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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nM1pvI CAN BE TRUSTED WITH SODASAdult (f)8,6881,5476
tk77Vthickets wrapping me like a giftAdult (f)8,5431,5204
qTDxWmy anger has its ears flattenedAdult (f)8,6571,5578
oDVkftapping against the skullAdult (f)8,8211,5695
rGneqblue-gray choirAdult (f)8,6721,5726
ihVU4i pretend that i want nothingAdult (f)8,5531,5378
qMYH9heart-stuttering-flutteringAdult (f)8,2881,6636
yeKWecrazily enoughAdult (f)7,2431,6188
bYgKuyou're wifeAdult (f)6,5091,6074
Wxwz5come home calls the beaconAdult (f)9,6931,6565
zyB3Hlet's find youAdult (f)7,1901,3762
Iduy3you didn't paint it very wellAdult (m)7,1731,3812
0mwkmlittle things add up so fastAdult (f)7,3641,3912
ibHZltoday the world wins and i loseAdult (m)5,5091,2242
Vdqfqthis thing we kept quietAdult (f)5,3211,2216
v57iDbreath of coastal fogAdult (f)9,3801,3986
zJ1Gvyou should say what you wantAdult (m)9,3361,3533
cYI5Sto dread what you desireAdult (m)12,6811,4287
7ezhXand suddenly it made no senseAdult (f)12,9691,4646
6QY1gaquarium giftshopAdult (m)11,7771,3603
3K9HMthe hands beg tooAdult (m)11,6901,3684
Pdfohfeed the hand that bites youAdult (m)12,0431,4264
Pq5l7cry hard enough and god answersAdult (f)11,2751,4223
KBYUUcoastellar collectiveAdult (m)11,7661,4134
G6yFayou're a flower smiling twirlingAdult (m)11,2421,4514
COY6ywe seem to have problemsAdult (f)11,5681,4182
Bldemoh a desert put a sandworm in itAdult (m)4,3299777
d8P6NAmhadu TasheonAdult (f)11,3441,5185
3BAE9shreds and shards of voicesAdult (f)10,5521,5393
9We3Vscraping stars off the ceilingAdult (f)6,7951,1654
2ruYGlingering gallowswatcherAdult (f)10,8881,5983
xeDjNhaunt me more i missed itAdult (m)10,8771,5993
D6psJconsider this - get over itAdult (m)12,2311,5913
SkssPpublic enemy number oneAdult (f)12,3631,6285
HXgpGmassacre of old homeworkAdult (f)11,5821,4997
DCuO0i know this color i fear itAdult (f)10,0941,4953
79ZKBoh no you rememberedAdult (f)11,8691,4716
oi3cimy motives lost in their rancorAdult (m)7,9561,1884
kaXSti answer only to fearAdult (m)7,8641,1534
YJVmsi ain't a dude of noisesAdult (f)8,2421,3227
xMCeystanding foxAdult (f)7,7411,2544
nDPpacherishes you cherishes you chAdult (f)8,2129085
1VkcCwarm bread you agree reblogAdult (f)7,5391,2346
WwMprsour summer teenagerAdult (m)10,1191,1404
t9UL4fatestrings entwiningAdult (f)1,8315793
hzlkziconoplasticAdult (m)7,6641,4219
iuT7XKisekaeAdult (f)2,3138673
1EqtUboresomeAdult (m)8,8681,48110
9Xcpyhashtag girlsAdult (f)6,9221,2789
5qy4kgross nap dreamAdult (m)3,1441,1658
4Tmdoare we friends yetAdult (m)8,3191,58511
0EGNmVenochteAdult (f)4,2169672
D39W7i don't mind you not at allAdult (f)9,3891,3595
2NNRvi hear voices but they're my ownAdult (m)8,8011,2868
n5BGIhighways for running from homeAdult (m)8,8031,2735
tdY4Evocal maroleAdult (m)6,1711,28920
5TZAddystreateAdult (f)8,1181,34113
90G99sin traderAdult (m)4,4391,0203
fIUg0trip fumesAdult (f)2,0046214
uujaDlove is a prison to burn downAdult (f)2,22562231
ZmULFyou're not supposed to want itAdult (m)4,1259592
oSPTior something or whateverAdult (f)12,4421,5667
br8hosecret and strange open handsAdult (m)3,6109116
FacBYDish With ChishAdult (m)7,66881610
