,28892323
vjs1Ever He Walks Among the DeadAdult (m)2,23180120
3PkazWings of UndeathAdult (m)5,22997526
9l8WvThee Leetlest TreeEgg (F)
9tmfBwak-Bwak-BwakAdult (f)3,10688014
muYBChirp-Chirp-ChirpHatchling (f, F)70532314
rU8mvPeep-Peep-PeepHatchling (F)1,17838415
S7MqEkie ZlaleisAdult4,5811,20338
JmuXGMooxkie BappleAdult5,19484936
IFQLGorlkiskHatchling (F)1,14354531
wnArAWeelopsHatchling (F)2,12541110
uTIR5TirblotlHatchling (F)3,78595623
iZzqBeelopsHatchling (F)1,4813125
gl3y5KhaltopsHatchling (F)2,15532718
eGOgA Yellow DinoAdult2,94992018
oz6gEA Small Yellow DinoHatchling (F)3,93676025
p8KPVA Tiny Yellow DinoHatchling (F)1,0353913
X057An Emerald DinoAdult3,2046746
QEg6UA Small Emerald DinoHatchling (F)4,57653831
ufXJeA Tiny Emerald DinoHatchling (F)1,40024018
i3RFA Sapphire DinoAdult4,8371,40416
rojTgA Small Sapphire DinoHatchling (F)4,54878614
omA0A Violet DinoAdult3,59674510
T3QAA Small Violet DinoHatchling (F)1,07155221
euXWPA Tiny Violet DinoHatchling (F)1,69659314
7mNRA Cherry DinoAdult1,73768722
AMCPA Small Cherry DinoHatchling (F)3,4356735
n1wmaA Tiny Cherry DinoHatchling (F)3,02486210
0aqmqBloody PyressAdult (f)7,37497631
pmCaUFollows in the DarknessAdult (m)7,4081,24014
p3K6Carrier of the Forgotten BloodAdult (f)1,38365645
QUZPAmnadrea DorkfaceAdult (m)1,59763046
GmQW4Wakes on Light's AbsenceAdult (f)5,16957923
T3b5uSlinks in the ShadowsAdult (m)6,51086632
bFSoFHoarder of SkullsAdult (f)7,78681532
s89FKiss of the NightAdult (m)1,80070432
3VmoShadow Long ForgottenAdult (f)2,0946913
zRJDPLysandra of YurAdult (f)5,24983525
ZK0bCute Little DeathlingHatchling (f, F)1,50860316
GDXkCute Little Deathling TwoHatchling (m, F)1,9667458
4BG8GoxtrurHatchling (F)1,6193492
rkrPZlayeHatchling (F)1,1612552
1R7JKreapyHatchling (F)1,5643191
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