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Holly Contest 2017

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DRdtEHollive-1 I 218c28 DracaAdult (m)9,4741,3531
OMNufHollive-10 I 271 DracaAdult (f)8,1691,2989
CKLuqHollive-100 III 734 DracaAdult (m)9,3311,2333
nlBMbHollive-101 II 735 DracaAdult (m)9,0491,2343
6s1SEHollive-102 I 736 DracaAdult (f)11,0421,2943
ygNHrHollive-103 I 737 DracaAdult (m)10,9031,2662
AEzarHollive-104 III 744 DracaAdult (f)9,9061,2164
dysNoHollive-105 II 757 DracaAdult (m)10,4181,2312
mTkDQHollive-106 DQ I 761c128 DracaAdult (m)8,0416963
KR3HZHollive-12 Jazeki II 310 DracaAdult (m)8,1441,3146
Enu7wHollive-13 II 316b17 DracaAdult (m)6,2401,0384
YQKLcHollive-14 I 319c39 DracaAdult (f)6,9221,0233
l10ohHollive-15 SF II 345 DracaAdult (m)5,2048504
27h94Hollive-16 I 353c42 DracaAdult (f)6,3411,0671
G2hMaHollive-17 PluviRa II 368 DracaAdult (f)6,9541,1195
DUdPMHollive-18 Pippy III 374 DracaAdult (f)8,1791,3225
qYV2IHollive-19 Glitter II 380 DracaAdult (m)6,8186543
9CVroHollive-20 III 387 DracaAdult (f)7,4921,1463
VRUd2Hollive-21 II 388 DracaAdult (f)6,5851,1732
4VRUtHollive-22 389 DracaAdult (m)7,2851,1583
fRW6AHollive-23 II 390 DracaAdult (m)6,9321,1022
nlbfCHollive-24 II 392 DracaAdult (f)6,7391,1603
mfalJHollive-25 III 403 DracaAdult (m)6,2431,1352
71wNdHollive-26 IV 411 DracaAdult (f)6,7221,1081
EmDxNHollive-27 III 412 DracaAdult (m)7,0921,1354
x8QL4Hollive-28 II 413 DracaAdult (m)6,4141,1485
hvxqDHollive-29 I 427c48 DracaAdult (f)5,7951,1473
xa1nlHollive-3 III 223 DracaAdult (m)8,1381,2816
joAn0Hollive-30 joAn0 I 436c50 DracaAdult (f)5,4601,0621
Jzmo2Hollive-31 SF I 449 DracaAdult (f)6,6561,1555
Kn123Hollive-32 Kn123 I 452c54 DracaAdult (f)6,1521,1151
uaBVNHollive-33 I 455 DracaAdult (f)5,9451,1527
DYbkeHollive-34 II 460 DracaAdult (m)8,7961,1144
5jpyEHollive-35 II 461 DracaAdult (f)9,4031,1194
XdjS9Hollive-36 II 462 DracaAdult (m)9,3321,1134
VLCw1Hollive-38 III 470 DracaAdult (m)7,4191,2554
HHv2PHollive-39 I 471c59 DracaAdult (m)7,7221,1723
0GreWHollive-4 0GreW II 227 DracaAdult (f)8,2841,1885
SIv7eHollive-40 SFyve III 472 DracaAdult (m)6,5501,1495
OFuvQHollive-41 SF OFuvQ II 473 DracaAdult (m)6,6071,1563
6sg6iHollive-42 I 474c60 DracaAdult (m)8,7981,3356
1aL9wHollive-43 III 475 DracaAdult (m)7,3041,0485
Ok4PnHollive-44 Ok 4p II 476 DracaAdult (f)7,6621,0102
jI6LiHollive-45 SF II 477 DracaAdult (f)6,0811,0556
lciPgHollive-46 SF II 483 DracaAdult (f)8,2861,1753
HwkIbHollive-47 SF 484 DracaAdult (m)8,1191,1572
AzH9eHollive-48 SF II 485 DracaAdult (f)8,6881,2233
GKq7OHollive-49 RA SF II 486 DracaAdult (f)8,6911,2073
qieXpHollive-5 I 231c30 DracaAdult (f)8,3081,1471
PcrTSHollive-50 SF I 487 DracaAdult (m)8,6011,1986
hUZIjHollive-51 I 488c62 DracaAdult (m)6,3501,1005
FsbPjHollive-52 II 489 DracaAdult (f)7,5291,1843
