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Changing Seasons - 1 - Spring

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nYNgkoO  SPRING  FLOWERS  OoAdult (f)2,7867345
supwSopdu SyringaAdult (m)1,6861,06714
3hjxThalatte SyringaAdult (f)1,8501,11610
hoaNKonsus SyringaAdult (m)2,7531,1270
8Zj4Discordiya SyringaAdult (f)2,15883814
AtB1Royce SyringaAdult (m)5,0449621
V2ttVerna SyringaAdult (f)5,2588941
QRsnWeldon SyringaAdult (m)5,2548603
dG4gZiva SyringaAdult (f)3,9037100
o5lULaverne SyringaAdult (m)6,0379251
bPhOKedea SyringaAdult (f)6,0218941
uX7uXeto SyringaAdult (m)6,2197263
5MZvMaia SyringaAdult (f)6,0698691
l4MjVeneth SyringaAdult (m)6,6941,1505
5J7mAnktia SyringaAdult (f)3,3879561
n4mAAldsan SyringaAdult (m)3,4457275
2VfCPerina SyringaAdult (f)5,6749361
9G4jKelight SyringaAdult (m)5,7961,0793
ZlkrPerarda SyringaAdult (f)7,5231,5320
eWqhToran SyringaAdult (m)4,7751,0270
9vLOFTainalu SyringaAdult (f)4,5139012
ARpWaEfanir SyringaAdult (m)2,3707780
Y8s3ALinnasa SyringaAdult (f)3,0929793
IEAnJLirankor SyringaAdult (m)4,1068252
CQGb7Garmorna SyringaAdult (f)3,0567477
LsXfUTamorsil SyringaAdult (m)3,4581,0477
IyzD2Fenna SyringaAdult (f)19,0171,29712
Ip0fuFenramil SyringaAdult (m)4,7481,2822
MvivLVenlea SyringaAdult (f)3,4838081
4SJ1woO  2nd  GENS  OoHatchling (F)9762423
DMWDZoO ------------------- OoHatchling (F)1,4533351
LLOEbFendren SunflowerAdult (m)2,7938050
FjItIAurora SunflowerAdult (f)3,0148272
TjAu5Comet SunflowerAdult (m)2,6768214
uQsXBCrystal SunflowerAdult (f)4,4149473
vpLXGAnel SunflowerAdult (m)3,2408352
eBbqHLirael SunflowerAdult (f)4,6729930
b8FsDTopaz SunflowerAdult (m)2,9468420
8CsC7Sapphire SunflowerAdult (f)3,2358301
7j25toO  3rd  GENS  OoHatchling (F)1,2784478
dYBcjoO -------------------- OoHatchling (F)9602301
W6cMIDraco DahliaAdult (m)3,9088941
iGY14Alanel DahliaAdult (f)5,0191,0580
WY2d6Sodiuk DahliaAdult (m)4,9651,1223
QuC7TFanalas DahliaAdult (f)5,2081,1331
C3UiloO  4th  GENS  OoHatchling (F)1,1503451
qFr5hoO --------------------- OoHatchling (F)4832823
j3XbRShadow AmaryllisAdult (m)3,2721,0680
GhHd4Light AmaryllisAdult (f)3,1901,0463
S9fFkTristan AmaryllisAdult (m)2,7178687
jtd6AIsolde AmaryllisAdult (f)5,2811,0524
dBi7MIsdramir AmaryllisAdult (m)3,2198232
eUSv8Anndra AmaryllisAdult (f)3,2567714
xvZvFoO  5th  GENS  OoHatchling (F)1,1242280
PJNfioO ---------------------- OoHatchling (F)3,0132031
q3aDpRivalon DaffodilAdult (m)6,4009604
wVnkIElaigan DaffodilAdult (f)5,8501,0861
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