63Uvypaused orbitAdult (m)7,0091,0903
oac2ogirl hello girl anyoneAdult (f)6,0288854
Pebnothickets about the tender mindAdult (m)2,8836415
0zLxWohno what happened to everythingAdult (m)3,73395023
Ykswicanopies of wiresAdult (f)5,1408374
hyZLXseasons changing faster than meAdult (f)4,0188549
BWhaai'm tired oh god i'm so tiredAdult (f)7,1931,18411
W7xs1your heart blinks in confusionAdult (f)4,5381,08520
8kPYhwant it to hurt a little moreAdult3,46761814
KPGRycryfacedAdult (f)4,7117797
rKcgRlive laugh lobotomyAdult (f)4,7909683
6Neil(6Neil)Adult (m)9,9381,44222
nKsf2(nKsf2)Adult (f)7,7001,3125
6kgxiominous stringsAdult (f)5,5961,0766
MAXzYechoes of a bad endingAdult (m)5,1387606
8ApiX(8ApiX)Adult (m)6,1748663
Ggx9aVivimos En Un SociedadAdult (f)3,29432913
kpC7Jwhat i prayed for were miraclesAdult (f)7,1411,1146
GjYDWlike a fool or perhaps an idiotAdult (m)4,6997354
4zeFValternative alternativeAdult (f)1,56743411
mYBVIoooooooooooooooooooooooooooookayAdult (m)1,6524649
BAZ3lupright animalAdult (f)5,28062418
4SZlhAranjiiAdult (m)8,4971,1526
xGkE1letting soups go coldAdult (f)3,2854962
zKLtvdrink your victories aloneAdult (f)3,7675245
phJuxit's more okay than you thinkAdult (f)10,7941,28410
f6Qc1women fear me i fear womenAdult (f)3,8019133
mDgLqbodyglowAdult (f)10,8431,3285
LHbnGbreeze of arrivalAdult (m)11,1101,3582
7Onuaold men be snoringAdult (m)12,1421,5565
N1MdVorigami sadfaceAdult (m)9,8241,4355
3eGxcbruh i looooooooooooooove hidingAdult (m)4,2007765
jj07emaidenful behaviorAdult (m)4,1457865
P8waXi made you shineAdult (m)8,6041,4934
P8Hp5don't worry i'll shut up soonAdult (f)5,6577156
yR2bfand i'm not readyHatchling (F)4,7487522
u4Bhcto lose you againHatchling (F)4,6487424
Gjkkvthe blooming of a diseaseAdult (m)10,1441,64110
GVSNKdrink drank drunkAdult (m)10,2731,6578
DWUsycast me far away it's okayAdult (m)10,0961,5989
CiD0wescape your house of dead skinAdult (m)10,1201,60011
gqXZNno secrets here i ate them allAdult (f)10,2141,5968
QQ3oOi found you on a sidewalkAdult (m)10,1401,6128
kGgE2scribblespeakAdult (f)10,1911,5956
Nrtiuwhy are you lonely againAdult (m)10,2281,6159
uaR1Bi will not want 'til i am wantedAdult (f)5,3871,0504
zLZjCshut mouths can't biteAdult (m)5,4091,10918
TGawXblorbeaux from my tapestriesAdult (f)5,0588866
z2rVetwo-dooredAdult (m)7,6411,1014
ntwi2if i sits that's itsAdult (f)5,9116689
DaIjsKurujeousAdult (m)16,1521,79110
ZHzfKI Think We All saw that reviewAdult (f)4,3478955
EpzS8the loneliness i drank off youAdult (f)4,1308585
028muwine of angry womenAdult (m)8,3258853
D4RY7Awesome SunnybraveAdult (f)2,5365303
37p2Eindulge in blood off each otherAdult (m)4,26144811
awuasisn't love like deadAdult (m)5,6366835
4ZyOEall you've dreamed of isn't hereAdult (f)3,6858073
9ZaKeit didn't make me better at allAdult (f)2,6878564
c2U1Jwish i was just a storyAdult (m)4,3184871
Ekr6uugh this is SO fun or somethingAdult (m)3,7349002
BbnNJZOMFOOLERYAdult (f)2,8189064
Fglwamy perpetual game of chickenAdult (f)2,0156490
Pe4RXblack ribbon and dizzying frillsAdult (m)4,9664942
QEQzbthese are bad sorryAdult (m)3,6714544
zfCtaabsurdiumAdult (m)4,2654714
QHH8TangrrAdult (f)3,0772434
C2G6Zdrowning and bleedingAdult (m)2,4866466
