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Kamelot Nightwish and Within Tem

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9HmOJIt's a Cruel Demon's FateAdult (f)3,6871,4862
VoF8bOn the Wings of DarknessAdult (m)3,7971,5412
ivl3OIt's the rule that you live byAdult (f)3,7461,5151
Ee7MHAnd die forAdult (m)2,8981,2271
qW1uDToo many have fallenHatchling (m, F)2,8891,2253
Z7NDpThe screams have goneHatchling (f, F)2,9131,2383
82vt3Nightmares tell the TruthAdult (m)2,1408580
5kUSsThey shall pay their duesAdult (f)7,6951,3745
BbvWIWhat makes men run and hideAdult (f)2,7081,0082
QmInhI've foreseen the evilAdult (m)2,3188990
lJ8l7Deceiver of Fools and HeartsAdult (f)2,3869562
aShulNothing but a Fool's Gold ThroneAdult (m)2,3638710
R3F9PThe path of my destinyAdult (m)2,3398831
nrmKuFor tomorrow he will be freeAdult (m)4,5431,2341
fvKDXRemember the death before warAdult (m)4,4951,1712
0qNTSThey sleep in the nightHatchling (f, F)2,5257862
1gfHrFeed the Evil in Need of FearAdult (f)2,5127710
tE065There will be no escapeAdult (f)2,7781,0673
fP1lNThe one thing you cannot denyAdult (f)2,9541,1221
rSUZeSmell your fear when you fleeAdult (f)2,5017956
taXQwTelling Tales of HorrorAdult (f)2,8489157
N9oMDLike the hounds of HellAdult (m)3,7058293
kRJQGThe master of the tale-like loreAdult (f)5,0081,0083
nsEsjThe gates of Hell are open wideAdult (m)4,9541,0154
zxd3BNow I know it's the truthAdult (f)5,0341,0443
0JJUnCrushed you heart and soulAdult (m)3,8398174
AF0ZVEven though you don't know whatAdult (f)3,1157623
1dWjiIn the silver moonlightAdult (f)3,6611,0854
Phw7CThere is no escaping because myAdult (m)3,7501,1662
B5YiHthe fear is tying you downAdult (m)3,7331,1503
pj5vOfate is horror and doomAdult (f)3,9101,1694
7fvbyInfected with it's rageAdult (f)2,9128582
L9owcKeep fighting this endless warAdult (f)3,8557063
2uSJZYour fear it ties me downAdult (f)3,7366893
DPEycThey are closing in on meAdult (m)4,1898782
U8mZZDreams are like angelsAdult (m)4,6609081
XkFQ3Keep the vampires from your doorAdult (f)4,7999733
eNK09new hope reborn in every tragedyAdult (f)5,1521,0361
Zc34jthe heart of a true friendAdult (f)3,6598152
QzmSaProtect you from the hooded clawAdult (m)5,0061,0144
D6CZWVelvet ocean paradiseAdult (m)4,4499242
ktU7aDeathbed is slowly covered withAdult (f)4,7239551
rmZGWA butterfly mere one-day miracleAdult (f)4,4539361
YqwR0Liar Liar tell me what you seeAdult (m)5,0961,0241
UJX7zcome all you witchesAdult (f)4,2327023
mdrrtThe river wild will be our lastAdult (f)3,5777420
MIBHNlong road down the river deepAdult (f)3,1598114
Hn2aXOn my maiden voyage so boldAdult (f)3,1288221
CkLzflay this weary pen asideAdult (m)4,2888211
tHRM8Storyteller by a hearth of stoneAdult (m)4,3398261
7Dp7CSafe on a fairytale streamAdult (m)4,2978240
Iw2k9the shadow of a shattered moonAdult (m)3,4687561
cM0b8Beside the cross on your graveAdult (m)3,3077010
jj0zWLagoon of the starlit seaAdult (m)3,8858651
3teBSNever loose your heartAdult (m)3,8668571
SuCqCIn this ocean so open and fairAdult (m)3,1267730
cU8lLHere where the stars resideAdult (m)4,8398372
jYPe4Never met a kinder heartAdult (f)3,7636604
TnIo0The moon is your guideAdult (m)3,7967170
NflqRThe bride will lure you eat youAdult (f)3,4527892
1K5CfAll gone but the will toAdult (m)3,3597641
GZLARLeave the city of foolsAdult (m)3,9988271
cuYIFDance with the spirit of the airAdult (m)3,5747281
lV9ZMfloating in the moonlit skyAdult (f)3,5807380
5LwJvIn a riverbed ghost townAdult (f)3,6698061
CbJPEThe stars they have whisperedAdult (f)3,6227981
r62d8broken souls and wasted livesAdult (m)4,6111,3332
QhZwCa world of visions unseenAdult (m)4,9541,3961
xFHSXEternity is just a breath awayAdult (m)3,4031,0426
t3sVifar beyond the set horizonAdult (m)3,4369402
jftPvdon't you fear the lightAdult (f)3,0377842
dcgugI will ease your painAdult (f)4,0459243
5fR54let me ease your sorrowAdult (f)4,0427871
BRmtBthrough the blood red skiesAdult (f)3,6897830
Uh4Sothe fire's burning wildAdult (f)4,3276951
CUIXzpurify your poisoned veinsAdult (f)4,0128190
BSZygburn the demons outAdult (f)2,9866951
QBtgDHow it burns to embraceAdult (m)3,2327010
pXaBSWhen the last day of sunlightAdult (m)3,4797771
pKVFLAlmost swallowed by the snowAdult (m)3,5267522
IfEafYour blood shall run coldHatchling (F)1,4923242
Kvk1cwith a breathtaking cloakHatchling (F)1,8436771
7ctEwleft us blind and broke ourprideHatchling (F)1,1051393
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