TAe4pHollive-53 II 490 DracaAdult (m)7,6581,1733
xsPhfHollive-54 II 491 DracaAdult (f)7,6561,1785
zyMOTHollive-55 II 492 DracaAdult (m)7,5321,1562
CS0caHollive-56 I 496c63 DracaAdult (f)6,8841,1761
9qlPGHollive-57 I 498c64 DracaAdult (f)7,1301,2202
5FsBWHollive-58 I 502c68 DracaAdult (f)6,9841,1450
lH3CYHollive-6 II 232 DracaAdult (f)7,0501,0082
TCf9yHollive-60 II 509 DracaAdult (f)10,5721,5795
QODBLHollive-61 I 517c70 DracaAdult (m)7,4411,0993
BlYaTHollive-62 I 523 DracaAdult (f)7,1631,0995
csOtPHollive-63 II 528 DracaAdult (f)9,4161,4395
civ2HHollive-64 II 529 DracaAdult (f)9,4111,4233
6smr8Hollive-66 I 531 DracaAdult (f)8,9711,4083
iDlqpHollive-67 I 533 DracaAdult (f)7,9781,3812
5cKKFHollive-68 III 536 DracaAdult (m)10,1511,4934
FNOCdHollive-69 II 537 DracaAdult (f)10,1821,5255
232dUHollive-7 232dU I 233 DracaAdult (m)6,9231,0334
iz7owHollive-70 II 538 DracaAdult (m)10,0411,4956
dsSP8Hollive-71 I 545 DracaAdult (f)11,4691,5815
gzw9PHollive-72 I 549 DracaAdult (m)8,2161,2841
BluivHollive-73 I 552c75 DracaAdult (f)9,9041,6053
c07AmHollive-74 I 556c78 DracaAdult (f)7,9761,4102
Xeq20Hollive-75 I 557c79 DracaAdult (f)8,0451,4050
rGrHBHollive-76 II 558 DracaAdult (f)5,1141,0262
7uF97Hollive-78 III 560 DracaAdult (m)5,0171,0141
4DnSfHollive-79 III 561 DracaAdult (f)5,1551,0452
O0OcOHollive-8 I 244c33 DracaAdult (m)6,7471,0362
QYcKsHollive-80 II 562 DracaAdult (m)5,5041,1883
j19qqHollive-81 II 563 DracaAdult (f)5,5451,1852
x6RRyHollive-82 II 564 DracaAdult (f)5,5441,1802
H62T6Hollive-83 III 565 DracaAdult (m)5,4871,1742
kTtKYHollive-84 II 570 DracaAdult (m)6,5601,0463
Ba5g9Hollive-85 II 571 DracaAdult (m)6,6101,0812
cATC8Hollive-86 cATC8 II 572 DracaAdult (f)6,6631,0844
5OFHbHollive-87 II 575 DracaAdult (m)7,8071,2371
FD0LDHollive-88 II 596 DracaAdult (f)7,7771,2071
97mBfHollive-89 II 613 DracaAdult (m)9,2981,2925
EBTG5Hollive-9 I 260c36 DracaAdult (f)10,6621,4568
OlDQDHollive-90 OlDQD III 614 DracaAdult (f)9,3441,2611
RRAc6Hollive-91 615 DracaAdult (m)9,4181,3391
bh6NtHollive-92 IV 616 DracaAdult (m)9,2311,3352
vGdFBHollive-93 III 617 DracaAdult (f)9,2171,3322
SPyaxHollive-94 III 618 DracaAdult (m)9,2951,3302
dFG2dHollive-95 dFG2d 619 DracaAdult (f)9,2751,2982
oxhsEHollive-96 I 652c99 DracaAdult (f)7,6401,0541
IeNslHollive-97 I 661c108 DracaAdult (m)8,8221,1132
ikBrbHollive-98 732 DracaAdult (f)9,0411,2104
4A48SHollive-99 733 DracaAdult (f)9,0361,2073
Z5xU4Z'Hollive-11 III 302 DracaAdult (m)3,8418694
ZPyHYZ'Hollive-2 I 222c29 DracaAdult (f)9,7041,3824
Zyz4rZ'Hollive-37 Zyz4r II 463 DracaAdult (f)8,8581,0721
z4vb5z'Hollive-59 I 503c69 DracaAdult (f)7,5171,3662
Z7YhRZ'Hollive-65 II 530 DracaAdult (f)9,2441,4203
ZozgaZ'Hollive-77 III 559 DracaAdult (f)5,1501,0323
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