mU6Ewlets rule this lame little worldAdult (f)10,7431,35510
0YO8RjanuaireAdult (f)9,0271,2339
CYDkZcause you're gonna love againAdult (f)4,3409243
LN5S1mother syndromeAdult (f)5,6824453
1m8wyjellyfishing for complimentsAdult (m)6,7529107
cJeRXno sweater too big for little meAdult (m)5,8409689
ZtxmZshivering in a stillwater lakeAdult (m)5,5768539
H2DJWangel that reeks of alcoholAdult (m)5,6939029
GMo2Pdiscarded rave glowstickAdult (f)4,3939151
fKrFCfear of pedestals and spotlightsAdult (f)1,9874994
hPYpomore-than-mostlyAdult (f)3,8386231
MLBMuit's me the homerunnerAdult (m)5,1667963
xsPRFangelwing repair shopkeeperAdult (f)7,2631,1578
AByDD(AByDD)Adult (f)2,3934177
c30kkbury and hide and bury and hideAdult (f)6,3309476
T2esQthe walls are shuddering in fearAdult (f)6,6119409
cDfbBit's good to be wrongAdult (f)4,7367115
6zw9OsprocketeerAdult (m)2,1875452
0nJXKtwenty-eight-twenty-eight-teenAdult (f)2,3545954
w8go7brainworm courtAdult (m)1,87744310
JaFRtnullwalkerAdult (m)1,7554365
8CPQ7timeline cheaterAdult (f)2,0696775
aqnFCschewpidAdult (m)7,0341,12320
UBf6Usoft grass makes soft dreamsAdult (m)1,7664244
39927(39927)Adult (f)6,0029748
0NAHmthings that make me stop walkingAdult (f)10,0831,48118
2FhYStakes offense to pityAdult (m)1,6845993
V2axUsickjealous seasonAdult (f)4,4458403
t5Cx8kickin' itAdult (m)4,2978551
woE3cwhat i'd hurt for you to hurt meAdult (f)2,0775974
izkkdit's already overAdult (f)2,8576702
nQGQ5sticks and stones for bonesAdult (m)8,9541,3437
4qAo5pretty quiet for a nightmareAdult (f)3,7578205
BP3tLit's fine and i'm finerAdult (f)2,8566244
8UY5Iget me out of this seedhuskAdult (m)3,7998424
2aWle(2aWle)Adult (f)3,6568238
CXknki'll wear a skirt for youAdult (f)3,4467113
lM0Fxbreezing past the lunar axisAdult (m)2,6085533
E4z6Efourtieth-floor showdownAdult (f)2,6684956
KF0CHjust shut up and start singingAdult (m)5,6998237
1iF17whispers in low-fidelityAdult (m)2,3275374
zx8p2you're pretty - pretty HOTAdult (f)3,3867142
8bvwZrecharge the love in my heartAdult (m)3,3106401
n1Vzdcelebrate the undefinedAdult (m)3,2646521
0nPv8a weekend's worth of laughterAdult (f)3,1493093
6jCaRi almost miss ignoring youAdult (f)5,7931,0682
lWTFOthreatens to crawl up the throatAdult (f)3,9107546
UKUsfAmbriconAdult (f)5,7268188
J0LULboy named beastAdult (m)7,0871,5257
fq6KTwhy not just let it get worseAdult (m)1,86458710
bI9MlRosy ChancerAdult (f)11,2201,8157
8OV06neousagiAdult (f)1,4947064
kv11Pplay with me like a cat to preyAdult (f)5,4541,3856
BDWOvwhenever wherever you need meAdult (m)2,4595273
Q8AqHthe uncertainty i loveAdult (m)11,0131,2235
AubsLPeerless Hundred BlowsAdult (m)6,1378766
7WTRIjust not made for this worldAdult (m)5,2177455
zra2kthere's room in my arms to dreamAdult (m)6,3269046
6M6Djdiagnosed with terminal girlAdult (f)6,0688716
5cVTZlet's wait for summer togetherAdult (f)5,6487683
4qlr9please return to heavenAdult (m)5,4287352
bol63ambiguously disorderedAdult (f)3,6633304
2hHGSsymbols flickering on the earthAdult (m)2,7444004
t856Ryellow dandelions for starsAdult (m)3,60444411
hc8T6read by many yet written for youAdult (f)3,65642720
rnSLBwarfaireAdult (f)4,7593963
L63p6eyeroll materialAdult (f)4,5733924
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