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Changing Seasons - 4 - Winter

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Z5Hw8oO  WINTERS  FROST  OoAdult (f)4,2744822
TTe7Palaymon FrostAdult (m)2,1081,19418
SqWsIfryn FrostAdult (f)4,3431,0553
iml7Quirynus FrostAdult (m)2,4761,44518
JKMRGwyneyra FrostAdult (f)6,4681,3218
ZU6eMartis FrostAdult (m)3,4768944
iip9Shanice FrostAdult (f)3,7648545
7DtdFoennar FrostAdult (m)4,6106973
lNC7Eirawen FrostAdult (f)4,3809313
3GT8Servatius FrostAdult (m)4,5496721
Z3MBUranyia FrostAdult (f)5,0429398
sVMZValder FrostAdult (m)4,6547012
TSIjBidelya FrostAdult (f)4,4348642
QK1AAqilo FrostAdult (m)2,67593311
6jokAujadis FrostAdult (f)5,0577587
Pl7GFridrik FrostAdult (m)6,3197530
Q0XmPernylla FrostAdult (f)4,7727542
X5d9qKazuo FrostAdult (m)3,6089692
uDqa6Akiko FrostAdult (f)4,2938926
3fVMmIchirou FrostAdult (m)3,4499713
3dF7tAimi FrostAdult (f)3,6878710
VNAmNMasaru FrostAdult (m)3,7429953
hhfmJKazuko FrostAdult (f)3,4641,0891
v6H9nKiyoshi FrostAdult (m)3,0931,0131
XqoXtHana FrostAdult (f)3,0741,0331
I5PpkTaiki FrostAdult (m)2,7699671
BOC3rRiko FrostAdult (f)3,5408567
Xrl4QKouta FrostAdult (m)3,0191,0241
sRP0CMinako FrostAdult (f)3,0651,0031
ePOu1Nobuyuki FrostAdult (m)3,1441,0181
nmMZNChouko FrostAdult (f)3,0529800
UXdfUSorothos FrostAdult (m)5,8809353
pq2zYEfrana FrostAdult (f)4,2301,0701
ziwDJBodomel FrostAdult (m)5,5869293
N4r68Dianma FrostAdult (f)5,0341,0091
d2DTbIsdothos FrostAdult (m)3,6866973
ksWD9Dimarsa FrostAdult (f)3,1779232
PlSCkTabonis FrostAdult (m)2,8839310
c7XEbTemarka FrostAdult (f)5,1707681
LqqvDSomornis FrostAdult (m)5,1877880
Ov6ieMorluka FrostAdult (f)3,8309952
mCsqVEmanand FrostAdult (m)2,8818900
OwrH1Tholuka FrostAdult (f)2,9039431
4SJ1woO  2nd  GENS  OoHatchling (F)9762423
DMWDZoO ------------------- OoHatchling (F)1,4533351
ZgENIcarus FrostAdult (m)7,3999271
rEciElanor FrostAdult (f)5,2678902
faamSamson FrostAdult (m)7,4089572
EWFZApril FrostAdult (f)5,2168734
Td4aGarawen FrostAdult (m)6,3561,0932
OrktgFenda FrostAdult (f)3,0088422
YQXX5Tarael FrostAdult (m)3,6891,0403
5l4FfMiriel FrostAdult (f)3,2338292
7j25toO  3rd  GENS  OoHatchling (F)1,2784478
dYBcjoO -------------------- OoHatchling (F)9602301
PZXsBArel FrostAdult (m)3,1438921
DjGptLiwen FrostAdult (f)2,9468541
oWrHqBerel FrostAdult (m)4,5499402
FPtsGArdosa FrostAdult (f)3,3208301
C3UiloO  4th  GENS  OoHatchling (F)1,1503451
qFr5hoO --------------------- OoHatchling (F)4832823
Q1e8pFamoir FrostAdult (m)5,1011,1260
t779ATaraa FrostAdult (f)4,8611,1091
MoCmZArraen FrostAdult (f)5,3911,1294
IQa0qFadowen FrostAdult (m)5,3311,1181
xvZvFoO  5th  GENS  OoHatchling (F)1,1242280
PJNfioO ---------------------- OoHatchling (F)3,0132031
OJgmLSodriel FrostAdult (m)3,6699980
iOKX3Lilasa FrostAdult (f)3,0149661
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