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Sabertooth Bulls

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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sSJuzPM me on forums for breedingHatchling (F)1,8893021
i6bMkBully BabyHatchling (F)2,53970412
K8CEDBully Baby IIHatchling (F)2,0674611
jyVLVA Pittbull's LoveHatchling (F)2,9008207
kQFyHFloppy Pittbull Ears EternalHatchling (F)2,2885525
BZyyZByzantine BulldogHatchling (F)1,7214404
8eqwVRusset Bully BabyHatchling (F)2,2423173
zlsStZ'Baby BullyHatchling (F)2,6964092
527N7Little Puppy LumpHatchling (F)2,1902902
fSXjDFloppy Pittie JowlsHatchling (F)2,0913815
qe1oYVelvet Puppy FurHatchling (F)1,3644193
kkGPxCute Puppy BabyHatchling (F)1,3914233
TD9siDrooling Little Food HoundHatchling (F)1,9484494
oo0aYPudgy Puppy RollsHatchling (F)1,1452902
GpgaHPocket BullyHatchling (F)1,9454911
A6w3PPuppy in PJsHatchling (F)1,5534481
ZxV8YZ'Bully ToesHatchling (F)3,4384232
p8LZkPaulie the English Bull TerrierAdult (f)3,5801,1756
lVQJQIvanna the BulldogAdult (f)3,6571,08813
wQbndWinona the American Bull TerrierAdult (f)3,92796510
wNoZhWinston the American BullyAdult (m)3,8229809
COvOwCole the English BulldogAdult (m)3,74695110
qff1UFiona the Pit MixAdult (f)3,63796418
z58Ogz'Harlem the Pitbull TerrierAdult (m)5,1381,21413
zlrBiz'Lola the Staffordshire TerrierAdult (f)5,7931,28218
xTSLSInspired by BulldogsAdult (f)2,8387243
zEMOfz'Emo in a Spike CollarAdult (f)6,25197212
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